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  2. xrosup

    K-Pop: Fancy Dog In Luv

    Oh absolutely
  3. Ronnie Redd

    Normani issues statement

    Some of Normani fans are a bit delusional. They think Normani is solely responsible for the success of DWAS. LOL. How about Normani just sing Waves instead?
  4. vocalqueef

    Ally debuts edgy look

    She's talented
  5. Not people comparing Bernie and Biden
  6. Walk_Away21

    Taylor Swift - ''Me!''

    OH MY GOD We are so dumb!
  7. Of course she's going to release a weird punk song right when she turns 30, so she can later go and complain about ageism.
  8. Blue Rose

    Are Swifties the smartest fans?

    They finally figured out 1 thing after 5678383 clues
  9. Link16

    Bon Appetit about to repeak on youtube, why?

    new thumbnail is the reason
  10. Oussama

    P!nk - ‘Hurts 2B Human’

    Wow i just finished the album and this is why i stanned this bitch, she's delivered an amazing and awesome body of work that reminds us of her powerful talent. I am so happy i kept my expectation low only to be snatched right from my bed. TOP 5 tracks from the album: 1. 90 Days 2. Circle Game 3. My Attic 4. Hey Why 5. Happy
  11. Not here for the feature, but let's see
  12. D.M.F

    Mariah outdoing Xtina's Liberation Tour. Why?

    Why didn't you mention sellout stats? They matter! X had more sell out dates in the US than the op's faveS.
  13. oh and Taylor Swift Productions produced the netflix rep tour film
  14. ElleDriver

    Taylor Swift - ''Me!''

    I trust her. Legend has impeccable taste
  15. M A R C

    K-Pop: Fancy Dog In Luv

    The way they always fume anytime we discuss quality, i guess they simply can't relate.
  16. Guero


    any particular reason the 2nd Texas date has no tickets available at all on Ticketmaster?
  17. yamiyuuuu

    Remy Ma Debuts Police Tag

    Of course she's uninteresting and boring, only the Barbz pay attention to her cause she ended your fave
  18. Pavement Princess

    Remy Ma Debuts Police Tag

    She wouldn’t have any legal troubles if she kept her hands and weapons to herself. Perhaps she needs some more time behind bars to control her violent tendencies.
  19. harry_bev

    Taylor Swift - ''Me!''

    I think this must be fake! My friend just pointed out that her record label isn't 'Taylor Swift Productions'. Which, is a good point!
  20. Emilia's acting during this scene was a stand out. Loved it
  21. GypsyLife

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga followed Peter Monn
  22. Mat.91

    P!nk - ‘Hurts 2B Human’

    She just released 1 single! The lead. The others were just promo tracks.
  23. Schhh

    Normani issues statement

    Awww, there's always next year.
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