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Found 13 results

  1. Brightest Blue Album Survivor Tracklist 1. Start 2. Power 3. How Deep Is Too Deep 4. Love I'm Given 5. New Heights 6. Woman 7. Tides 8. Bleach 9. Flux 10. Brightest Blue 11. Worry About Me (ELIMINATED ROUND 1) 12. Slow Grenade 13. Close To Me 14. Hate Me (I decided to not include the 4 interludes, but if enough people complain we will restart the first round with the interludes included) ROUND 1 SAVE 4 / OFF 4 I tried to tag as many people as I could from the album thread but there were too many pages to cover, feel free to tag people who would like to participate!
  2. Speezy

    Lady Gaga - 'Chromatica' [R5]

    LADY GAGA - 'CHROMATICA' [SURVIVOR] 2. Alice 3. Stupid Love 4. Rain On Me featuring Ariana Grande 5. Free Woman 6. Fun Tonight 8. 911 9. Plastic Doll 10. Sour Candy featuring BLACKPINK 11. Enigma 12. Replay 14. Sine From Above featuring Elton John 15. 1000 Doves 16. Babylon 17. Love Me Right[ROUND 2] 18. 1000 Doves (Piano Demo) [ROUND 1] 19. Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix)[ROUND 1]
  3. Cupid

    Album Survivor Request

    The admins have informed me that an automatic thread for album survivor registration isn't possible, so we'll be doing this manually from now on. Album Survivor Request: If you want to host an Album Survivor you must post in this thread before opening. You can only reserve an album once the date of release and title are officially known. Albums are reserved on a first come, first serve basis - whoever posts to request first gets it. You can only reserve 3 albums at a time. If you believe somebody has falsely reserved an album or is misusing the thread, please contact the mods. If you wish to host a survivor for an old album, contact the mods or post in the Games Discussion thread to find out if it has been done before. Repeats are not allowed. Check the Games Rules before posting a thread and direct any queries via the Contact Us button! How to format your request: "March 14th 2014: Kiss Me Once - Kylie Minogue" This thread is for requests only, all other posts should be directed to the Games Discussion thread. Rejected requests or off-topic posts will be removed. Your post will be kept if it's accepted, so just check back to see whether it's been deleted or not.
  4. 1. Comeback 2. Stay Away 3. Summer Love 4. Felt This Way 5. Solo 6. This Love Isn't Crazy 7. Heartbeat 8. Now I Don't Hate California After All 9. Fake Mona Lisa 10. This Is What They Say 11. Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out 12. Window I tried tagging everyone I saw in the album thread who seemed to like it, sorry if I missed you. Let me know if you want to be removed, or I'll just take you out if you don't participate
  5. 1. pink diamond (eliminated in round 5) 2. forever (eliminated in round 6) 3. claws (eliminated in round 8) 4. 7 years (eliminated in round 3) 5. detonate 6. enemy (eliminated in round 4) 7. i finally understand (eliminated in round 2) 8. c2.0 (eliminated in round 1) 9. party 4 u 10. anthems 11. visions (eliminated in round 7) FINALE: RANK THE TOP 3 +10 / +8 / +5 hi! i've tagged you since you posted in the album thread, please participate in this album survivor it'll be fun ty!
  6. LOS ANGELES THE STEPS I KNOW ALONE UP FROM A DREAM GASOLINE 3 AM DON'T WANNA ANOTHER TRY LEANING ON YOU I'VE BEEN DOWN [Eliminated in Round 1] MAN FROM THE MAGAZINE [Eliminated in Round 1] ALL THAT EVER MATTERED [Eliminated in Round 2] FUBT [Eliminated in Round 2] NOW I'M IN IT HALLELUJAH SUMMER GIRL ROUND 3 GROUP THE SONGS INTO TIERS TOP TIER, MIDDLE TIER, BOTTOM TIER 4 SONGS FOR EACH TIER TOP TIER WILL GET +3, MIDDLE TIER - +1, BOTTOM TIER - -1 You got this tag cause you replied in the album thread feel free to participate xo xo @World Eater @Body Electrician @yonka @willmcclure9 @lover. @Psycho @clue @LoveInStereo @50thStateofMind @thedamnking @bearman @Ewan Chaos @Ghost @LiveYourLife @Pop Life @Joesuxx @ultraviolence.xx @ahauntingnearu @TrueBlood @AndresVanDeKamp @Tsareena @Lazuli @pavi @BlackAura @Beyonnaise @enchanted0 @Halcyon Days @ratedreid @GreatCoolBright @TheWayWeWere @Likingstars @Finny @rebeltwat @DavidKJRx @YR. @Madame X @Pink Matter @Masochism @Digitalism @B-Luke @atrlxcx @CosTaSsSs @juancsantoyo @HalcyonParadise @Outlaws @xoforlife @BlackJesus @Unoriginal @DaenerysFenty @Subestar23 @Gabe² @MayorOfTrollTown @Onion Girl @ONOPKA @crymelanie @Taylor fanboy @savedthemixtape @elvenOCEAN @Tayman @andrer92 @Chemist @nooniebao @lovecatt @Katamari @Ant @Overprotected @Scandalous @sweetsexysavage @07tandu @andrer92 @LGBTQQ2SIAAAP+ @Xenen @MariaAndreea @unino @Price of Fame @Jukebox @Sanguine @cayonboxhearts @jimmytimestep @Elite Four Brad @flower moon @bye @Glory And Gore @tajin @ElusiveButterfly @Doogle @CameraFlashes @usedtothis @Recluse @Treebeard @Young In Love @Ice Cream Skies @DancingShoes @Bussea @yonsé @Catch22 @maddisonbutt @Dragonfly @Lucas32 @walkingmermaid @jpow @CakeLikeRihanna @Archie @Edibles. @phreshprince @castle13 @LittleDreamer @T-STYLE @Cherry123 @Imaginary Friend @Cookies n Cream @djcalpal @jaiquanda @Buzzcutseason @thankfulforkelly @Mellark
  7. credits to @clue for the OP 1. Intro 2. Forgive Me 3. Baby Girl 4. Do It 5. Tipsy 6. Ungodly Hour 7. Busy Boy 8. Catch Up (feat. Swae Lee, Mike Will Made-It) 9. Overwhelmed 10. Lonely 11. Don't Make It Harder On Me 12. Wonder What She Thinks Of Me 13. ROYL ROUND 1 SAVE 2 / OFF 2
  8. 1. Spotlight 2. What's Your Pleasure? 3. Ooh La La 4. Soul Control 5. Save A Kiss 6. Adore You (eliminated in round 2) 7. In Your Eyes 8. Step Into My Life 9. Read My Lips 10. Mirage (Don't Stop) (eliminated in round 1) 11. The Kill 12. Remember Where You Are ROUND 3 SAVE 3 / OFF 2 hi, ive tagged you since you posted in the album thread! please participate, it will be fun 🥺
  9. luckystrike

