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    • ABEL-o-matic
    • That Britney Face

    Hi sis miss u. 

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    • i spit on haters
    • Homogenic

    I miss you.



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    2. i spit on haters

      i spit on haters

      I want to say karma for being a rape apologist but I miss your posts in SYG. I'll fight to get you released. You didn't go on a Nicole-like racist tirade did you? :deadbanana2:



    3. Homogenic


      Lmao nope, I just shaded the new SYG policy for banning the "Dua Lipa is a man" jokes aka my bread and the very next moment I was banned :toofunny2:


      Though I'm lowkey enjoying the life without being hooked to a thread 24/7 and I've heard from several sources that SYG got super lame these days so...


      Still luv u x 

    4. i spit on haters

      i spit on haters

      Mess. I was going to ask Kworb to unban you but he's never on. I think there's like only one mod ever online.


      I'm seeing Hereditary on sunday, though. I've been too busy to hit up the movies.

    • wxvii
    • CaptainMusic

    Delete that link in the XXXT thread sis!!

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    2. wxvii



    3. wxvii


      they ban ppl for linking other forums

    4. CaptainMusic


      Damn I forgot about that.


      Thanks :heart2: 

  3. Nemo

    Beyoncé is ****ing over.



    1. Homogenic


      Talentless rat.

    2. C.Damen


      No she's not, fattie.

    3. wabayou


      Yes, she is.



  4. jdmc218

    Song of the Day:



    I know it's been put up before, but I can't get away from this! :jonny5:

    • jdmc218
    • eli's_rhythm

    You know we're in a ****ed up world right now where people can't read, don't know a simple math problem, or know history......

    • Outlaws





    • Clueless
    • Cantaloupe.

    Ryan is garbaj, I'm on your side :heart2: 

    1. Cantaloupe.



    2. Clueless


      If I ever do reply to Kworb's application pm, we're gonna gang up on him

    3. Cantaloupe.


      You haven't replied yet?! :cries: 

  5. Oh My Gaga

    Put LEMONADE on Spotify already. :'(


    • Yog
    • JonginBey

    I can’t believe XTen is dead..💀 wow 

    • YoYo
    • Cantaloupe.

    Hi so just a question. We can't make fun X's death? 

  6. Yesterday
    • Callisto.
    • Cantaloupe.

    Why dont you love me

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    2. Cantaloupe.


      I can't refuse something I was never offered 

    3. Callisto.


      oh wow and all this time I thought u wanted me dead!

    4. Cantaloupe.



    • iHype.
    • istan4badgalriri

    RIP your fave girl

    1. istan4badgalriri


      :!ohno: i'm legit sad

    • URBAN
    • alexanderao

    Alex! I think you told me in oldTRL, but I was wondering if you could share the formula used for predictions.

    1. alexanderao


      Unfortunately idk it off the top of my head, sorry

    • slw84
    • Meghallah Godnor

    is it finally possible for I like it?

    Also, do you think the maroon 5 song can get it based on longevity like in late july/august

    1. Meghallah Godnor

      Meghallah Godnor

      She has a chance for this week and next. Lucid Dreams got me SHOOKETH tho

    2. slw84


      Alright Prayer circle. hopefully she'll snag it this week and if not atlantic needs to drop the discount this Friday. 

  7. jdmc218

    Song of the Day:




    • RudeBoy93
    • Priyanka Chopra

    Queen luv ü

    1. Priyanka Chopra

      Priyanka Chopra

      I love you too sweetie. :heart2: 

    2. Priyanka Chopra

      Priyanka Chopra

      I love you too sweetie. :heart2: 

    3. Priyanka Chopra

      Priyanka Chopra

      I love you too sweetie. :heart2: 

    • Living Legend
    • artangel

    Idk if you even listen to Azealia, but maybe you wanna join the Fantasea album rate? You can check in the base :heart2:

    1. artangel


      I do listen to her but Fantasea is the only album that I havent heared in full lol

    2. Living Legend

      Living Legend

      Haha ok, if u wanna do it, cool! You don'*t have to know all the songs to do the rate. You can download the mixtape for free and just rate from the first one or second impression. But only if u want :heart2:

    • Elliot
    • Harmonous

    post my video with a clickbait thread title for that hit thread sis 

    Something like "ATRLer drags homophobes" :eli: 


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    2. Elliot


      Aw thanks sis :hug: see you then!

    3. Harmonous


      Ok so I'm back, and yeah, I just posted a thread with your video. Your video is really informative though and touches on an angle of pride that I never really thought much about. 

    4. Elliot


      thanks sis! yeah its a mess truly, its why i hate things like pride months etc

    • C.Damen
    • jdmc218


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    2. C.Damen


      Oh yes.


      What did you think of MITB?

    3. jdmc218


      It was predictable and a mess. I swear if Alexa gets more of this push. I want Ronda to stomp her.



    4. C.Damen


      Anyways I am going to bed. I have work tomorrow. :rip:


    • D.M.F
    • cottongrass

    Hey closet Britney stan!



    Glory - 71

    Liberation - 74~


    Stop acting like you know anything about real music. Smh. 

    1. cottongrass


      hun u okay? I'll pray for u x

    • Riri.
    • Daddy

    eat me

    • ABEL-o-matic
    • avi

    I agree.  Capitalism is for everyone.  :clap3:


    • ABEL-o-matic
    • BreatheGaga

    Hi, sis.  I'm planning on doing a Scandinavian trip in the next year or two.  I want to visit Iceland the most because I want to see the Ice Caves in the winter. :jonny4:

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    2. BreatheGaga


      You should have visited in May, we had a 35c/95f heatwave for a whole month :gaycat3:

    3. ABEL-o-matic


      :jonny: Did you get to see a lot of biceps on the streets flexing? :gaycat4:

    4. ABEL-o-matic


      :jonny: Did you get to see a lot of biceps on the streets flexing? :gaycat4:

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