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  2. Armani👑

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    @jdmc218 This scene, Joe killing the rat MJ was so upset "Mr.Rat is dead. Somebody killed him, he was my pet, he was my friend." "Oh we got him good" 4:05
  3. Link16

    When a Number #2 is a Tragedy.

    "Stop" debuted and peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart with first-week sales of over 115,000 copies, being kept off the top spot by Jason Nevins' remix of Run–D.M.C.'s 1983 single "It's Like That". It ended the streak of the Spice Girls' consecutive chart-toppers at six (from "Wannabe" to "Too Much"). "Loverboy" reached a peak of number two on the Hot 100 but failed to top the chart due to weak radio airplay. The single jumped 60–2 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week after it was released as a commercial single, with sales driven by a Virgin promotion offering the CD for a bargain-priced 49 cents. "Loverboy" became Carey's first lead single to not reach number one, blocked by "Bootylicious". Taylor Swift's New Single 'Me!' Blocked From The No. 1 Spot By 'Old Town Road' others?
  4. Adonis

    H100: Old Town Road 7x #1, I Don't Care #2, Bad Guy #4

    Being number one has network effects and potentially deters someone else who couldve been #1 from releasing especially in circumstances where a song goes viral and is at the beginning of its chart life. There is not way to hold all else equal because its not equal given the scenario you provided.
  5. Shone Ai

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    The shower scene that’s shot like a ***** featuring a minor... doesn’t bother... ugh never mind
  6. politeone

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    What the- how
  7. carpetbeetle

    Taylor admits "speling" is not fun

    She’s so cute
  8. One Nation

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    Doing well in Australia
  9. Red Light

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    Krystal looks like she got dragged to a family reunion. I bet part of the problem is that she hates that generic trash song.
  10. greeneyedsoul

    European elections 2019

    @AvrilLaQueen watch the reactions. they can ROT. https://www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/pogledajte-trenutak-kad-su-u-hdzu-procitani-rezultati-izlaznih-anketa/2088422.aspx
  11. Taidekoons

    Clothes/styles that are now fads

    Full denim
  12. Roman Holiday

    Ashanti - "Only U" Appreciation Thread

    I Iove this song.
  13. lyl94115

    Kelly Clarkson

    Jej uploaded their duet in HD on his channel. This is just amazing. And thanks to the lousy format on The Voice we lost another legendary studio recording. A loss for the world
  14. Im not pressed whatsoever, it's not like I lose or gain money. I was just explaining why it's difficult for people with huge productions to achieve sth like this.
  15. Paula Abdul

    Lizzo “Truth Hurts”

    Oh, God, one week she will increase in her charting points A LOT.
  16. mokitsu

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    I expected higher peaks in the rest of the world, especially Asia. What happened?
  17. Shinning

    'She Is Coming' Cover + Tracklist

    Dope cover. Tracklist is
  18. sober

    "ME!" WW tragic chart runs.

    Agree but ME! is not that bad...there are artists who release tragic worse body of works hopping onto rap trend (only praised by hip hop magazines) and still bomb miserably. I think she's more than fine
  19. Indeed Avril really is a queen
  20. Soobin

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    You know who the biggest bullies actually are? Those netizens. They think cyberbullying is okay.
  21. FameFatale

    Lady Gaga

    Did Mark work with Miley on her new album?
  22. P!nk Forever

    Duncan Laurence

    There‘s an interview in German but I don‘t have access. https://www.faz.net/aktuell/gesellschaft/eurovision-song-contest/esc-gewinner-duncan-laurence-im-faz-interview-16204626.html
  23. *-ChriZ-*

    Dionne Warwick: Beyonce is not an iconic singer

    I do wonder what she thinks of the likes like John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, or Janis Joplin? How would she define them?
  24. beatinglikeadrum

    Katy Perry

    Some of u really want her to work with established producers ? Listen to I Don't Care and Me! and rethink your words.
  25. slw84

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Why are y’all pretending Miley doesn’t have 2 bonafied classics (party in the USA and wrecking ball) and a cult classic (we cant stop) it’s not like her peers have 3 classics to their credit
  26. I aM bEtTeR thAn aLl oF yOu bC I SuPpoRT m4A
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