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  2. ralani

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    she’s been talking about wanting to meet BP for the past 2 weeks talent attracts talent
  3. Rusty

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Let's not act like it didn't kick up a mega notch when Godga wasn't dumb enough to demand a bucket load of cash for a $36M-budget movie and wound up being the only girl from this generation to successfully transition to film, getting acting noms across the board and winning more awards Bey has yet to come close to touching. On the back of that project, Gaga is riding an album that's going to outdo all Bey albums since the Bush era, just like TF/TFM and BTW did. I'd be mad too!
  4. St. Francis

    Do managers tell artists...

    It's a mix of both. It's been said that the industry is fake, you don't really have any true friends in there. They're more so associates and opportunists because the one main goal for everyone is money & extended fame.
  5. Nurr

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    Yes we did
  6. Hongbin

    Why has Gaga never been claimed as beautiful or attractive?

    The hive are sexist pigs, good to know.
  7. Ozzy8923

    Britney Spears

  8. ordinarynam

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    I feel bad for Jisoo tbh
  9. Lucyyyyyyyyy

    Britney Spears

    Ok I will not feel guilty for streaming Blackout
  10. madonnas

    The Flops of 2018 - Alessia v Bebe v Rita v Tinashe

    Oh they’re really come for a 3.22 album average
  11. Looks amazing. I might not agree with a bunch of stuff AOC has to say but she's a great woman and 100% deserves the recognition she's getting
  12. K$Ellie

    Charli XCX teases official Taxi release

    sweetie we no longer care x
  13. Chemist

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    #1 on TTH is reserved for organic hits
  14. josesuxx

    Taylor coming April 26!

    The fact that y'all are worrying about the song not being #1 when most artist don't even debut in the top 10
  15. These pics are obviously staged. I’m wishing the best for her
  16. BtDecember

    thank u, next vs. 1989

    1989, baby gurl omg
  17. Loyalty

    Ariana meets Blackpink

  18. Miichael

    Britney Spears

    So TMZ Live said that Britney has NEVER been formally diagnosed as bipolar but then she mimics the symptoms so it's very important she takes the meds that are prescribed to her. So.... if she has never been diagnosed as bipolar how come she is prescribed medication for it?
  19. Hongbin

    Most Insecure Fanbase?

    The hive.
  20. Anticipating

    Britney Spears

    '“she’s young new and cute i just keep forgetting her name” Well, some things never change, at least!
  21. IndieKid

    Why can't Beyonce sell like Taylor?

    Are they even peers? I know Beyonce has a lot of longevity, but that's like asking why doesn't Jay-Z sell as much as Drake. Beyonce and Taylor are two different generations. A better question would be why doesn't Katy sell as much as Taylor, or why doesn't Taylor sell as much as Adele.
  22. Fireman25

    Do you think 9/11 was an inside job?

    That's what I think too. I just don't think to was a terrorist attack.
  23. jxbuggie

    Selena Gomez

    So cute! I have a strong feeling she's with Chloe Bartoli now for more casual/ street style related and let Chris go. Her hair looks like a greasy mess now she needs to add extension again or do something different.
  24. Chemist

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Jisoo stop doing blackface challenge
  25. Tig

    Britney Spears

    LMAO WHO IS THIS FAKE ASS SKYPE CALLER!!!!! this is huge for britney and shows her fans that she's doing well or whatever...**** off
  26. 2NE1Kmagic

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    nnn Jisoo missed out
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