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  2. Never heard of PATD but well, a collab on the lead single is not what I wanted
  3. getback

    Normani issues statement

    this is giving me the Worth It fiasco tea. people were unstanning. well at least they have the courtesy to cancel early this time
  4. Tsareena

    Sorority bans transgender women.

    Zetas are the biggest flops
  5. reminds me of when we found out bon appetit featured the migos and didnt wanna believe it
  6. dabunique

    Madonna - "Medellín" (feat. Maluma)

    can i get an update on the streaming numbers please
  7. !Blue!

    K-Pop: Fancy Dog In Luv

    Res Velvet best 3rd gen GG music wise Red Velvet better than NCT
  8. That Bad Eartha

    P!nk - ‘Hurts 2B Human’

    I'm equal parts happy that the album turned out as solid as it did and furious at her for releasing the singles she did. Not that I'm surprised, other than a few rare moments of clarity (I Am Here), in recent years she always does a terrible job of picking album tracks for her tour setlists. We Could Have it All and 90 Days are career highlights.
  9. Mat.91

    P!nk - ‘Hurts 2B Human’

    Amazon UK Digital Singles: #3 Hurts 2B Human #4 Walk Me Home #12 Walk Me Home #13 Hustle #14 Can We Pretend Album: #1 Hurts 2B Human
  10. Ryuuchan_X

    Dangerous Big Cats being cute on Youtube

    I love cats
  11. Afterglow

    Britney Spears

    How could you want them to IHUMANELY drug her up until that "find the right mix"? Are you okay with them literally hurting her brain for months like they have? There is no human-made medication that can help her in this situation, only harm and i have dealt with this extensively in my own life.
  12. Jimmy.

    Remy Ma Debuts Police Tag

    Then it’s on Remy if y’all deem her uninteresting enough to claim its boring.
  13. KeshaSwift

    Are Swifties the smartest fans?

  14. Scion


    Someone on ATRL said it sounded like Mariah's "Triumphant" and I can't unhear it
  15. Ghiles

    Britney Spears

    Ex-human indeed
  16. PhoebeBuffay

    Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry f/ Snow - Con Calma (Remix)

    Con Calma iTunes: #1 Mexico (=) #19 United States (+1) #23 Switzerland (-3) #28 Brazil (-18) #33 Russia (+6) #38 Canada (+4) #63 Spain (-23) #95 Italy (-37) #129 Belgium (NE) #176 Germany (+2) #185 France (-97) #826 United Kingdom (-537) Apple Music: #396 United States (+12) *New peak* The UK downfall is so weird.
  17. Meowster

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Scarlord serving Godga at the Grammys. She looks gorgeous though.
  18. Yellowfever

    Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry f/ Snow - Con Calma (Remix)

    Can't believe this is flopping
  19. Black Jesus

    Nicki Minaj

    Do you mean if he's the opener? She wouldn't be able to sell enough tickets to sell out arenas right now, unfortunately, so she has to co-headline. I was really hoping for a tour with Wayne but ultimately that didn't happen. I wish she would have just done a co-headlining tour with Juice Wrld or something instead.
  20. Witnessed ET

    Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry f/ Snow - Con Calma (Remix)

    Yeah I really hope this is not another 365 situation where the radio is strong at first but then it drops it because of low Spotify position.
  21. RobDeWittBukater

    K-Pop: Fancy Dog In Luv

    Confession: I use the "male" versions of Russian Roulette & Hi High ONLY. My ears just aren't brave enough for the high-pitchedness of the originals
  22. dperkins

    P!nk - ‘Hurts 2B Human’

    Agreed. Circle Game could also go on TTAL. It kind of reminds me of Run and TGE.
  23. The Alternative and Punk screams fake to me tho
  24. M A R C

    K-Pop: Fancy Dog In Luv

    Lovelyz and LOONA too. We love gg's that actually put effort into giving us amazing albums. f(mothers) and Wonder Gods taught them well.
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