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  2. Nemo

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

  3. UnusualBoy

    Hot 100: BTS #8 / Sam & Normani #7

    Wow and Sunflower
  4. SavagePapi

    Daddy Yankee headlining O2 arena in London again

    That's true. I haven't seen him in recent months only in videos, but you know how the music editing can be. But we're all gonna have to give the good sis a pass. He was living his best life with all those "Despacito" checks from the passed few years.
  5. Inspirit

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    So ? I don't get the point. Not every single group will follow the same path even though both got a viral hit. Pentagon also had a 'scandal' that impacted their sales a lot. Their sales rose a lot with 'Positive' thanks to 'Shine', then it dropped because of the whole E'Dawn & Yanan thing with 'Thumbs Up!' They're about to reach 30.000 on Hanteo (29.829 on 04/23/19), which their last mini album failed to since it didn't even reach 23.000 on Hanteo.
  6. ElleDriver

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Formation Love Drought All Night the trinity
  7. Guero


    my two albums just left Incheon hehe
  8. I wouldn't mind Marlo having a peach if Kenya is back. Nene will continue to be her boring try hard self, so we need an intense rivalry that can bring some kiiis. Tanya can replace Cynthia as the level headed nice girl of the group that brings everyone together when needed.
  9. MrPiggyMoka

    Beyoncé Slaying Twice

    I think the OP meant twice as in with 2 albums
  10. Judas Bertha

    Over 50k people attended Kanye’s Sunday Service

    he's nuts
  11. Axel.

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    what are you talking about?
  12. MissedTheTrain

    Over 50k people attended Kanye’s Sunday Service

    Isn’t it mostly his own music? And it’s the whole dressing the same, invite-only, non disclosure agreement thing that is lowkey creepy
  13. Аshanti

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    u g h
  14. This scorching hot tea u came through with the receipts!
  15. Hilly

    Avengers Endgame | fresh 98 %,

    That Final battle whew, I got emotional This is really the end of an era, I’m excited to see what’s coming next
  16. P!nk Forever

    P!nk - ‘Hurts 2B Human’

    Her Magnum Opus.
  17. 07tandu

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Surprisingly a lot of Blinks stan it in this thread But that maybe cause they're pressed that BTS keeps winning over their faves, so they need a new way to hate on BTS
  18. harry_bev

    Taylor coming April 26!

    Sparks Fly is definitely a favourite! But I think clean would have to be my all time favourite Taylor track 😇 Beyond excited for this upcoming release, so much sooner than I'd anticipated!
  19. Tech is facing PR issues these days. Warren should continue hammering on regulating tech. It might help her gain more support.
  20. xrosup

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Feel like I'm your cat, I'm your dog
  21. Ego

    Lady Gaga

    The longevity is amazing, and what shocks me is how no one’s even grown tired of it LG6 wishes
  22. Nemo

    Beyoncé slays US Spotify with 3 year old album

    A valid “excuse”* Both 6 Inch and All Night had the same promo (TIDAL X). One was a single and was performed on tour, the other had neither. Guess which one the GP wanted to stream more?
  23. boubour

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    his face serving uncanny valley...you can tell DR. Kim was in a rush with this one
  24. coolgirl98

    Over 50k people attended Kanye’s Sunday Service

    There is nothing being preached or worshiped. It's them standing around listening to gospel music for an hour. How is that cult like?
  25. Miichael

    Top 3 female artists of the 2000s?

    Britney Spears Beyoncé Rihanna
  26. Dax

    Pokéthread • Let's Go In Stores NOW!

    Nothing but the truth. Also, Honchkrow.
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