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  2. Burqa

    Madonna - ‘Madame X’

    I'd be here for this but it doesn't really make sense since since she's mexican-american and not brazilian/portuguese. Madonna and Becky should've covered some latin classic (and not a generic reggaeton song) for Madame X though
  3. Disruptive

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    Demi 'Neon Lights"
  4. Future Lover

    Confessions on a Dance Floor vs The Fame Monster: Better Alb

    Neck and neck
  5. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Idc. I still got the single. They know that .00003 cents ain't going to him, right? Child support needs to be paid. I thought people cared about kids, right?
  6. Mother Earth

    Gun girl poops herself

  7. gooddreams

    What is Kim Petras' best song?

    "Sweet Spot" sounds like a Kylie Minogue song My favs are "Hills" and Turn Off the Light" on 1.25 playback speed
  8. I really enjoyed it! I think it was done nicely
  9. Zaram

    K-POP: NCT Finally Releases Kuality

    Wow, so much taste in the Stan and the anti-stan list. Add Sf9 to your list to be a member of the „quality-Taste“-club
  10. Psycho

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    So Am I
  11. Drama

    News reporter stans Cardi B

    Omg the amount of references I-
  12. Quiqui4eva

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    Video Phone I guess. Still like it though Bye!
  13. wxvii

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    Ariana- Side to Side
  14. slw84

    Britney Spears

  15. rzal

    Gun girl poops herself

    imagine being her friend and having to help her well maybe it's what they deserve
  16. Invisibility

    This is Lana’s best song. Why

    It aged very well and grew on me, but no
  17. Soobin

    Wtf Happened to Pop Music

    The lack of taste, I'd expect better from an Azealia stan
  18. James_Dean

    News reporter stans Cardi B

    Here's better quality, with a Money reference at the end
  19. Gwegend

    Carly Rae Jepsen - ‘Dedicated’

    That mothafckin pre-chorus grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let you sing anything else for an entire 24hrs... was listening to E•MO•TION and realized it really does just have a handful of HIGHS but also a lot of misses- Making Dedicated much better because there is no misses. At all. Even Feels Right is a decent song, just incredibly boring compared to the melodic madness of every other song. Whew! and that setlist is trash tbh. If she doesn’t cut All That, I- i know lots of you love All That, but for me, it’s a bore fest. Especially when being overshadowed immensely by ballads like Roses or Cry
  20. Ras

    4 Minutes vs Womanizer vs Just Dance

    4Minutes sounds really wonky to me now. Just Dance is great but sounds a bit generic. Womanizer is kinda too noisy which is part of the 2008 pop landscape anyways but goes the frick OFF during the chorus and I respect that.
  21. Inner Insanity

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    You And I sweetie I'm so sorry. My fave's worst single is Blah Blah Blah easily.
  22. ReverseWarholian

    My fav's worst single is ___________?

    Going off my sig... Gaga, 'G.U.Y.' Demi Lovato, 'Made In The U.S.A.' Halsey, 'New Americana' Madonna, 'Turn Up The Radio' Xtina, 'Not Myself Tonight' Didn't do one for Thom Yorke since I don't think he or Radiohead puts out official singles.
  23. ArianadelRey

    This is Lana’s best song. Why

    All of her leads are immaculate x OT: That's not the right answer.
  24. boysandbombs

    Alaska Thunderf*ck - 'Vagina'

    ''cuz like stefani germanotta, bitch, I LIKE IT ROUGH' WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAAAAAMED. i'm bout to get my drink on and bathe in this surprise drop filth!!!!! god i love this bitch
  25. havefaithrestart

    US Airplay Discussion

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