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  2. dussel_06

    Celebrities You’ve Matched with on Tinder?

    Brett maverick. He’s just a youtuber though. But still. Also zach garcia.
  3. FreeXone

    Janet J performing in Saudi Arabia

    Bye kiss ass. You'll probably support her performing for trump and chik fil a too.
  4. Love at First Sight
  5. 11/30 Lizzo getting to #1 Robyn just slowly rising... Aly & AJ barely holding on too
  6. PrettyHurts

    Beyoncé - ‘The Lion King: The Gift’

    These are gonna be BOPS but it will flop
  7. MingYouToo

    Reputation drag goes mini-viral

    Taylor Swift suicide enabler.
  8. Dante

    Talk That Balkan Talk

    ali Seka Aleksic stays unbothered
  9. Buffy

    Taylor Swift - 'Lover'

    A - a... SNIPPET? Why did that Collider article make it sound like it would be a full release? Well, I actually hope it’s just a snippet because a full song could interfere with YNTCD and do damage to the Lover era.
  10. FutureHive

    Love Island USA | Weekdays on CBS at 8pm!

    whew thank god plastic face is gone!!
  11. State of Grace.

    Gaga teases pregnancy after haus party

    gays are truly the ****ing WORST maybe homophobia made some points.
  12. TOKYO.

    Sam Smith - “How Do You Sleep?”

    omg 26 hours left... i hope he flops HARD.. i hate HATE late day releases.
  13. Dante

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    Lmfao at spirit Anyways bad guy will win.
  14. BKTweets12


  15. Harranger

    [Vote NOW!!!] Top 100 Greatest K-pop Songs of All Time

    @Park Jinyoung unnie...
  16. Taz

    Beyoncé - ‘The Lion King: The Gift’

    The fact she used the biggest animation of all time to release that Afrobeat album she's been trying to release for so long I just-
  17. Mitchell

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

  18. getback

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    I have to laugh.gif
  19. Ari29


    The track with her, Jay, and Childish sounds interesting on paper and the title is cool but idk. I’m kinda nervous I’ll be letdown with that 1
  20. Orpheus

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    These are the choices?
  21. Scion

    Lady Gaga

    Eaux, not T*drick. Welp, one more reason to hate him! OT: I hope the Sophie collabs are still coming. Ready for her Ponyboy/Faceshopping tbh!
  22. Gorgeous

    Taylor Swift - 'Lover'

    The fact that i have to get a boyfriend before august 23.
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