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Found 188 results

  1. 1. Midnight Sky 2. Angels Like You 3. Gimme What I Want 4. Night Crawling 5. WTF Do I Know 6. Plastic Hearts 7. Prisoner 8. Never Be Me 9. Bad Karma 10. Hate Me 11. High 12. Golden G String 13. Heart Of Glass 14. Edge Of Midnight 15. Zombie
  2. 4. DON'T WANNA 5. 3 AM 6. SUMMER GIRL 7. UP FROM A DREAM 8. THE STEPS 9. LOS ANGELES 10. ANOTHER TRY 11. LEANING ON YOU 12. HALLELUJAH 13. ALL THAT EVER MATTERED 14. FUBT 15. I'VE BEEN DOWN 16. MAN FROM THE MAGAZINE THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! You got this tag cause you replied in the album thread feel free to participate xo xo @World Eater @Body Electrician @yonka @willmcclure9 @lover. @Psycho @clue @LoveInStereo @50thStateofMind @thedamnking @bearman @Ewan Chaos @Ghost @LiveYourLife @Pop Life @Joesuxx @ultraviolence.xx @ahauntingnearu @TrueBlood @AndresVanDeKamp @Tsareena @Lazuli @pavi @BlackAura @Beyonnaise @enchanted0 @Halcyon Days @ratedreid @GreatCoolBright @TheWayWeWere @Likingstars @Finny @rebeltwat @DavidKJRx @YR. @Madame X @Pink Matter @Masochism @Digitalism @B-Luke @atrlxcx @CosTaSsSs @juancsantoyo @HalcyonParadise @Outlaws @xoforlife @BlackJesus @Unoriginal @DaenerysFenty @Subestar23 @Gabe² @MayorOfTrollTown @Onion Girl @ONOPKA @crymelanie @Taylor fanboy @savedthemixtape @elvenOCEAN @Tayman @andrer92 @Chemist @nooniebao @lovecatt @Katamari @Ant @Overprotected @Scandalous @sweetsexysavage @07tandu @andrer92 @LGBTQQ2SIAAAP+ @Xenen @MariaAndreea @unino @Price of Fame @Jukebox @Sanguine @cayonboxhearts @jimmytimestep @Elite Four Brad @flower moon @bye @Glory And Gore @tajin @ElusiveButterfly @Doogle @CameraFlashes @usedtothis @Recluse @Treebeard @Young In Love @Ice Cream Skies @DancingShoes @Bussea @yonsé @Catch22 @maddisonbutt @Dragonfly @Lucas32 @walkingmermaid @jpow @CakeLikeRihanna @Archie @Edibles. @phreshprince @castle13 @LittleDreamer @T-STYLE @Cherry123 @Imaginary Friend @Cookies n Cream @djcalpal @jaiquanda @Buzzcutseason @thankfulforkelly @Mellark
  3. 1. Sweet Melody 2. Happiness 3. Break Up Song 4. Confetti 5. Rendezvous 6. If You Want My Love 7. Holiday 8. A Mess (Happy 4 U) 9. Gloves Up 10. Breathe 11. Nothing But My Feelings 12. My Love Won't Let You Down 13. Not A Pop Song
  4. 1. positions 2. pov 3. safety net 4. off the table 5. nasty 6. my hair 7. just like magic 8. motive 9. love language 10. west side 11. 34+35 11. obvious 13. shut up 13. six thirty
  5. 1. Torn 2. Naked 3. Kings & Queens 4. OMG What's Happening 5. Born to the Night 6. Salt 7. Sweet But Psycho 8. Call Me Tonight 9. Belladonna 10. Take You to Hell 11. Tattoo 12. Who's Laughing Now 13. Rumors 14. H.E.A.V.E.N 15. So Am I Hi everyone! Welcome to the Heaven & Hell album survivor. Sorry it's a little late, I wasn't the original person who was gonna do it. You've been tagged because you posted in the album thread, if you don't want to participate I'll just remove you from the taglist if you don't post this round. You can participate in a later round even if you haven't before Results for rounds: R1 / R2 / R3 / R4 / R5 / R6 / R7 / R8 / R9 / Semis / Finals
  6. touya kinomoto

    Katy Perry - 'Smile' | Winner: NEVER REALLY OVER

    KATY PERRY - SMILE ALBUM SURVIVOR 1. Never Really Over 2. Cry About It Later 3. Teary Eyes 4. Daisies 5. Resilient 6. Not the End of the World 7. Smile 8. Champagne Problems 9. Tucked 10. Harleys in Hawaii 11. Only Love 12. What Makes a Woman 13. Smile (feat. Diddy) 14. High On Your Supply 15. Small Talk 16. Never Worn White
  7. SAVE 4 / OFF 4 Two songs will be eliminated. Eliminated songs: Round 1 - ??? Ignore this tag if you don't want to participate.
