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  2. Denyy

    Best New England State?

    I spent 7 months in total in Vermont so I'll have to say that. There's not many things to do but the nature is amazing, the hikes are >>> Also Burlington is pretty cute. Hanover in New Hampshire was cute as well.
  3. lovatos

    Taylor coming April 26!

  4. Yvess

    ABC's: Now (U) - ROUND 6

    Psycho: The Veronicas - Untouched
  5. Jimmy.

    Nicki Minaj

    Ugh, a VERSE. Nicki and Meek really made
  6. This has a shot of getting back to #2 this weekend, Marvel Studios’ power is really something else.
  7. Whore of Babylon

    Kim Petras - "Broken"

    boring as ****
  8. RULES : EVERYONE CAN VOTE 1. SAVE ONE SONG 2. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN ENTRY 3. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY lhdang2000 - Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (feat. Jay-Z) 1 lhdang2000 - Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (feat. Jay-Z) 2 Overprotected - Britney Spears - Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna) 2 prezli - Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade (with P!nk, Mya, Lil Kim & Missy Elliot) 1 prezli - Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade (with P!nk, Mya, Lil Kim & Missy Elliot) 2 Kylie Jenner - Lady Gaga - Shallow (with Bradley Cooper) 1 Kylie Jenner - Lady Gaga - Shallow (with Bradley Cooper) 2 Wes - Madonna - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake) 1 Wes - Madonna - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake) 1 2 Wes - Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z) 1 3 Solarie - Shakira - Beautiful Liar (feat. Beyonce) 1 4 Loyalty - Rihanna - Stay (feat. Mikky Ecko) 1 5 Loyalty - Rihanna - Stay (feat. Mikky Ecko) 2 6 Wes - Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z) 2 7 Overprotected - Britney Spears - Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna) 1 8 Solarie - Shakira - Beautiful Liar (feat. Beyonce) 2 9 10 VOTE AGAIN (Save A Different Song) 11 12 13 14 ELECTRIC CHAIR: 15 ELECTRIC CHAIR:  16 ELECTRIC CHAIR:
  9. Can't_M!ss_This

    Meghan McCain stans Gaga

    It's a joke. Take it down a notch
  10. LovaticSwiftie

    ABC's: Now (U) - ROUND 6

    ✧ Round 6 ✧ Rules (Do Not Erase): - Save 1 Song - You Cannot Save Your Entry Psycho: The Veronicas - Untouched Wes: P!nk - U + Ur Hand bestfiction: Charli XCX - Unlock It (ft. Kim Petras & Jay Park) Inner Insanity: Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten thecptz: No Doubt - Underneath It All (ft. Lady Saw) Yvess: Katy Perry - Unconditionally Loyalty: G.R.L. - Ugly Heart kiiwii: The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody KatyCatPH: Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes Icarus: Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart K$Ellie: Rihanna - Umbrella (ft. Jay-Z) Overprotected: Lily Allen - URL Badman Lukey: Britney Spears - Unusual U LovaticSwiftie: Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You Overprotected: Björk - Unison ↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ VOTE AGAIN - you can vote for one more song after this sign IMMUNITY - safe this round and automatically safe next round POISON - safe this round but automatically in bottom 3 next round BOTTOM 3 - in danger of elimination this round ↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ 1: IMMUNE - Lukey: Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face (ft. Nicki Minaj) 2: BOTTOM 3 - K$Ellie: The Saturdays - Up 3 4 5 6: IMMUNITY - 7 8: POISON - 9 VOTE AGAIN 10 11 12 13 14: BOTTOM 3 - 15 16 17: BOTTOM 3 - 18th: @Solarie: TLC - Unpretty 19th: @Speezy: Usher - U Got It Bad 20th: @LovaticSwiftie: Rihanna - Unfaithful 21st: @EriKills: The Chainsmokers - Until You Were Gone (ft. Emily Warren) 22nd: @Speezy: Beyoncé - Upgrade U (ft. Jay-Z) 23rd: @Moonlightbae: Olly Murs - Up (ft. Demi Lovato) 24th: @rooby.booby: X Ambassadors - Unsteady 25th:  @KatyCatPH: A*Teens - Upside Down 26th: @Wes: Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (ft. Bruno Mars) 27th: @lhdang2000 : Christina Aguilera - Unless It's With You
  11. Mariano

    Why does Cardi B get away with being problematic & a Bully?

