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  2. K$Ellie

    iTunes UK Top 20 | April 22, 2019 | ROUND 1: NEW SET

    Nasmiraj i guess x
  3. Nemo


    The threads are getting out of hand. These losers.
  4. “Electability” aside (which as a gay man, Buttigieg is NOT sorry!), Warren is the absolute best policy candidate the Democrats have had since FDR. It’s time that the Warrenators rise up. This is the beginning.
  5. ItsJustMe.

    Britney Spears

    I keep reading that kevin has full custody but weren't we celebrating a couple of years ago that she regained primary custody? what's up with that
  6. FloridaKilos

    Who is listening to 'Old Town Road'?

    It's a bop. One of the strongest #1s in a long time.
  7. Sorecer


  8. Hivy


    Your sig. This is why I refuse to take my heel of their necks. They like to tell us the worst things but when retaliate we're the most insecure, defensive, ghetto, dumb, HIV+ and other names.
  9. Revenge

    Lead single of Bionic..

    And then it would be 1 and a half minutes long unless they repeated the chorus again
  10. C0SMIC

    Most Insecure Fanbase?

    how are these synonymous with racism? These attributes can be attributed to any popstar irrespective of race .. A white person can fit the bill of those above like its really not that hard to decipher deadpan
  11. Ribs

    Beyoncé's next gimmick?

    Even a divorce won't get her a hit album or song. She has hit her Madonna in 2010s phase, except that she is not legend. Maybe she can try to hop onto another Ed Sheeran song ?
  12. Breathe On Moi

    Britney Spears

    And you, how do you exactly know how her conservatorship works? You have the paper work? Why is it that TMZ just divulged information about her not being under that type of c-ship, but you are ready to say “that’s not true!!!! She is!!!!!” without anything to back it up? I’m confused. ”they all start great”.....when did Sam sign “those papers”? Is this before or after you all were saying he’s the best thing that’s happened to her just a month ago?
  13. DK's Lover

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    btw did we celebrate jeno day yet?
  14. Jessie Mulay

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    W1 did the same. TV industry plant groups did that.
  15. PhoebeBuffay

    Katy Perry

    365 is getting pretty good stream numbers lately. We love a successful buzz single.
  16. Halien4Life

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    DNA peaked in the 60’s and they literally performed that song everywhere in the USA And a generic EDM sing too
  17. Navyboy20

    P4K DRAGS Lil Dicky

    The song is an atrocity and deserves the eloquent, well researched dragging.
  18. slobro

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_Ones_(Michael_Jackson_album) MJ's greatest hits compilation sold so little prior to his death
  19. Chiidish


    Ufotable is really doing THAT with this demon hunter show Also where is the next season of MHA??? I need the next arc animated ASAP. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We are like 2 1/2 major arcs ahead with the manga so what's the hold up?????
  20. Aston Martin

    Supreme Court to decide on LGBT employment rights

    kind of scared ngl
  21. Soobin

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    DIA smash and inspired TWICE
  22. Evolution

    Is Kylie Minogue relevant in your country?

  23. Tira

    Most Secure Fanbase?

    Kelly Clarkson stans
  24. trainsskyscrapers

    Why can't Beyonce sell like Taylor?

    1. So she's a separate artist... but the money still goes into her account? And the accolades into her home? Please make that make sense. At the end of the day she can take credit for Destiny's Child, Beyonce, and The Carters as she has maneuvered into all 3 acts over 22 years without a non-certified flop project or full-slate Grammys snub. She just needs to certify her catalog and you'll see. 2. Her current music is timely and relevant. "Halos" don't really resonate the same when people of color are losing their lives due to trigger-happy police and Trump is in office. Churches are being burned, and the amount of racists who spew their hateful rhetoric in public forums is at an all-time high. There is plenty of time for stately pop ballads in the twilight of her career. 3. Touring has EVERYTHING to do with your current music. A good touring artist can find ways to mould and shift old songs to fit a new tour narrative as well as seamlessly transition into new songs. TBH, B is low-key a master at this as we've seen with Coachella/Glastonbury, OTR II, and all of her solo tours. You think Hold Up -----> Countdown wasn't planned? Same with Get Me Bodied -----> Single Ladies?
  25. dirrtydiana

    Britney Spears

    ya but wasnt it cos of the massive armies of Paps who caused her to be late?
  26. Psycho

    Years in Music • 2009: ROUND 19 • 4° Speezy

    Funny that Ga Ga and BeYonce are the top 2 considering the threads going on today
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