  8. credits to @clue for the OP 1. Intro 2. Forgive Me 3. Baby Girl 4. Do It 5. Tipsy 6. Ungodly Hour 7. Busy Boy 8. Catch Up (feat. Swae Lee, Mike Will Made-It) 9. Overwhelmed 10. Lonely 11. Don't Make It Harder On Me 12. Wonder What She Thinks Of Me 13. ROYL ROUND 1 SAVE 2 / OFF 2
  9. 1. party 4 u 2. detonate 3. anthems 4. claws 5. visions 6. forever 7. pink diamond 8. enemy 9. 7 years 10. i finally understand 11. c2.0
  10. 1. Comeback 2. Stay Away 3. Summer Love 4. Felt This Way 5. Solo 6. This Love Isn't Crazy 7. Heartbeat 8. Now I Don't Hate California After All 9. Fake Mona Lisa 10. This Is What They Say 11. Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out 12. Window I tried tagging everyone I saw in the album thread who seemed to like it, sorry if I missed you. Let me know if you want to be removed, or I'll just take you out if you don't participate
  11. 1. Physical 2. Don't Start Now 3. Levitating 4. Hallucinate 5. Love Again 6. Break My Heart 7. Pretty Please 8. Cool 9. Future Nostalgia 10. Good In Bed 11. Boys Will Be Boys
  12. WELCOME TO THE 'RARE' ALBUM SURVIVOR! Selena's long-awaited third second studio album is finally here! It's time to hear your voice and crown ATRL's favorite track Tracklist 1. Rare 2. Dance Again 3. Look At Her Now 4. Lose You To Love Me 5. Ring 6. Vulnerable 7. People You Know 8. Let Me Get Me 9. Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK) (10TH PLACE) 10. Kinda Crazy (13TH/12TH PLACE) 11. Fun (13TH/12TH PLACE) 12. Cut You Off (11TH PLACE) 13. A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi) ROUND 1 SAVE 4 / OFF 4 I tried to tag as many people as I could from the album thread but there were too many pages to cover, feel free to tag people who would like to participate! PM me or @ me if you want to be added/removed from the tag list
  13. It's time for a survivor for the highly discussed second studio album by Camila Cabello! Participate now to show love to your favourite tracks and eliminate the ones you despise ─────────────────── ROUND 1: ─────────────────── Shameless Living Proof Should've Said It My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) Señorita (feat. Shawn Mendes) Liar Bad Kind of Butterflies Easy Feel It Twice Dream Of You Cry For Me This Love Used To This First Man ─────────────────── SAVE 2, OFF 3 ─────────────────── I tagged a lot of people from the album thread and the Camila base, but had no time to cover all pages, so be sure to tag your fellow Camilizers to let them know the survivor started! PM me if you want to be removed or added
  14. SAVE 4 / OFF 4 DEAD OF NIGHT WINDS CHANGE TURN TO HATE BUFFALO RUN QUEEN OF THE RODEO KANSAS (REMEMBERS ME NOW) OLD RIVER BIG SKY ROSES ARE FALLING TAKE YOU BACK (THE IRON HOOF CATTLE CALL) HOPE TO DIE NOTHING FADES LIKE THE LIGHT The most saved song is immune from elimination for next round. @Pendulum @Alessandra @James_Dean @TaylorNation @Tsareena @qurl @Lights and Waves @pxxxtrick @supermegastan @adelegend @Sergi91 @eli's_rhythm @Troll Idle @Frozen99 @Mr. Blue_Shirt @Pink Matter @Ewan Chaos @bluth @Body Electrician @Born to Run @RihannaRTT @AvrilLaQueen @truthteller @StonedSoulPicnic Tagged are people that gave me the impression to have listened to the album. Feel free to expose the Survivor so that more people join in on the fun. Everyone is welcome.
  15. SAVE 4 / OFF 4 ("You" is not an actual song, so DON'T vote for it.) Two songs will be eliminated. Eliminated songs: Round 1 - ??? Ignore this tag if you don't want to participate.
  16. ROUND 1 01. Black Eyes 02. La Vie En Rose 03. Maybe It's Time 04. Out of Time 05. Alibi 06. Shallow 07. Music to my Eyes 08. Diggin' My Grave 09. Always Remember Us This Way 10. Look What I Found 11. Heal Me 12. I Don't Know What Love Is 13. Is That Alright? 14. Why Did You Do That? 15. Hair Body Face 16. Before I Cry 17. Too Far Gone 18. I'll Never Love Again OFF 4 | SAVE 4 NOTE: PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO BE REMOVED FROM THE UPDATE LIST!
