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  2. Can't Stromae come back PLEASE
  3. danitykanelover

    Bey’s dad makes weird remark

    It’s weird if no one really asked him about the subject but if it was relevant to the conversation, it’s not weird and he’s not wrong.
  4. alfonso12

    What made the ASIB era so successful?

    The fact that you couldn't answer the question says it all. and sorry, english isn't my first language.
  5. Tsareena

    Will short songs become the new trend?

    short songs have been in for a while. it obviously helps streaming. It's not fraudulent at all since the listener has to actively decide to relisten to the track. they might change that to counting time spent streaming vs. no. of streams but for now you get more out of short tracks
  6. halcyonday

    BTS Tour Gross $80 Million in 12 Shows

    Oh legends
  7. Those were all his actions though? She wasn't giving him drugs and then setting him up to sleep with hookers and hoes. I know some of yall dislike the Kardashian but the blame for things yall try to put on them is far too much.
  8. TheFireLexus

    GaGa is devastated!

    What do you really think?
  9. My 5 year odl alienware is dying so I want to buy another brand, but desktop. I want to wait for the new Ryzen CPUs, but what brand whould I buy? Did anyone try cyberpower and ibuypower?
  10. NMiguelCosta

    Nas Maraj: Panini is short to increase streams

    Can't wait for songs to be 30 seconds long. Thank you streaming for destroying music!
  11. Phoenixstar

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Set fire to the rain > fadty Disco Katy biggest fan @Schhh can confirm this.
  12. Beyonnaise

    Lil Nas X - "Panini"

    It knocks
  13. maat

    Paranormal Activity 7 in the works

    Mawma, stop milking that cow, the cow is dead...
  14. selenacantsinglol

    Opinion polls about gays in Russia - 2019

    Italy teas
  15. gagacasanova

    Carrie Underwood

    I would check your emails. You might want to check your spam inbox as well. Also, Did you request them to be printed or on mobile?
  16. Lose My Breath

    Ed Sheeran f/ Camila C & Cardi B - "South of the Border"

    They recorded the duet in May, the song was released at the end of September, and the duet on 12/1.... You have no idea what you're talking about
  17. PFRR

    Paranormal Activity 7 in the works

    give it up delishus they should've stopped after the second one and left it where it was
  18. ChrisTheLoner

    Jojo Siwa wants to make “timeless” music

    Some of you are so mean. Yes she's a bit out there but then again she's only 16, let her dream a little So many bitter people in this thread
  19. ANTisocial

    K-pop: Red Velvet: ZIMZALABIM!

    what in the white girl hell is this show
  20. jpow

    Paranormal Activity 7 in the works

    Queen Katie coming back to snatch
  21. JawBreaker

    BTS Tour Gross $80 Million in 12 Shows

    but I just checked and in September they toured in North America. Also those numbers aren't out yet. Or did you meant when they were in Japan??
  22. Tom Vercetti

    Big Brother 21 | CAST RELEASED!

    Jack seems like another Fessy. Hope i'm wrong tho.
  23. Tarsh19

    Nicki Minaj

  24. JohnGray

    Nas Maraj: Panini is short to increase streams

    I dont care what anybody say. This guy knows what he's doing.
  25. materialboy

    Eleni Foureira - 'Gypsy Woman'

    It's been a month and all the songs still sound excellent and fresh. She's amazing.
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