    [FINALE] Selena Gomez - 'Rare' (pg. 21)

    WELCOME TO THE 'RARE' ALBUM SURVIVOR! Selena's long-awaited third second studio album is finally here! It's time to hear your voice and crown ATRL's favorite track Tracklist 1. Rare 2. Dance Again 3. Look At Her Now 4. Lose You To Love Me 5. Ring 6. Vulnerable 7. People You Know 8. Let Me Get Me 9. Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK) (10TH PLACE) 10. Kinda Crazy (13TH/12TH PLACE) 11. Fun (13TH/12TH PLACE) 12. Cut You Off (11TH PLACE) 13. A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi) ROUND 1 SAVE 4 / OFF 4 I tried to tag as many people as I could from the album thread but there were too many pages to cover, feel free to tag people who would like to participate! PM me or @ me if you want to be added/removed from the tag list
  10. 1. Physical 2. Don't Start Now 3. Levitating 4. Hallucinate 5. Love Again 6. Break My Heart 7. Pretty Please 8. Cool 9. Future Nostalgia 10. Good In Bed 11. Boys Will Be Boys
  11. It's time for a survivor for the highly discussed second studio album by Camila Cabello! Participate now to show love to your favourite tracks and eliminate the ones you despise ─────────────────── ROUND 1: ─────────────────── Shameless Living Proof Should've Said It My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) Señorita (feat. Shawn Mendes) Liar Bad Kind of Butterflies Easy Feel It Twice Dream Of You Cry For Me This Love Used To This First Man ─────────────────── SAVE 2, OFF 3 ─────────────────── I tagged a lot of people from the album thread and the Camila base, but had no time to cover all pages, so be sure to tag your fellow Camilizers to let them know the survivor started! PM me if you want to be removed or added
  12. prézli

    Harry Styles - "Fine Line"

    SAVE 4 / OFF 4 Two songs will be eliminated. Eliminated songs: Round 1 - ??? Ignore this tag if you don't want to participate.