  17. WELCOME TO THE SUNSHINE KITTY ALBUM SURVIVOR MAY THE BEST SONG WIN! *Since the intro is not an actual full song, it won't be counted for the survivor* TRACKLIST 1. Glad He's Gone (WINNER) 2. Bad As the Boys (feat. ALMA) (3rd place) 3. Sweettalk My Heart (Eliminated, 7th/6th place) 4. Stay Over (Eliminated, 5th place) 5. Are U Gonna Tell Her? (feat. Mc Zaac) (Eliminated, 7th/6th place) 6. Jacques (Eliminated, 13th place) 7. Mateo (Eliminated, 4th place) 8. Come Undone (Eliminated, 11th place) 9. Equally Lost (feat. Doja Cat) (Eliminated, 12th place) 10. Really Don't Like U (feat. Kylie Minogue) (2nd place) 11. Shifted (Eliminated, 10th place) 12. Mistaken (Eliminated, 9th/8th place) 13. Anywhere U Go (Eliminated, 9th/8th place) ROUND 1 SAVE 3 / OFF 3 (tagged most of the people who replied in the album thread, if you were tagged and you don't participate on round 1, you will automatically be removed off the tag list for round 2, and if you aren't tagged and participate on round 1, you will automatically be added to the tag list for round 2 [tag list on the next post cause my computer's a b*tch and doing it on my phone will be easier and quicker] )
  18. 1. The greatest 2. Happiness is a butterfly 3. Love song 4. Mariners Apartment Complex 5. Cinnamon Girl 6. Norman ****ing Rockwell 7. Venice Bitch 8. California 9. **** it I love you 10. Doin' Time 11. How to disappear 12. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it 13. The Next Best American Record 14. Bartender
  20. SUMMARY 1. Cruel Summer 2. Lover 3. Cornelia Street 4. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince 5. Afterglow 6. Daylight 7. Death By A Thousand Cuts 8. I Think He Knows 9. False God 10. Paper Rings 11. The Man 12. London Boy 12. You Need To Calm Down 14. The Archer 15. It's Nice To Have A Friend 16. Soon You'll Get Better 17. I Forgot That You Existed 18. ME!
  21. SUMMARY 1. Gone (feat. Christine and the Queens) 2. Cross You Out (feat. Sky Ferreira) 3. White Mercedes 4. Click (feat. Kim Petras & Tommy Cash) 5. Silver Cross 5. Official 7. Shake It (feat. Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy & Pabllo Vittar) 8. Next Level Charli 9. 2099 (feat. Troye Sivan) 10. February 2017 (feat. Clairo & Yaeji) 11. I Don't Wanna Know 12. Warm (feat. HAIM) 13. Thoughts 14. 1999 (feat. Troye Sivan) 15. Blame It On Your Love (feat. Lizzo)
  22. 1. High School Sweethearts 2. Strawberry Shortcake 3. The Principal 4. Wheels On the Bus 5. Lunchbox Friends 6. Detention 7. Show & Tell 8. Nurse's Office 9. Orange Juice 10. Drama Club 11. Teacher's Pet 12. Recess 13. Class Fight
  23. 1. The National Manthem 2. Woman Like Me 3. Think About Us 4. Strip ft. Sharaya J 5. Monster In Me 6. Joan Of Arc 7. Love A Girl Right 8. American Boy 9. Told You So 10. Wasabi 11. More Than Words ft. Kamille 12. Motivate 13. Notice 14. The Cure 15. Forget You Not 16. Woman's World 17. The Cure (Stripped) 18. Only You
  24. It's finally here: the Dedicated album survivor! Don't let her down and come show some taste for our underground queen of candy pop ─────────────────── ROUND 1: ─────────────────── Julien No Drug Like Me Now That I Found You Want You In My Room Everything He Needs Happy Not Knowing I'll Be Your Girl Too Much The Sound Automatically In Love Feels Right (feat. Electric Guest) Right Words Wrong Time Real Love For Sure Party For One ─────────────────── SAVE 4, OFF 4 ─────────────────── I tagged a lot of people from the album thread and the Carly base, but be sure to tag your fellow Jepsies to let them know the survivor started! PM me if you want to be removed or added
  25. III - BANKS | ALBUM SURVIVOR Welcome to the 'III' album survivor! May the best song win TRACKLIST 1. Till Now (ELIMINATED ROUND 7) 2. Gimme (SECOND PLACE) 3. Contaminated (FIRST PLACE) 4. Stroke (ELIMINATED ROUND 8) 5. Godless (THIRD PLACE) 6. Sawzall (ELIMINATED ROUND 2) 7. Look What You're Doing to Me (ELIMINATED ROUND 2) 8. Hawaiian Mazes (ELIMINATED ROUND 4) 9. Alaska (ELIMINATED ROUND 3) 10. Propaganda (ELIMINATED ROUND 7) 11. The Fall (ELIMINATED ROUND 6) 12. If We Were Made of Water (ELIMINATED ROUND 5) 13. What About Love (ELIMINATED ROUND 1) ROUND 1: SAVE 3 / OFF 3 tagged most of the people who replied in the album thread, if you want to be added/removed tell me
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