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  2. Aden

    Most Insecure Fanbase?

    The Hive, given they literally stab people https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ronald-deaver-stabs-ohio_n_1186486
  3. EriKills

    POSE ™ 002 | Round Eleven Results LIVE

    I'll miss Noah updating the links post!
  4. Manchs

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Chen: Melon peak: #1 ULs peak: 984k Roof hits: 3 Music shows: 2 Melon real time: #13 How's Blackplague doing?
  5. Badger

    gaga has a lot of racist fans. why?

    Can we please get receipts for all the claims in this thread
  6. Hongbin

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    #41 #41 #41
  7. AvrilLaQueen

    Atlantis location discovered?

    the one in Spain is fake news and debunked, but of course Europeans wanna claim history that isn't theirs.
  8. gatito

    Better singer: Gaga or Adele?

    Gaga is only a better vocalist than Katy, Britney or Selena. Adele is on a whole different level
  9. lovatos

    Who is the most impactful person from your country?

    The second most performed playwright in the world (after Shakespeare), Henrik Ibsen, maybe? Or the first person to reach the South Pole, Roald Amundsen? From Norway btw.
  10. If Thor kills Thanos, I'm unstanning.
  11. MeAndMyHand

    P!nk - “Hurts 2B Human (Feat. Khalid)”

    Make a video quickly and promote it on shows. The potential is just too big to not release as a single!
  12. Solar

    Why do twinks loathe Beyonce ?

    Stupid thread.
  13. Solar

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Some Beyoncé fans are doing a disgrace to equality by throwing race cards in almost every thread on here. Someone STOP this buffoonery right now please.
  14. C0SMIC

    Shady Lemonade V EIL streams?

    Either way the decline is baffling, but given your chess playing skills, maybe you can determine what caused this Massive decline that’s continued into homecoming?
  15. Halien4Life

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    Serving photoshop filter library
  16. Triton

    Had Beyoncé cheated, would Jay-Z have stayed?

    If Beyoncé cheated it would be an upgrade. All the women would follow her suit and get better D and attention they deserve.
  17. Tira

    Why has Gaga never been claimed as beautiful or attractive?

  18. TaylenaStan

    Taylor coming April 26!

    80 hours
  19. AvrilLaQueen

    Atlantis location discovered?

    except he himself said it wasn't fictional and he is not the only historian who talked about the city, his writing is more known because it is more descriptive on how the city looked like before being DrownedWorld.mp3
  20. udkmee

    Britney Spears

    How in the hell is she taking medication for something she has never been diagnosed? Like this whole thing gets worse by the minute.
  21. alfonso12

    Closer to her fans - Gaga or Bey?

    Gaga and it's not even debatable. The desperation embarrasing.
  22. EriKills

    POSE ™ 002 | Round Eleven Results LIVE

    mte not him being 100% serious
  23. OnlyManInTheWorld

    Most Insecure Fanbase?

  24. Temporal

    Goddess Blaire White Drags Hillary Clinton

    Blaire really thought she was doing something huh
  25. thatsmydemi

    JB’s Cool Tanking ; Why?

    Republic tried to pull a Thank U Next/7 Rings but it didn't work the song could still pull a Chains though. Radio is here for them and promo is coming. Not everyone can smash immediately.
  26. The Second Coming

    Madonna redebuts 80's face

    MDNA skin ha power
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