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  2. and there are a significant swarth on here and stan Twitter that Fighters are psychotic
  3. Hausofmonster

    Billboard predicts ROTY Grammy's Nominees

  4. Aramis

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

    One of the weakest, but yes.
  5. MrLovett

    Lion King | RT: 57% | MC: 55

    That's not how you felt after repeatedly getting clocked for calling the film 'Beyoncé's Lion King' and then trying to mock us for it. Run along.
  6. queenoftheclouds

    Miley Cyrus - "She Is Miley Cyrus"

    I AM READY! I hope it comes out as a CD and in a jewel case.
  7. NYCL

    Nintendo Base

    Don't make me sad! I chose Pearl for once and I don't wanna lose. I feel like more people chose Chaos cause I keep fighting against my own teams.
  8. BlackoutZone

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

    No, all the people coming to her sold out stadium shows were perched for her dancing
  9. umich

    Katy Perry - "Never Really Over"

    With NRO entering the top ten on Adult Pop (HAC), she earns her 15th top ten on the format, 5thplace behind Maroon 5 (24), Taylor Swift (19) Kelly Clarkson & P!nk (both with 16 each). #1 Hot N Cold #1 California Gurls #1 Teenage Dream #1 Firework #1 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) #1 The One That Got Away #1 Wide Awake #1 Roar #2 E.T. #2 Dark Horse #4 Part of Me #5 Waking Up in Vegas #7 Unconditionally #7 Chained to the Rhythm #10 Never Really Over
  10. Nobody said they all are. But there’s a significant swath on here and stan Twitter who are.
  11. Phoenixstar

    Sabrina Carpenter - 'Singular: Act II'

    Omg a taste I think I forgot how it sounds nnn
  12. gatito

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

    yes, one of the best voices of our generation
  13. FAN

    Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - "Señorita"

    Here we go
  14. frenchyisback

    J.Lo's "Hustlers" gets 2.8M views in first day. Surprised?

    If I had not let it go, id be hating on her right now not complimenting her. WTF? You're the one with unresolved anger issues trying to start something out of nothing.
  15. ArianadelRey

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Best Looks Rate - Page 7279

    I LOVE this video. Her POWERFUL stance. The self-assertion. The way it just screams 'I KNOW I am the BADDEST BITCH IN THE WORLD'.  Ahhh, my ****ing fave.
  16. badgirlriri

    Nicki’s voice acting shared on Instagram

    She actually is slaying, bring Roman back queen
  17. SchmoodRing

    Tom holland GF allegedly his Lesbian Cousin

    Eww don't enable incest
  18. Jude

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

    Just added her in the OP. Thanks.
  19. !ngwe

    Mariah Carey

  20. Rv1709

    Most unique Main Pop Girl?

    Gaga during her peak era (Fame, BTW)
  21. PinkBox

    The Color Game 8 | ROUND 11 UP NOW 💚

    Trump WON 😔😔😔
  22. abrahamjmr

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

    She's known worldwide for her voice and is also considered a diva, just like Whitney, Mariah and Celine were and are still considered. Ariana? Demi? They're not on that level, despite having great voices.
  23. Passle

    Is Adele a Vocalist?

    No, she's a dancer. WTF stupid post is this?
  24. That stage is so iconic.
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