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  2. Harranger

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    It’s already a miracle that Soojung flew all the way from NY to attend Sunyoung’s successful first solo concert I have planted the seed for the past whole year that f(10th) comeback is a guarantee, it’s just we needs SM to add Jinri back
  3. killer_rose

    Book Discussion

    A Little Life was honestly life-changing for me and maybe the best book I've ever read. It's weird for the first 150 pages but then it will start making sense to you. It was really traumatic and emotionally-draining but it was worth reading for the haunting ending. The characters are going to stay with me for the rest of my life and I really missed the story once it ended. I hope you love it too and please share your opinion.
  4. Rv1709

    Kelly belts US anthem

    She does this way better than any other current singer
  5. Maddox

    TV Fanatics 📺 | Emmy Season Approaching!

    I know that caring about awards is lame and stupid, but when we look back at this era of TV and how diverse it was in terms of stories and characters yet none of that is actually reflecting on that same institution that's supposed to celebrate this change it’s unfortunate. It’s about time the emmys give props to someone like Rachel Bloom for proving that there’s indeed much more nuance behind your average rom com story and for keeping musicals fresh. It’s time for the emmys to also give props to Adlon, Machado, Rae and Cash etc… for pushing themselves deep into their respective shows run. I’m more than fine with an upset but when you do a repeat for a show that has run its course then it’s kind of a problem imo I get what you're trying to say about JLD elevating the writing with her performance. I got more of less the same problem with Oh’s performance on the new Killing Eve. I feel like she didn’t get the material she deserves for the most part of the season to show her range until like the finale. The show keeps pushing her character into some weird directions (the Ghost plot, the weapon dealer, the 12 being completely ignored etc…) either to stretch the season with filler storylines or create some cheap fan service-y moments which is a shame cause like we’ve seen with the 1st season she’s clearly capable of doing much more than what she’s offered. Noted! re:the two UCR films. Lucky you! I'm still stuck at the first season and i doubt i could finish it by friday... i'll probably mute anything related to the it to avoid spoilers
  6. K$Ellie

    ABC's: Now (V) - ROUND 1

    Video Girl Vintage
  7. LosingHimWasBlue

    Favorite 5th studio album ?

    AOTY WINNER. 1989
  8. ABeyBraith

    Favorite 5th studio album ?

    BEYONCÉ > Blackout > Thank U, Next. With the exception of a few tracks (shoutout to Man down, BB Talk, Style and Cool For The Summer), I don’t use the others.
  9. itsjem

    H100: Old Town Road 7x #1, I Don't Care #2, Bad Guy #4

    I don't think they should eliminate radio, but I do think they should re-evaluate its weight.
  10. botnus

    Will Gaga ever see the top 10 again?

  11. paulie

    Ariana exposed

    delete this
  12. mariahcarey

    Ariana exposed

  13. Sensation

    Tennis | Venus prepares to slay Roland Garros

    i dont expect much from serena, she is still wearing a knee brace
  14. NMiguelCosta

    Ed Sheeran close to break U2's All-Time Touring Record

    If Taylor ever stops being lazy, and tours Asia accordingly to the power she holds there, she could break 1B with less than 260 tour dates.
  15. The difference is that we are clear we hate Biden. I will never vote for.an imperialist murderer like him. He had his time in office and he assisted in one of the most violent presidencies in history. Y’all bash and bash and bash Sanders and his supporters in bad faith but then go “oh well you can’t say my criticisms are concern trolling cause I’d still vote for him in the general if forced to”. Being “willing” to vote for someone in the genera means nothing if you do anything possible to will he doesn’t make it past the primary. That’s not a cop out. It’s not a get out of jail free card. Again, it’d just be easier to force the hand of every non-Biden candidate to move left to M4A than slandering almost half of America for not voting.
  16. GagaMegaFan

    'She Is Coming' Cover + Tracklist

    its SOOO good
  17. Armani👑

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Based on her Instagram, she's releasing music soon. But it's been 4 years, so I doubt it will do well unless it's really good.
  18. One Nation

    ATRL HQ | Read the OP Before Posting

    Already done months ago but nothing happens.
  19. Qudron

    Ariana exposed

    After an artist turned the famous Mona Lisa painting into a realistic head movement, the true identity of the pop singer Ariana Grande has been revealed as a 540 year old lady who goes by the name Lisa del Giocondo
  20. RobDeWittBukater

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    Ok this video is so ****ing cool, never seen something like that wow
  21. breaking up

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    OUTy coming with another flop to keep this thread afloat. The gift that keeps on giving.
  22. Eóghan

    Miley Cyrus - ‘She Is Coming’

    i ****in hate the idea of an EP, sorry not sorry still excited, I won't expand my hypocrisy
  23. whitneyhoustonlegend

    Mariah adds Ken Lee to her setlist

    Iam also Bulgarian How many Bulgarians are on ATRL?
  24. Wait, how does Gillibrand have a less diverse campaign staff than TRUMP?
  25. Soobin

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    Bye did you forget about T-ARA being innocent and getting crucified by the GP
  26. Seffers

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    afjafjia Krystal sis, at least try to look 1% into it
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