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Found 399 results

  1. Sam96

    PRETTYMUCH - "Phases" - EP

    Out this Friday, May 24, 2019. Tracklist: 1. Phases 2. Gone 2 Long 3. Eyes Off You 4. Temporary Heart 5. 4U 6. One Shot Phases (title track) and Gone 2 Long are out now!
  2. Kim Kardashian

    Mary J. Blige - 'My Life II... (Act 2)'

    Mary J. Blige - My Life II... There's Something About Me, My Self & MaryJane (Act 2) 'Before July' release confirmation. Title confirmation. Lead single 'Thriving' out now.
  3. pavi

    Carlie Hanson - 'Junk' (EP)

    Debut EP by Charlie Hanson, out June 7th 2019! Pre-order here Tracklist: 1. Bored With You 2. Back In My Arms 3. WYA 4. Cigarettes 5. Hazel
  4. Lukey

    Maddie Poppe - Whirlwind

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/whirlwind/1460622505 Released 17th May 2019
  5. twinkpeaks

    NULA - Iridescent (EP)

  6. Young In Love

    Lola Indigo - 'Akelarre'

    Any Lola Indigo fans here? She just dropped her debut album a few days ago and it's full of bops! Fuerte goes off!
  7. pavi

    Elina - 'In Hindsight' (EP)

    Today, May 17th 2019, Elina released her debut EP In Hindsight, including the previously released little streaming succes Wild Enough. Go listen to this beautiful piano-driven, ballad-filled EP!
  8. Ang3lus

    Laskaar - 'Sirens'

    This is Spanish/Swiss artist Laskaar’s 2nd EP
  9. pavi

    Yuna - 'Rouge'

    The fourth international album by Yuna is called Rouge and will be out July 12th 2019! Tracklist 1. Castaway (feat. Tyler, The Creator) 2. Blank Marquee (with G-Eazy) 3. (Not) The Love Of My Life 4. Teenage Heartbreak (with MIYAVI) 5. Pink Youth (with Little Simz) 6. Forget About You 7. Likes (with KYLE) 8. Amy (with Masego) 9. Does She (with Jay Park) 10. Forevermore 11. Tiada Akhir Pre-order now
  10. KiiPopHunty

    EXID - ‘WE’

    EXID’s last mini album.... no one really checks for them but this is sad
  11. NOW

    Tycho - "Weather"

    https://www.magneticmag.com/2019/05/tycho-details-new-album-weather-single-pink-blue/ New Single "Pink & Blue", album out June 12
  12. Edibles.

    Lights - Skin&Earth Acoustic

    Out July 12th 2019
  13. May 17 Lead single from the eighth album and first song to be released by Big Machine
  14. SevenFootSounds

    Logic - 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'

    Out now! This album is pure fire. Includes some dope features as well! https://www.instagram.com/p/BxNmayyBbYQ/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BxQKIEfBwJs/
  15. TalkThatRihanna

    Chris Brown - ‘Indigo’

    30 tracks
  16. Ang3lus

    Shay - 'Antidote'

    This is Belgian female rapper Shay’s 2nd album
  17. paradisedarkness

    Ingrid Michaelson - Stranger Songs

    Out 4 July. She claimed that album will be released in the day of third series. So here it is.
  18. britkneepopboi

    Eden xo - The Question

  19. teenagecraze

    Eden xo - ‘The Question - EP’