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  1. https://www.streetinsider.com/dr/news.php?id=17804922&gfv=1 Genuinely shook
  2. ariananext

    UK's Highest Certified MPGs

    1. Rihanna 41.2M 2. Madonna 28M 3. Adele 26.3M 4. Beyoncé 20.7M 5. Ariana Grande 20.3M 6. Whitney Houston 18.8M 7. P!nk 18.7M 8. Lady Gaga 17.8M 9. Little Mix 17.1M 10. Nicki Minaj 17M the Rihanna slayage Ariana and Little Mix
  3. I love that this was a smash
  4. the way we all melted down when we found out this was going to be the second single, and now.. also Positions the single surpassed the 350M mark
  5. 400K. Another smash hit for Miss Lipa
  6. Their 14th song and 1st album track to surpass 100 million Spotify streams
  7. chaneloberlin

    Karol G surpasses Camila Cabello

    Never Be the Same peaked at #4 (+24) on Spotify Global with her album release on 12th Jan with 3,334,515 streams (Havana was also #1 with 4,751,592) BICHOTA rises to #2 (+2) on Spotify Global (no album out!) reflecting a Sunday update (where streams tend to be lower) on 27th Dec with 3,119,694 streams, breaking the tie For the record (because we always do this) BICHOTA is 45/50 on Today's Top Hits (with 27.1m followers, receipt.) Never Be the Same was 1/50 on Today's Top Hits (with 18.7m followers, receipt.) Congrats to the ladies maybe more latinx female
  8. Capaldi’s 2019 #1 single “Someone You Loved” is #8 on the UK 2020 year end chart, following its #1 position in the 2019 UK year end chart. This is only the 2nd in the 58-year history of the UK singles chart that a song has appeared in two different year end top 10s. The first was Whitney Houston’s iconic “I Will Always Love You”. #1 for 1992, #10 for 1993.
  9. It has also surpassed 7 rings and now has the biggest single day streams for Ari
  10. Medonerpls

    pov 100m Spotify

    her best song in positions this album had a sh**** rollout, pov could’ve been a smash if she didn’t already pick 34+35 (even thought it’s doing well atm). I fear that the demand won’t be here for pov when it eventually becomes a single
  11. Congrats to the ladies involved
  12. Officially passes the 3 million mark! Absolute massive classic
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