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  2. duh, the press for the movie is done
  3. levi_valvi

    Taylor coming April 26!

    i think it's just wishful thinking from some people cause yeah there's been no real sign that it's gonna be country
  4. harrythevifan


    I think they were just checking to see if anyone still stanned Wanna One. But I had serious doubts Wanna One was actually going to die. The way it just printed money. But seeing how there are forces trying to bury Kang Daniel alive while CJENM has teamed up with BigHit for the next Wanna One, kinda looks like at least some part of kpop is recognizing the pre-Hallyuwave business model of using trainees to get rich, and then trashing them after a few years for new trainees.
  5. MattyTacos

    Dancing With Our Hands Tied > Discographies. Why?

    The first one is wrong but you made points with the rest of the songs. Red is really her best album even if I prefer 1989/Rep.
  6. AlteKing

    Is Normani a modern day Toni Braxton?

    All of this.
  7. Lyrical.

    Giant man in Britain

    Don't even hafta get on my knees
  8. slw84

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

  9. IamCY

    Giant man in Britain

  10. lousaysthings

    L. Gaga & B. Cooper - 'ASIB' | ROUND 11 | OUT: Heal Me

    SAVE: Hair Body Face OFF: Look What I Found Is That Alright?
  11. levi_valvi

    Taylor coming April 26!

    giuseppe is amazing and deserves everything, there's a reason taylor loves him so much. and calling him instagram trash is kinda slut shaming, nothing wrong with showing some skin if that's what the good sis wants
  12. Gourgeist

    Bey is flopping with Homecoming

    She will never recover form this, Bye Bey
  13. Holiest Dreams

    Taylor coming April 26!

    Honestly I don't get how anyone thinks it's gonna be country A pop radio host said she's eager to start pumping out the pop bangers again to radio, so she's definitely releasing something upbeat and catchy and obviously (some form of) pop. It'll have a 'softer' sound than the rep bangers but I don't see it being Delicate-level soft.
  14. dillan

    Madonna - "Medellín" (feat. Maluma)

    Why is this not available on Apple Music UK
  15. Starfire

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    i see like only 7 men. pirate bey's would never.
  16. BOAZ

    Britney Spears

    Welcome to Me Who Can She Trust? Remembrance of Who I Am Little Me Rebellion Untitled Lullaby Let Go State of Grace Every Day The fact that some of her unreleased/demos are enough to compose a #Rebellion comeback album that's how I imagine her to be...free, healthy, retired, going thru the music she never had the chance to release and just put it out, with her true voice and the willingness to leave her mark. I abstained from commenting the whole situation but I've been feeling like ****. I don't know who's right or wrong but just imagining how difficult it must be to be in a situation like this makes me sick. I love you Britney. I hope she's gonna be fine - and if she's really held against her will that she will find a way out, never to be seen again in Louisiana or wherever she'll feel like.
  17. JGibson

    2018 #ATRLMWC: R16 [Lukey v. Sunderland4ever]

    FULL TIME [Match 50, Round of 16] Referee: JGibson @Lukey 1, @Sunderland 4ever 0 Next fixture: lhdang2000 v. JGibson  [Round of 16] Lukey advances to the Round of 8, will await the winner of lhdang2000 v. JGibson match.
  18. TheBritneyKiss

    Giant man in Britain

  19. Elusive Chanteuse

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Here_We_Go_Again_Tour After all the touring shes done she's still slaying.
  20. rzal


    i literally asked you what french people use and you ignored me
  21. Why would or should he? They were just co-stars LOL
  22. BadMonster

    Lady Gaga

    The fact she still hasn't matched her Candy Warhol interludes (tho I'm not totally surprised, they were incredible )
  23. Slamless

    Mariah Carey

    I may be Slamless but I am finally no longer winless
  24. suburbannature

    Billie: "I'd love to be a industry plant"

    They didn't start dating until two years after she had been signed, had been singing back up, making demos, and after he had heard her demo in the limo. So, no.
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