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  2. rzal


    i literally asked you what french people use and you ignored me
  3. Why would or should he? They were just co-stars LOL
  4. BadMonster

    Lady Gaga

    The fact she still hasn't matched her Candy Warhol interludes
  5. Slamless

    Mariah Carey

    I may be Slamless but I am finally no longer winless
  6. suburbannature

    Billie: "I'd love to be a industry plant"

    They didn't start dating until two years after she had been signed, had been singing back up, making demos, and after he had heard her demo in the limo. So, no.
  7. Gourgeist

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Looking back at Minobody's catalogue I noticed that she has more classics than Grandmadonna
  8. SelenaTheWinner

    WWE | Then. Now. Forever.

  9. The funny thing is that wig isn't even one of her best. In fact it is my least favorite of hers. Blonde ages her a lot.
  10. TKO

    Katy's best feature?

    365 made some points
  11. if you really 'dug into' the 'race issues' in the police department you would know he had no other option
  12. I guess that depends and is up to you, do you still feel comfortable in buying tickets to a Britney show or buying her music regardless of the circumstances behind those things that made them happen being respectful and favorable towards Britney herself or not?
  13. teresaguidice

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

  14. jxbuggie

    Can't Get You Out of My Head reaches 100M views

    This is the only song I know from her/ hear on the radio.
  15. dillan

    Kream & Eden Prince f/ Louisa - “Pretend”

    Here We Go Again is #32 on Apple Music and has been around #31-#34 all week, this is the best she's done in like 2 years on streaming services lol OT: this sounds like a bop!
  16. Overprotected

    Billie: "I'd love to be a industry plant"

    Well Mariah started dating and then married the CEO of Sony Music who launched her career and then promoted her intensively So I guess you would agree she's an industry plant aswell? Just curious
  17. lousaysthings

    [ROUND 7] Ariana Grande - 'thank u, next' (pg.16) #imbored

    SAVE: 7 rings bloodline thank u, next
  18. AlteKing

    Why doesn't Normani improve her vocals?

    This. Her tone is gorgeous and unique and I think she’s beginning to understand that as well. She highlighted Toni and Anita Baker as vocal inspirations in her Billboard cover story and I’m excited to see how that translates for a modern pop star like her!
  19. LookinIn

    2019 Lambily Awards

    Still picked up an award so im fine 
  20. Armani👑

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    I'm confused
  21. Hongbin


    The way Vixx are still influencing the top groups
  22. Negev

    Lady Gaga

    "My name is LADY GAGA And this is my haus- (boom) ... HUH! (Paparazzi intro)" Is the best thing to happen to pop music. I still think about it 10 years later.
  23. TKO

    Bey is flopping with Homecoming

    someone at TIDAL is getting fired
  24. Reb'l Rêveur

    Katy's best feature?

    She's main artist in IWEMA, 365 and Con Calma Legends Never Die > Feels > Starstrukk > Who You Love
  25. franklin

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

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