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  2. americanlife

    Impulsive things you do?

    Food and limited vinyl records. I bought the Daydream repress as soon as I found out it was available, but last week was my birthday so I deserved it.

    Female Top 10s on Pop Radio that missed Hot 100 Top 10

    My faves are Luxurious and Into You.
  4. PinkBox

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Best Looks Rate - Page 7279

    We've seen her legs every episode and it made it less fashionable, it was unnecessary, the look was gorgeous without the reveal
  5. My co-workers are literally watching clips from the rally last night and having a conversation with statements such as "send her back to her rag-head country" and "Trump is winning 2020 and sending them all back." It makes me so sick to my stomach. Anyone who says his words are silly or trolling are so wrong. I almost want to explode!
  6. Beyonnaise

    ATRLers hating on Nas X. Why?

    Self hate He seems like a nice guy and deserves his success
  7. tiagol88

    Bey parts ways with A&R of 28 years

    Honestly? It was decisions like this from my fave (following corporations and money) that made this the worst decade of her career. Let's hope everything turns out to be ok for Bey.
  8. LatinFreak

    Gaga teases pregnancy after haus party

    Pretty on brand for her...good luck with the "beauty" Line miss Caca
  9. MrLovett


    I can't believe that thread is at 44 pages and almost every comment is by the Liddos. The kii, imagine being that obsessed. Can't wait for that CinemaScore.
  10. Nemo


    i’m well aware sis i’ve been stabbing for years. why are you telling me? i’m simply stating a fact that a good amount of the gp isn’t aware of the extent of her talent unfortunately. i’m hoping more people will begin to appreciate and recognize it when she passes, even tho many of them will be bandwagoners a la mj.
  11. Lights and Waves

    Ugliest Mariah #1 Song

    You need to be psychologically evaluated if that's what you really think.
  12. Kool_Aid_King

    Bey parts ways with A&R of 28 years

    Oh my god She's gonna go into retirement
  13. Loyalty

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    Stan ha, i can't believe she's like one of the least popular members in the group
  14. Phuccery, Inc.

    Instagram facing backlash for hiding likes

    Poor you
  15. Kang.

    Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens - “Gone”

    "I feel so unstable ****ing hate my label"
  16. Lucyyyyyyyyy

    Britney Spears

    Britney pick up the phone!!!
  17. istersay

    Ed Sheeran f/ Camila C & Cardi B - "South of the Border"

    it needs to happen Taking Off Pop
  18. TinkerbellClap

    Bey parts ways with A&R of 28 years

    Beyonce will be fine. Her career won't just stumble down because her A&R left.
  19. Not Like The Movies

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟 : Mentors' Critiques Posted (pg 268))

    Mess at all the good albums being taken already I'll pick- J.Lo - Jennifer Lopez
  20. Dolce Vita

    Scott Mendelson drags Cats on Twitter.

    the drag
  21. She has the lowest approval rating across the board, dear. NY’ers do vote Republican.
  22. wanderlust

    Republican: I'm POC bc white is a color

    Technically black isn’t a color and white is a combination of all colors..
  23. GodSaveTheQueen


    Bey was collaborating w/ Major Lazer but he put a Lion emoji as if it was for Lion King... maybe they produced something.
  24. DG1


    Not production
  25. Kimi

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

    bad guy deserves
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