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  2. Pendulum

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟Round 4: Ho* Fashion (page 65)

  3. humbz

    Is "breathin" Into You's ugly older sister?

    Not exactly, but it does remind me of the generic portion of DW. I never get the hype around it, cause Sweetener has tracks way more fresh than this.
  4. Genio

    European elections 2019

    CDU = 28,2% Grüne = 20,8% (rising over 10% compared to last time voting) SPD = 15,5% AfD = 10,9% (going up by 3% )
  5. BadX

    Miley Cyrus - ‘She Is Coming’

    yes, she said this was going to be an unconventional release, no idea what that entails but an EP is coming next week along with possibly a lead single and a video for a non-single track as well
  6. FlyOnTheWall

    European elections 2019

    Interesting. Still haven't found the results for Bonn, hoping to see similar results, however people here seem quite more conservative than in Cologne of course.
  7. luckythisway

    Billie SLAUGHTERS “Bad Guy” Live

    I need to see her live like right now
  8. ialosjdiaosdoajodasd Grimes
  9. IMadeYouReadThis

    Mahmood - "Soldi"

  10. So no defense for why you’re supporting a candidate in the primary who doesn’t support M4A AND no defense for the healthcare policy of the person you’re supporting in the primary? Please give three reasons why you’re voting for Medicare for America in the primary. Thank you. I hastily await your response. Sis, I can’t remember every icon and username. If you understand the importance of Medicare For All as a Canadian, then trying to carry water for contrarian anti-Sanders posters is not the gig. If you don’t agree with the anti-Sanders crowd trying to gaslight and force the hand of progressives so they aren’t forced to move leftward, they don’t co-sign their nonsense. There’s no irony because progressives want leftist policy and are trying to move the party left. Sanders hates hate him and want to move the party to the right.
  11. iHype.

    College/university Thread

    I just finished 5 Spring classes while working 2 jobs. They can't kill a boss. Although, one is an Accounting course so...
  12. suburbannature

    Mariah slays Endless Love in London sold out show

    I didn't know this existed
  13. doonerr

    Lady Gaga

    Friendly reminder than CAKE isn't having what you want, it's DOING what you want
  14. Cain

    Billie SLAUGHTERS “Bad Guy” Live

    It’s crazy how much this album has really transformed her online following into actual sales and shows. People say that albums are becoming irrelevant but I think it’s a necessary part of being a big musician, you have to have that build up and release that is an album cycle for people to really connect with you. OT: I’m really happy for her, I like her and her music so happy to see her having all this success.
  15. greeneyedsoul

    European elections 2019

    Bandić flopped too. No one cares about your fountains girrrrll. I love her but I don't think she's even considering to be a politician.
  16. GagasProlapse

    European elections 2019

    I am perched for the UK results tonight. No matter how you voted, the Brexit Party is going to force the next Conservative leader towards a no deal platform. I think Brexit must happen otherwise the turmoil it'll birth in the right of politics will be very unwelcome.
  17. Karma88

    Is "breathin" Into You's ugly older sister?

    Into You is the best song from DW. Breathin is the best song from Sweetener. The are sisters.
  18. Austin

    Billie SLAUGHTERS “Bad Guy” Live

    is her mic even on? lol
  19. vocalqueef

    Ed Sheeran close to break U2's All-Time Touring Record

    it was a nice concert, I like his voice but I wouldn't say it was a "great show".
  20. ~Start The Music

    Miley's new boobs debut on twitter

  21. wxvii

    Is "breathin" Into You's ugly older sister?

    Define ugly. It’s Into You’s hotter older brother!
  22. Katamari

    E3 2019 | 11 - 13 June | Netflix to present games

    why is sony skipping?
  23. Scream at people who whine about Bernie bashing when it was the Bernie bros who relentlessly bashed pete after pete got a little traction. The lack of introspection is alarming!
  24. Maddox


    It's hard to believe that either Adele or Beyonce would even consider a song like that when you look back at the projects they released at the time but who knows lol
  25. QueenB4

    When a Number #2 is a Tragedy.

    Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” being blocked by Van Halen’s “Jump” Judging by GJWHF’s YouTube/Spotify streams though, Cyndi got the last laugh
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