    Most people in the world (and by most I mean almost all of them) get away with it. People need to have the same energy towards people in their own lives, as they do towards celebrities, maybe then the world will be better.
  12. Jimmy.

    WWE | Then. Now. Forever.

    I just caught up with this weeks Smackdown Live and I’ve got to give credit to Bayley. One of her best showings on the main roster.
  13. Mariano

    Meghan McCain stans Gaga

    not really Gaga has been unapologetically liberal, supported LGBTQ etc. etc. etc. her entire career even during the last elections she was one of the loudest Hilary supporters and protested Trump publicly. The fact that conservatives still stan her regardless just shows how great she is
  14. Can't_M!ss_This

    Do you remember Like a G6?

    Yes, it's in my library. Some good pop came from that time. Good days.
  15. musicwonder

    Why does Cardi B get away with being problematic & a Bully?

    All her stans talk about is charts. So what happens when she stops charting? Does a lightbulb click? She's really nasty person
  16. dpdatsme

    Britney spotted grabbing Froyo

    She was able to survive 2007, she can survive this (whatever that may be)
  17. Can't_M!ss_This

    Are tops on dating apps passive-aggressive?

    Not just tops. Gays/men don't really handle rejection well. It seems as anything less than excited puppy isn't a big enough reaction to the prospect of sleeping with them. If I have one turn off, aside from republican, it's a guy who can't go a beat without a reply. It's like Jesus Christ I've got dinner cooking man.
  18. ordinarynam

    Beyonce "Sorry" #4 on Apple Music US and WW

    the hive is gonna wait longer for that new solo album then
  19. While, I do think your overall point has merit, I find it sad that we find it to be a bad thing that someone is rightfully very concerned for the country. The country is a **** show at the moment and I appreciate Warren being upfront about all the issues we have. I actually get annoyed when people give us self-congratulatory nonsense like, “Today, we are still the best country this planet has ever seen.”
  20. Fitzswiftie

    Beyonce "Sorry" #4 on Apple Music US and WW

    Same with Formation and Daddy Lessons
  21. Phantom

    Is Beyonce the highest peak on this gen's music history?

    If you aggressively shoe horn unquantfiable metrics like 'cultural impact', 'causing conversations' and whatever else her base loves to add, then sure. Bey is the peak. If you actually look at the numbers and other legitimately measurable dimensions, then she's barely in the conversation - a look at the top 10 album sellers this decade, a list she's absent from - is proof of that. I'm far from a wasp and I actually dig a lot of her music, but Beyoncé's fame and impact is so overblown, it's a little alarming. Every base hypes up their fave, even overhype, but few do it with the almost political agenda-esque devotion that the Hive + paid blogs showcase.
  22. SweetTalker

    HDD: Billie 85-95k, BTS 45-55k, Beyoncé 45-55k, Lizzo 37-42k

    Lizzo i’m mad. Juice deserved to blow up
  23. I don’t think y’all understand the fact that this was a sam song he originally wrote and brought Normani on. And pushed by his label and HIS label was paying for this production. So with all those factors at hand I think all concerned thought it best to cancel. This is the downside of jumping on a collaboration that’s lead by someone else you at the mercy of the leads schedule
  24. just press the enter key and release it! You have summer tour coming up, we need to learn the lyrics.
  25. Sanctified

    Do you remember Like a G6?

    Still a bop. Dev killed that ****.
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