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  2. Xalric

    K-pop: Chung Ha Snaps a BiT, Saves Summer

    They litterally have the same clothes and hairstyle than clc Soyeon & YuQi are wearing Sorn's pants. Miyeon is wearing Eunbin's dress Soojin is wearing Yujin's dress Minnie is wearing Seungyeon & Elkie pants YuQi has Seunghee's top Soyeon is wearing Seungyeon top from this performance down below They have the same shoes. The reason why cube stans are pissed they litterally mixed and match clc & (g)i-dle clothes so much that they recycle and use the same clothes and hairstyles at the same time.
  3. Lithium.

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    I have never quoted myself, but when I'm right I'M RIGHT.

    Old Town Road vs. Hoedown Throwdown

    Everybody in the audience instantly learning the HT choreography perfectly.
  5. Legendairy

    What's the difference between religion and mythology?

    Mythologies are concepts of the future or mysteries of the unknown, the unexplained. KP5 isn't coming, it's a myth. We wait for the myth that is R9, pray for the goddess Robyn. Britney's true voice? A myth.
  6. Cazy

    K-pop: Chung Ha Snaps a BiT, Saves Summer

    girl this is an abomination
  7. 2NE1Kmagic

    Hot 100: OTR 12x #1, Taylor #2, Drake #7

    congrats Nasir lemme give him some more streams
  8. Erotic

    Beyonce's Lion King: Cancelled?

    Beyoncé is winning the Oscar
  9. Rap God

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    A winner
  10. Jay L

    Gay Icon Slayyyter shades Iggy

    It is kinda petty that Iggy would block Slayyyter just because she is friends with Azealia tbh
  11. Badgalbriel

    YNTCD debuts #2 on Hot 100; ties Madonna's record

    drag her
  12. Javan

    Iggy drags Slayyyter & Azealia

    How is she gonna make fun of her name after stealing it White ppl r a trip
  13. FloridaKilos

    Forgotten #1 songs?

    Imagine thinking this
  14. I mean if the world went vegan we'd destroy our soil faster having to produce so many crops causing mass famine. A lot of populations have died off due to overfarming.
  15. Nemo

    Mariah Carey

    not a 4-month old post im never drinking again tho. i was drugged over the weekend and that **** does not fly w me.
  16. State of Grace.

    Lana Del Rey - "Doin' Time"

    The highest its been since release week no?
  17. KimmyBella

    Head Above Water Tour

    I might go see her in Oakland
  18. NOW

    Is Run This Town a classic?

    I guess the fact that it's missing from every streaming platform except the infamous Tidal doesn't help things
  19. Icarus

    YNTCD debuts #2 on Hot 100; ties Madonna's record

    Only a legend can “underperform” with two #2 hits on her seventh album. And that’s the truth
  20. justin.

    Lady Gaga

    The fact that she still probably going on hiatus after Enigma finishes so she can have a baby. I’m so mad
  21. ARTPØP

    Hot 100: OTR 12x #1, Taylor #2, Drake #7

    super early predix 1. Old Town Road (=) **13th week** 2. Señorita (debut) 3. Talk (+1) 4. Bad Guy (-1) 5. I Don't Care (=) 6. You Need To Calm Down (-4) 7. Sucker (-1) 8. Suge (+1) 9. Money In The Grave (-2) 10. Wow (-2)
  22. FloridaKilos

    Forgotten #1 songs?

    Break Your Heart Harlem Shake
  23. Oh My Gaga

    Miley Cyrus - "Mother’s Daughter"

    This is by far the best song on the EP, can it get a cute music video already?
  24. boubour

    K-pop: Chung Ha Snaps a BiT, Saves Summer

    overraTTed needs to stop appearing in ppl's best TWICE song lists 2016 was not a good year for TWICE musically-speaking
  25. Nemo

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    this miserable creature i-
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