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  2. Mr. Taxi

    Dionne Warwick: Beyonce is not an iconic singer

    Maybe read the whole quote atrl
  3. heartbeats

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    blame brendon urie
  4. Brunette Ambition

    European elections 2019

    so glad i convinced everyone to vote die grünen
  5. Soobin

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    Reveluvs really trying it
  6. that G.U.Y.

    Clothes/styles that are now fads

    Green hair and mechanical horses
  7. J-esper

    Dua Lipa - "Favourite Problem"

  8. Judas Bertha

    More Succesful: Me! or I Don't Care?

    oh the ed song i prefer me but obviously the ed/bieber song will be bigger
  9. monster_enriquer

    Is Taki Taki a hit?

    only an ARTLer would question that it's a HUGE hit
  10. Pendulum

    TR/ST - 'The Destroyer - 1'

    where is part 2 mr. alfons?
  11. heartbeats

    Katy Perry - NRO

    dagny has great songs so i wouldn't mind it if this song is a dagny leftover
  12. AbeHicks

    'She Is Coming' Cover + Tracklist

    Meghan did an EP just 3 months ago too
  13. monster_enriquer

    Clothes/styles that are now fads

    seach "paris hilton/ashlet tisdale 2000"
  14. Kavish

    BB HOT100 NE - MAY 2018 - ROUND 8.5 - BOTTOM 2!!! -

    BOTTOM 2: - Save 1 song! - The first song that gets to 5 is safe and goes in the next round! ============== J.Cole - ATM 1. Speezy 2. Lilac 3. Wes 4. 5. SAVED:  VS. Selena Gomez - Back To You 1. rooby.booby 2. thecptz 3. kiiwii 4. Loghen 5. SAVED: Kavish
  15. Bacardo

    Paula Abdul inspired Nicki, Lil Kim & Others?

    mess, what song was this
  16. Mr. Loco

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    It's a great song and deserves better
  17. Judas Bertha

    More Succesful: Me! or I Don't Care?

    what is i dont care?
  18. AbeHicks

    Is “Warrior” by Kesha a classic Kesha alberm?

    It sure is better than rainbow
  19. heartbeats

    Katy Perry

    katy hasn't written a good lyric in over 9 years i'd take a camp'd song over a sloppy hey hey hey mess so do you agree? @Thickorita
  20. ordinarynam

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    she needs to have some respect for that one person who's been carrying her ass on stage all these years
  21. mcohen

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    Power imagine if anyone else released ME!. They probably wouldn’t even chart
  22. sad girl

    Miley Cyrus - ‘She Is Coming’

    Is it definitely an EP coming? Saw her live last night and she said the record was dropping next week
  23. Zack

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    She wasn't destroyed overnight. By the time she went on hiatus from f(x) she had been over the group for at least a year. Some of her appearances on stage were terrible. I'm not blaming her for her health condition, but the way she was behaving on stage was not professional. Then when she went on hiatus it was handled badly. The group's promotion was cut short while she was seen partying and drinking and running around with her boyfriend at the beach. Even after her exit from f(x) it's clear she had difficulties due to her erratic behaviour on Instagram.
  24. Cantaloupe.

    ATRL HQ | Read the OP Before Posting

    Girl be quiet. You make troll threads all the time. I don't even know why your privileges haven't been revoked yet. Try worrying about that instead of why mods have lives and some threads get left open longer than you deem appropriate.
  25. Shendelzare

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    oh wow That's what she deserves for releasing me
  26. Chemist

    European elections 2019

    record turnouts everywhere
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