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  2. rebeltwat

    Lust for Life turns 2

    hip hop in the summer whew a classic
  3. Juanny

    how old are you?

    26. I'm actually what you call a babysitter aren't I.
  4. MP2K

    This Was 2018 | Top thirty revealed

    I am gagging.
  5. Stankonia

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    This is what those white twinks from Europe will never get. This is why her last album went to #1 on the BB200 (spent more than two weeks there!) and outsold a lot of their fave's last albums.
  6. CovalentBondage

    Nicki Minaj

    That doesn't help me with my playlist on spotify, Griselda.
  7. JesusORGod

    Cardi reschedules cancelled shows!

    Queen of rap that protects the children from evil and reschedules her shows bc the GP is here for her
  8. luckystrike

    I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance - Appreciation Thread

    an ageless anthem, definitely top 3
  9. Supervillain

    Alice Chater - "Tonight"

  10. Alongoria13

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    Not her music but I remember the Damita Jo album cover and I tried to imitate it in the bathroom
  11. rebeltwat

    how old are you?

  12. Psycho

    Life Gamble ⚀⚄ No AIRwrecka. No Lights

    +1 Steellayer -1 AquaSis
  13. rebeltwat

    I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance - Appreciation Thread

    might just be top 3 of the album with RAWM + GL
  14. SavagePapi

    how old are you?

  15. Black Canary

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟 : R13: Are u a DAY or NIGHT person?

    Millennium award is an award that Celine doesn’t have she was getting overlooked by J.LO Meanwhile Britney, Beyoncé and Whitney are a select trio with the Millennium award keep hating old hoe I appreciate you picking an artist who’s ALMOST as old as you
  16. Armani👑

    HDD: Beyoncé #1 50-70k

    @JawBreaker Have you seen the charts? There is currently 2 R&B songs in the top 40 of the Hot 100 compared to 14 or 15 POP songs Literally what?
  17. JesusORGod

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

    Only if Janet upcoming album is lucky enf to see such success and relevance
  18. kipperskipper

    How Many Mariah #1s Do You Know?

    after listening to this i only know 9
  19. Bacardo

    how old are you?

  20. I could see Pete poking fun at Trump, but the issue is that his quips are often pretty smart. They may fly over a lot of Americans’ heads
  21. Stankonia

    Do you know Janet before ATRL?

  22. TheArgonaut

    Stephen King's best book?

    I'd go with 1922.
  23. BoyLikeYouSuxx

    Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

    Wanda getting a tv show that leads into a team up movie with strange talent truly won
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