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  1. anti-bitch


    Perhaps to "force" people to buy the next album could be an option. Not to put it streaming instantly. And regarding touring, what about making so that every physical album contains a pre-sale code for her next tour? And maybe get digital code if you buy the album download from adele.com directly. Something like that could work But if they go straight to streaming again, imagine some kinda streaming party for the next album release day. Like Adele doing a live stream on Instagram or Tiktok and playing the whole album to us and talking about it. That would be so cool
  2. THIS would call for a Me! streaming party!
  3. reputa streaming party did something
  4. and lover streaming party tomorrow + hype before TTPD we're gonna get it
  5. Extremely Stable


    1989 streaming party let's gooooo
  6. vinicius

    Camila Cabello f/ Playboi Carti - "I LUV IT"

    I think it's so cute that the fans reunited for a streaming party. It reached 900+ people. They are doing what Interscope is not capable of.
  7. Go check it out for yourself… Such a bitter woman just let Latto take the win
  8. istersay

    Camila Cabello

    the streaming party today
  9. vinicius

    Camila Cabello

    Her team is launching a streaming party to celebrate her birthday. ✨ YAY ✨
  10. Miss Harajuku

    Dua Lipa - "Training Season"

    you guys better be in this training season streaming party on stationhead
  11. Space&Time


    Let’s do it then Hive. I got time today! Where’s the streaming party?
  12. Trainwreck

    Kanye posts about Taylor and Beyoncé

    Us swifties are planning a Texas Hold 'Em streaming party to secure that #1 debut for Queen Bey
  13. paige

    Megan Moroney - "No Caller ID"

    there’s a “no caller id” streaming party tomorrow on stationhead.
  14. justin.

    Nicki Vs Megan Megathread (HISS & Bigfoot)

    “Streaming party chi 🦄 Post RECEIPTS and tag #BigfootTwoFootRedFootBlueFoot #BigfootTop5 today Mine: Bigfoot Bigfoot (A capella) Bigfoot (Never Done Coke Remix) Bigfoot (Gag City Version) Bigfoot (Petty Boots LLC Version) iTunes on the Atlantic payroll chi 🦄 #PaidMoles Tim Cook you NASTY *****! REPENT YOU SERPANT! #Bigfoot STERLING SILVER”
  15. wastedpotential

    Taylor Swift

    Midnights streaming party organizations are incoming because there is a streak to maintain
  16. Let's turn this thread into a streaming party for all three of them. <3
  17. publikcitizen

    Kelly Clarkson

    Ugh that is the worst spot possible. Idk if top 10 next week is still possible. We'd have to do another streaming party and request airplay.
  18. publikcitizen

    Kelly Clarkson

    Should we try to do a streaming party for UTT?
  19. That Barb spending their whole day responding to every post in here when they should be organizing a streaming party because tomorrow’s update is going to be far worse.
  20. its a bop about it being an unknown song... there's no doubt about the fact that BTS stans streaming parties are the main reason of it being a record-breaking smash. but to be fair it kinda turned into a true hit like 'Dynamite', it plays on pop radio here on Brazil, my friends all know it i remember already listening to it playing on the gym, on grocery stores.. it doesn't feel like a record-breaking smash hit and that's cuz it is mostly streaming party driven but it is a hit, it's not an unknown song like other BTS members #1s.
  21. Pluto6

    K-Pop Thread: 2023 Archive

    Bestie, it's literally on purpose to try to "block" SKZ or whatever they are trying It's mainly Moas and Dives aka the arch enemies of Stays who arranged this streaming party and asked other fandoms to join as well. But I wont be too worried, but I just think it's funny and just seems obsessive? But I wonder why GIDLE stans joined in, when Stays and Gidle stans are usually besties? And I thought Stays were neutral with Mys as well? Moas obsession with SKZ needs to be studied in general cause it reminds of the same obsession Armys have with Blackpink Like Armys would also have these type of streaming parties every time BP had a comeback The purpose is to try to gain more streams than SKZ, since SKZ just had a comeback who broke records and showcased why they are considered the top of their gen globally. Moas are so embarrassing, like I have never seen bg fandom being this desperate for validation from gg stans The way they always try to pull the "TXT and ggs" this or that, or how supposedly different TXT are from the other bgs etc. and them always trying to convince gg stans that. Like when will they realize that all bgs are on the same boat especially with gg stans They have the same mentality as "pick me", where they always trash other bgs to get gg stans attention, like the second hand embarrassment I get The purpose is literally to gain more streams than SKZ? Why else would Moas and Dives have this joined 4th gen streaming party right after SKZ's comeback, especially when we all know they are the arch enemies of Stays? Like the only thing Moas and Dives have in common is literally their joint hated towards SKZ Just look at their comments and quotes, like they are literally saying it Like when have you ever seen a joined 4th gen streaming party between 5 groups right after a group's comeback
  22. Brenda's perched like a vulture! Buying and streaming party!!
  23. Funnyfatty

    Britney Spears new certifications in US

    Can someone create a streaming party? We need to re discover her discography
  24. Funnyfatty

    Britney's streams surge on Spotify: Toxic 1.2M, Circus 558K

    Very deserving for the queen. I feel so excited that lots of people are discovering her music too she is such a queen. I want her fanbase to start a Everytime streaming party though. It has a chance to go really viral.
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