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Found 399 results

  1. Ang3lus

    Laskaar - 'Sirens'

    This is Spanish/Swiss artist Laskaar’s 2nd EP
  2. StrangerInTheDark

    Dido - 'Still On My Mind'

    Out March 8th 2019
  3. TalkThatRihanna

    Chris Brown - ‘Indigo’

    30 tracks
  4. KiiPopHunty

    EXID - ‘WE’

    EXID’s last mini album.... no one really checks for them but this is sad
  5. Tsareena

    Jamila Woods - 'LEGACY! LEGACY!'

    Jamila Woods’ LEGACY! LEGACY! 1. “BETTY” 2. “ZORA” 3. “GIOVANNI” 4. “SONIA” (ft. Nitty Scott) 5. “FRIDA” 6. “EARTHA” 7. “MILES” 8. “MUDDY” 9. “BASQUIAT” (ft. Saba) 10. “SUN RA” (ft. theMIND and Jasminfire) 11. “OCTAVIA” 12. “BALDWIN” (ft. Nico Segal) 13. “BETTY” (for Boogie) 2nd Studio Album out May 10th https://jamilawoods.ffm.to/legacylegacy Singles
  6. Tiziano's Boy

    Tiziano Ferro - Accetto Miracoli

    Tiziano's new album Accetto Miracoli (Down for Miracles) will be released on 22nd of November 2019, the title was revealed today by All Music Italy, it will be produced by Timbaland and is Tiziano's 7th album Tiziano's new single: "Buona (cattiva) sorte" will be released on the 31st of May, it will be available to preorder tomorrow. Tracklist for Accetto Miracoli: 1. Accetto Miracoli 2. Vai ad amarti 3. Amici per errore 4. Seconda pelle 5. Balla per me 6. In mezzo a questo inverno 7. Come farebbe un uomo 8. Un Uomo Pop 9. Il destino di chi visse per amare 10. Casa a Natale 11. Le 3 parole sono 2 12. Buona (Cattiva) Sorte
  7. Edibles.

    Lights - Skin&Earth Acoustic

    Out July 12th 2019
  8. NOW

    Tycho - "Weather"

    https://www.magneticmag.com/2019/05/tycho-details-new-album-weather-single-pink-blue/ New Single "Pink & Blue", album out June 12
  9. greeneyedsoul

    Avril Lavigne - 'Head Above Water'

    iTunes // Amazon // Web Store
  10. Joyride

    Cassadee Pope - ‘Stages’

  11. Tsareena

    Ari Lennox - 'Shea Butter Baby'

    Ari Lennox's debut album out May 7th Ari Lennox - 'Shea Butter Baby' 1. Chicago Boy 2. BMO (Break Me Off) 3. Broke (ft. JID) 4. Up Late 5. Shea Butter Baby (ft. J. Cole) 6. Speak To Me 7. New Apartment 8. FaceTime 9. Pop 10. I Been 11. Whipped Cream 12. Static Singles
  12. Kim Kardashian

    Solange - 'When I Get Home'

    Apple Music · iTunes · Spotify · Amazon · Tidal · Youtube · Pandora
  13. ChapelHooker

    Holly Herndon - 'PROTO'

    Birth Alienation Canaan (Live Training) Eternal Crawler Godmother (with Jlin) Extreme Love (with Lily Anna Haynes and Jenna Sutela) Frontier Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt SWIM Evening Shades (Live Training) Bridge (with Martine Syms) Last Gasp May 10
  14. Ang3lus

    Shay - 'Antidote'

    This is Belgian female rapper Shay’s 2nd album
  15. Caesar

    Ariana Grande - 'thank u, next'

    op designed by @Supervillain & @artangel. coded by @artangel Metacritic Thread
  16. feuxtography

    Elohim - Braindead Pt. 1

    Two part album, Pt. 1 coming in May.