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  2. NicoleAMatty

    Shallow vs. Diamonds

    Shallow for all.
  3. EnoughSaid

    How Many Mariah #1s Do You Know?

    You’re really a tragedy is this is a serious post. It’s a joke dumb bitch
  4. Madonna

    Shallow vs. Diamonds

    Shallow is bigger and better >>>
  5. shelven


    I stan Mani and love her, but she’s being incredibly immature right now. She and Brandon know what they’re doing refusing to share ANY information about upcoming music and playing around with fans with cryptic emoji tweets. They’ve been teasing people and leaving fans completely in the dark for way too long, and to suddenly act offended and hurt after fans are finally getting frustrated is silly. This was easily avoidable - all she needs to do is post a 5 second studio snippet once every month instead of insisting on muting every Instagram video she posts of her in the studio, or give short updates reassuring people the album is still being worked on and a single is on its way. Fans wouldn’t even be upset if she was doing the bare minimum to keep them engaged, but she’s been doing less than the bare minimum.
  6. Stankonia

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    The way Janet still has Madonna stans FUMING in 2019 Your Janet troll threads are always so unimaginative @Donquizote. You should stick to the Grindr ones. OT: Of course, Janet is a global legend after all. Only people who are extremely uncultured don't know one of the most impactful artists of our time!
  7. daleywhaley91

    Corniest signature on ATRL?

    Anyone commenting that don't have one, thinking they're cool.
  8. badgirlriri

    Ed nears 70M Spotify Monthly Listeners

  9. Evil-Dead

    MuchMusic Latin America (2019)

    New Video:  » Indios De Ahora -"Mary"
  10. grAntVRIL

    how old are you?

    twenteen six
  11. izzy™

    How Many Mariah #1s Do You Know?

    All of them
  12. JesusORGod

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    You wish hunnie. I was so confused as to why her stans keep bringing her name up. Anyways time and Vogue cover legend was and will always will be the only legend I and the GP speak of irl.
  13. Metamorphosis

    Normani threatens fans

  14. halcyonday

    BANKS - 'III'

    Yes sis it is
  15. MusicLoverDude

    🎂 Make It Like Your Birthday | January | ROUND 9

    Rock Your Body I Need Your Love
  16. Cersei Lannister

    Avengers: Endgame passes Avatar, highest grossing movie ever

    Asian excellence WON
  17. ArianadelRey

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    MariN/A has 4 good songs (more than Cumila regardless). Why? 
  18. Jude

    How Many Mariah #1s Do You Know?

    What a disgusting post.
  19. Harranger

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    @Zack I just noticed Blanc&Eclare now has an Insta for Korea What happened?
  20. heartbeats

    Katy Perry

    i want you to unstan
  21. Keith

    Halo vs. Always Remember Us This Way

  22. IamCY

    What do you call New York

    Poor (white) man’s Hong Kong
  23. Jude

    How Many Mariah #1s Do You Know?

  24. HonourableVomit

    Lady Gaga

  25. FameFatale

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Iggy using that national anthem clip
  26. Psycho

    The Color Game 8 | ROUND 12 UP NOW 👽

    1. Noah - Lady Gaga (=) 2. Nurr - Kiko Mizuhara (=) 2. kipperskipper - Adut Akech (+1) 4. Psycho - Aquaria (-1) Top 3 points wise x
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