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Found 9 results

  1. thecptz

    [ROUND 2] Troye Sivan - 'Bloom' (pg.3)

    1. Seventeen 2. My My My! 3. The Good Side 4. Bloom 5. Postcard (feat. Gordi) (eliminated in round 1) 6. Dance to This (feat. Ariana Grande) 7. Plum 8. What a Heavenly Way to Die 9. Lucky Strike (safe and cannot be voted in this round) 10. Animal 11. This This 12. Running Shoes (eliminated in round 1) ROUND 2 SAVE 3 / OFF 2 hi. you're tagged because you posted in the album thread i invite all of you to participate in this album survivor! hope to see you here
  2. Years & Years - 'Palo Santo' THE ALBUM SURVIVOR 1. Sanctify 2. Hallelujah 3. All For You 4. Karma 5. Hypnotised 6. Rendezvous 7. If You're Over Me 8. Preacher 9. Lucky Escape 10. Palo Santo 11. Here 12. Howl 13. Don't Panic 14. Up In Flames 15. Coyote ___________________________________ ROUND 1 SAVE 4 / OFF 4
  3. bestfiction

    [SEMI-FINAL] Lily Allen - No Shame (pg.14)

    LILY ALLEN - "NO SHAME" ALBUM SURVIVOR COME ON THEN TRIGGER BANG (FEAT. GIGGS) WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? (Eliminated in Round 7) YOUR CHOICE (FEAT. BURNA JOY) (Eliminated in Round 1) LOST MY MIND (Eliminated in Round 10) HIGHER (Eliminated in Round 5) FAMILY MAN (Eliminated in Round 6) APPLES (Eliminated in Round 4) THREE (Eliminated in Round 3) EVERYTHING TO FEEL SOMETHING (Eliminated in Round 9) WASTE (FEAT. LADY CHANN) (Eliminated in Round 7) MY ONE (Eliminated in Round 2) PUSHING UP DAISIES CAKE (Eliminated in Round 8 ) SEMI-FINAL OFF 1 I've @-ed you because you replied in the album thread. @Kim Kardashian @Unoriginal @Jack! @Rotunda @DirtyPony87 @Lukey @Hector @BenWL @Clueless @BlackoutZone @Ghost @LoKoPaNdA @AllYourFault @Erreur2 La Nature @Lady Claire @SeanKevinMusic @thecptz @Renan90 @ChapelHooker @Pandora @atrlxcx @goldstargay @Hooker Barbie @Topaz @Kayzan @YR. @SUPER CANNES @Jack. Bauer @World Eater @ImpassiveThomas @bleuwaffle @Buddy @NumbFentyStan @igninton @coldoutside @Supervillain @Will @Queen Of Slay @Heidi's Chair @Joesuxx @DancingShoes @Homewrecker @Koons @Diesel @Del Savior @M## @Scandalous @TheWayWeWere @dedro @Haus @GRMusic @AmandaHP @Burqa @HonourableVomit @niatoulx @yonka @Icarus @gloamingtheplain @Paddy @alrightsir @joniwasright @Miss Amor @BODERLINE @JDC @BeachRat @faux @x5-452 @MonstahNL @vipanonymous @Walk_Away21 @truthteller @Vroom Vroom @leightxn @StrangerInTheDark @britkneepopboi @Eggy. @kds1909 @Westworld @Steffani Gaga @Sbbmsve @noonbob @Popboi. @Motorville @RideOrDie @Ice Cream Skies @mariahcarey @Miichael @EDD @mxtthewdelrey @duybeeGAshantiGA @JDC @Doogle @snowo @savedthemixtape @devmachine @That Bad Eartha @Irvine @Smithy @Monky_2405 @Alien. @Breathe On Me @FlyOnTheWall @Jtyoung @Tiziano's Boy @Mellark @Little Dark Age @telepathy @TYMPS @ArisenMySenses @dandubs @Britney Jean @-mUsIcLoVeR- @AbeHicks @SpaceOddity @Death @Headlock @Dilettante @Prince Tommy @artangel @SupremeGoddess @Lachlan @ArtForFreedom @Ratchet ★ @Black Umbrella @jagger88788 @Indie @Quaithe @Hyouka @queenoftheclouds @Tsareena @Countrytaylorstan @Glory And Gore @living_dead @Sugetzu @Jesse @Lights&Lights @myflower @Chunk @~Start The Music @21stcentury***** @Hyunjin @MeAndMyHand @Alena @gopobo @samrangu @Ang3lus @yesplease @ItsJoshieBitch @Mad Love. @Irvine @Cherish @ELECTRAHEARTPOP @collin @Grumpy Gills @Tylerbv @ARTGOD @charmed23 @HOD @Stifler's Mom
  4. Cupid

    Album Survivor Request

    The admins have informed me that an automatic thread for album survivor registration isn't possible, so we'll be doing this manually from now on. Album Survivor Request: If you want to host an Album Survivor you must post in this thread before opening. You can only reserve an album once the date of release and title are officially known. Albums are reserved on a first come, first serve basis - whoever posts to request first gets it. You can only reserve 3 albums at a time. If you believe somebody has falsely reserved an album or is misusing the thread, please contact the mods. If you wish to host a survivor for an old album, contact the mods or post in the Games Discussion thread to find out if it has been done before. Repeats are not allowed. Check the Games Rules before posting a thread and direct any queries via the Contact Us button! How to format your request: "March 14th 2014: Kiss Me Once - Kylie Minogue" This thread is for requests only, all other posts should be directed to the Games Discussion thread. Rejected requests or off-topic posts will be removed. Your post will be kept if it's accepted, so just check back to see whether it's been deleted or not.
  5. Girlicious

    Bhad Bhabie - 15 (Round 1)

    15 15 Juice (feat. YG) Gucci Flip Flops (feat. Lil Yachty) Affiliated (feat. Asian Doll) Geek'd (feat. Lil Baby) No More Love Thot Opps (Clout Drop) Yung And Bad (feat. City Girls) Count It (feat. Jack $hirak) Famous Hi Bich Shhh Trust Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) Bout That Bhad Bhabie Story SAVE 1 OFF 3