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  2. Supervillain

    Closer to her fans - Gaga or Bey?

    How is this a question? Beyoncé doesn’t even use social media
  3. materialboy

    Lady Gaga

    A true family tbh
  4. Coval

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    The way BTS keep winning And you just can't STAND it
  5. Soobin

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Taylor is very calculated. She isn't the type to collab with just any random irrelevant act.
  6. Stevie

    bad guy back to Top 10, why?

    Because it's a BOP!
  7. TMRA

    Britney Spears

    How can they give her medication if she is not diagnosed thats like....illegal
  8. levi_valvi

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Ari x BP
  9. TheLucky99

    Do you think 9/11 was an inside job?

  10. lonnie

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Bette Davis is such a legend UGH
  11. Blue Momo!

    Ariana with BLACKPINK

    what happened to Jisoo ?
  12. Yes, but even those those, if Pete wasn’t here Beto would still be the relatable youthful candidate that constrasts the the majority of others running. Pete kinda stole Beto’s demographic and left Beto out to dry
  13. Istan4R

    Normani scores her third top 10

    Hopefully she'll get there as a lead or solo one day
  14. Mark Rih

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    @levi_valvi won
  15. Bey'Knight

    Beyoncé teases Formation World Tour

    Thank God this isn’t real. It’s not gonna have half the impact that Homecomimg film had. Even the media will experience fatigue having to write so many high profile articles about her within short window. FWT was great but the window of related content release has passed except of course the alleged Spotify release. I’d prefer that came with no additional new tracks. That hype should be saved for what comes after The Lion King.
  16. Marla Singer

    Game of Thrones | S08E02 | "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

    The fight for power between the houses has always been the more interesting part of the show. The white walkers/Night King are just a plot device, something that's supposed to make everyone unite and put their differences aside for the greater good.
  17. MonsterNavy

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    i'm shaking this is everything I was asking for. Now collab
  18. WeFoundWill


    The hype is so real right now. The 1-year breaks were cute to build hype but we now need them to release more consistently. Rose solo - mid-June after their Australia leg. Group Comeback - late October
  19. M-P-B

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    the way you RAN, the biggest Blink on this site ot: hopefully Ariana watched BP's set and learned a thing or two, all queens though
  20. Koreku

    Jonas Bros pandering tops w/ new album

    The butt all the way on the right is best IMO
  21. ordinarynam

    Lady Gaga

    oh believe me half of this base is annoyed by each other
  22. LoveLiveMusic

    Jonas Bros pandering tops w/ new album

    'I'm a sucker for you'. points were made.
  23. This, I'm waiting for. I'm gonna stan so much.
  24. Ozzy8923

    Britney Spears

    I honestly want to believe it's voluntary and that this is what she needs right now. But ma'am
  25. Lady Claire

    Closer to her fans - Gaga or Bey?

    Obviously Gaga since she acts like a normal human being with her fans and everyone else, not like an untouchable robot.
  26. Stankonia

    So why are the Janet and Madonna stans still fighting?

    It's not just Madonna stans v. Janet stans. It's Madonna stans v. Janet, Mariah, Michael, even Whitney stans. And I'm just mentioning the legends. For some reason they have always been extremely insecure as a fanbase and constantly feel the need to viciously attack their fave's peers and then play the victims as soon as we retaliate. Just take a look at her biggest fan forum MadonnaNation and you'll see that they're definitely a special bunch. They have entire threads dedicated to Janet, Gaga, Mariah etc. in which they spew the most VILE things you could think of to drag them MJ, Prince, Janet, Mariah, Whitney stans generally get along very well and respect each other's faves. It's a shame that a lot of Madonna stans are so pressed
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