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  2. Desire

    Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

    So hyped
  3. Psycho

    Life Gamble ⚀⚄ No AIRwrecka. No Lights

    +1 Steellayer -1 AquaSis
  4. @Yvess so are the themes Day/Night or Light/Dark?? It's a little confusing and while both certainly overlap tbh a picture can be light/dark themed but not day/night and vice versa
  5. heartbeats

    Orange Trees flopped. Why?

    this thread flopped just like orange trees how fitting marina haters always lose
  6. Gastrodonatella

    Song of the Season 01 | Round 5 pg. 139, R4 ranks 138

    if your song isn't as good as this then don't even bother submitting
  7. The historic slayage
  8. Desire

    Marvel's Hall H Presentation Today | Phase 4

    Damn I'm just catching up on all that was announced My poor wig. Us Marvel stans are being FED
  9. Jose Arredondo, Father Of K-Pop Star Samuel, Is Found Dead In His Cabo San Lucas Home The father of a popular K-pop singer is believed to have been beaten to death in a home he owned in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Baja California Sur state prosecutors told the Associated Press that they received a call on Tuesday that a dead body was found in a condominium that appeared to have “showed signs of blunt force trauma.” The body was identified as Jose Arredondo, the father of 17-year-old singer Samuel Kim Arredondo. Arredondo, 58, was a car dealer in Bakersfield, California, but was born in Mexico. According to KGET News, he migrated to the U.S. in the 1970s. https://etcanada.com/news/475717/jose-arredondo-father-of-k-pop-star-samuel-is-found-dead-in-his-cabo-san-lucas-home/
  10. D_Man3379

    Marvel's Hall H Presentation Today | Phase 4

    I want my gay Iceman.
  11. longjohn9898

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    I think I actually knew about Janet MORE prior to ATRL, which seems to constantly shade/ignore her and be out of touch with how truly impactful she has been the last few decades. Her commercial and cultural impact stands among few, but pop music fans that were born in the mid to late 90's might not know how huge she was before that and may only know her downfall (aka Justin causing the wardrobe malfunction) and her subsequent lack of huge commercial success.
  12. Mimie

    Natalie Portman Is Female Thor

    "There was male Thor and Loki.."
  13. feelslikeadream

    HDD: Beyoncé #1 50-70k

    Where is Peppa Pig?
  14. Keith

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    I've known her my whole life.
  15. based

    How Many Mariah #1s Do You Know?

    All of them! Except, like most of the rainbow album, we always skip and disregard Thank God I Found You. Besides that, the rest are legendary masterpieces how dare you! i can get 1 & 2 but heatbreaker is such a bop
  16. Lee!!

    The Orville moving to Hulu for Season 3

    S1 ran 9/10/17-12/7/17 S2 ran 12/30/18-4/25/19 S3 late 2020? Its honestly not that big of a gap, plus I'd rather a series not rush to make an air date and rather craft the best story it can
  17. Speezy

    Life Gamble ⚀⚄ No AIRwrecka. No Lights

    @Henry  @PinkBox @Overprotected @thecptz @Sabbath @kiiwii @Girlicious @fiercE @Bey_Rihstan @Psycho @Hikari @Mr. Duff GRAVEYARD: Airwrecka- @Yvess , Littlelight @Dibbles (Forfeit) ⚄ Life Gamble ⚂ Graveyard : Clitorice [Erikills], Aura[Kiiwii], Scrapper[Sabbath], Fire[worldwide angel], Grassling [Mr. Duff], Virus[Tempo], Vaccine[Pinkbox], Mr. Twink [Overprotected], Steellayer [Psycho], TOX1C [Hikari], gHoest [KatyCatPh], Earth [Henry], Thundercanyon[Gabe2], Airwrecka [Yvess], Littlelight[Dibbles] Rule: Take 1 point give 1 point. Until further notice Rule: Vote every 20 minutes Until Further notice AquaSis -38 Data -57 Littlelight -38 Daddy-doom -55 Vaccine -46 Steellayer -47 Earth - 34
  18. Kylie Minogue

    Wrestling | Road to Summerslam

    did anyone notice alicia being in the RAW Reunion promotion stuff, but being on the main roster
  19. Price of Fame

    Halo vs. Always Remember Us This Way

    ARUTW is the best thing Gaga has ever done personally.
  20. Donquizote

    HDD: Beyoncé #1 50-70k

    Madonna outsold
  21. Princedele25

    Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

  22. KatysPrism

    Katy Perry - "Never Really Over"

    My impact... I posted it on Twitter and made everyone vote plus I made several accounts and voted from them.
  23. Adonis

    US Tech Profit DOMINATES: WHY ???

    Thats not true when taken to the extreme.
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