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  2. badgirlriri

    New Miley lyrics: "I love you Nicki but I listen to Cardi"

    You still shouldn't be on your high horse, it's hypocritical
  3. HereInMyHead

    4 Minutes vs Womanizer vs Just Dance

    Just Dance > Womanizer > 4 Minutes Never really liked 4 Minutes that much. It's really overrated imo.
  4. rude. They were like really trying the most. And some of the pics they chose. Shadddddyy
  5. ZENO

    Carly Rae Jepsen - ‘Dedicated’

    Cause it's the greatest album of all time. Bubblegum perfection, heavenly bangerish choruses, extra sparkling production.
  6. Nice....guess i’ll try it out....is S2 confirmed yet?
  7. gooddreams

    Lana caught smiling cuz a bitch livin lavish

    summertiiiiiiime and the livins easy stream Doin' Time on apple music
  8. OnikaSlays

    This is Lana’s best song. Why

    Not even the best song on LFL
  9. badgirlriri

    New Miley lyrics: "I love you Nicki but I listen to Cardi"

    No... I'm just baffled when Cardi stans try to take a moral high road, but by all means continue your obsession
  10. Pop & Fashion Icon has always had the most refined and flawless taste in the fashion department of all pop girls. She is the biggest fashion risk taker of all, does she deserve a Fashion award?
  11. sxmescudi

    A$AP Rocky, Sabrina Claudio, BURNS - "Energy"

    at least Luxembourg has taste
  12. Haus

    Gun girl poops herself

  13. Lemonaade

    4 Minutes vs Womanizer vs Just Dance

    Britney is my fave, but I gotta give this one to Just Dance. It was era defining. I never truly liked Womanizer. 4 Minutes is a great collaboration, the video is one of her best.
  14. TurntUp

    VVAVES f/ Iggy Azalea - "Boys Like You"

    So VVAVES has 7k monthly Spotify listeners on Friday and today she has 113k....Iggy ...HA Power!!
  15. MusicTalker

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Season 11: Did It.. K-Pop?

    ***** PUSS PUSS GIVE EM **** **** ****, BITCH
  16. Kevin Parker

    Countries you're afraid to visit?

    Mexico N/A El Salvador Russia Yemen N/A Philippines Eritrea Papua New Guinea
  17. Icarus

    Excellently produced pop songs

    Not with that cheap breakdown
  18. confide in me

    New Miley lyrics: "I love you Nicki but I listen to Cardi"

    um... i hope the song is good at least
  19. The villa over there with the hilla good hair got me screaming
  20. slw84

    What will happen in 2029?

    1989: paula Abdul
  21. andresg770

    Pro Wrestling | WWE Reveals Ugly Jobber Title

    Not Glacier still being in ring-shape One of the first wrestling matches I ever saw was him vs. Goldberg in WCW, back in 1998
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