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  2. teresaguidice

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    i doubt it. yes, streaming was already around, but the show started before tv habits *really* changed. netflix is the only place that can have that kind of reach anymore, but seasons getting dropped all at once takes away from the "cultural phenomenon" vibes.
  3. Trump’s accounting firm better release the krakeN
  4. JGibson

    AvrilLaQueen's Top 10 songs of the week

    Doin' Time + Nightmare
  5. SoulKiwi

    Celine on Carpool Karaoke!

    Oh **** only 12 minutes?
  6. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Duh! Should've been top 10 with a better video!
  7. slw84

    Cardi B

    Which month? july might work because I doubt there’d be new songs out. she’d released the French song/press/marshmallow songs maybe even the Bieber song. would kultures 1 year anniversary be an ideal time???
  8. prollyallmyfault

    Kelly Clarkson

    We should only rate 5 of them since the majority are just hair flips and hands in the air. Sometimes there are boxes too.
  9. Mtjjproducer

    Janet serves L00KS in new shoot for Metamorphosis

    I almost though pic 4 was Michael during the thriller era. She he is so sexy
  10. Bussea

    Forbes: “Normani will be unstoppable”

    Y'all have been saying this for the past two years if she's "coming" and "unstoppable", why did her debut lead (and yes, it was her lead, it flopping doesn't change that xo) that she's been trying to promote since November, not chart, her EP with Calvin Harris FLOPPED and the only time she can chart is when she latches onto a more successful and talented artists? Just give it up
  11. boyandhistiger

    'GAME OF THRONES' Sequel Talks Already Happening

    kiiiiiii @ Nikolaj's ig post
  12. Lemonaade

    Ava Max refuses comparison with Katy Perry

    I’ve only heard of comparisons with Gaga but okay lol....
  13. Javan

    Normani finally gives a decent look

    I needs to be her stage outfits
  14. Drama

    Worst: GOT fans or haters

    Well not necessarily haters but I don’t know how else you would classify people who dislike a show they’ve never watched, but both groups have annoying people. I say the word SOME, because obviously I can’t be possibly be talking about everyone. SOME GOT Fans think they are cool for watching the show. They can’t possibly understand why someone wouldn’t want to watch it as it’s the “greatest show ever”, but also point out every single flaw of the show and aren’t ever actually happy with anything or any outcome. and SOME the people who don’t watch it feel as though they are cool because they simply don’t watch it. They probably think they have some PHD in maturity and that everyone who watches is just watching some stupid fantasy show about a girl with dragons. what are your thots? Or are both parties equally annoying?
  15. Witch Privilege

    Trump loses subpoena battle w/ House + judge denies stay

    I just love seeing those words together.
  16. Mitchell

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    The fact Mariah's legacy continues to cement more and more with each passing year while Madonna's has continuously disintegrated further into ash every single time she has stepped foot into public for the past 10+ years.
  17. VelvetCrush

    K-POP: Where Are the Other SM Comebacks?

    Yes Nayeoncé Yes Charisma
  18. No one cared for that stupid 24/7 title crap. CALL IT WHAT IT IS. HARDCORE TITLE!
  19. harrythevifan

    K-POP: Where Are the Other SM Comebacks?

    Maybe 2019 is the summer of girl group noise. I mean, they certainly weren't doing this before.
  20. G.U.Y_del_Rey

    Shallow: longest ever top10 on Digital Songs chart - 32 wks

    Let's spell together: S. U. F. F. E. R. Spelling is fun! OT: The way people are willing to both stream AND buy her music. Others just get the free streams, I guess people don't think it's worth it to actually spend money on their music.
  21. PinkBox

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟: Round 3 @ page 47

    James Charles sweetie...
  22. youkneekorn

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    She has been embarrassing herself lately. I love her but I can’t take her cringeworthy looks/songs. Sad the Queen of pop has to try so hard to cling to relevancy and still fail miserably.
  23. ThePinkWidow

    Ed Sheeran - "Cross Me"

    Sure sis. I was talking about male artists in general. Like JB (his stans think he's hot) and Shawn
  24. Tom Vercetti

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Rhythm Nation alone > Shania's career worth.
  25. Seriously she’s the face of the show and is loved by everyone that I met! I think the way they treated her character has only made fans more crazy about her. She has a bright future ahead
  26. Lemonaade

    Kelly calls out tabloids for making stories about her weight

    I never heard about this rumor about her lol.. Sounds more like a sponsorship tweet lol.
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