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  2. Navyofbadgals

    POSE ™ 002 | Round Eleven Results LIVE

  3. ArtForFreedom

    Madonna - ‘Madame X’

  4. lovatos

    Who is listening to 'Old Town Road'?

    I like it tbh, and I played it in the car today and my dad loved it
  5. NEZ

    Who is listening to 'Old Town Road'?

    what's a meme song?
  6. Sorecer


    Where is Jisoo I miss her
  7. The Witch

    Lady Gaga

    b B B but GaGa iS UgLy!!!!
  8. carameldelight

    Why can't Beyonce sell like Taylor?

    Taylor is a safe artist that mom and grandmas can like with her kids. It’s no secret that white artists especially cookie cutter artists sell more than black artists. Beyonce is still the bigger and better artist.
  9. jodyygang

    Why do twinks loathe Beyonce ?

    I forgot this is the same site that said racism didn't exist because Barack was presidence, silly me
  10. EthaneFenty

    How can Nicki get a #1?

    by hiring a smarter management team. Drake collab w/ A VIDEO also as someone else said (i really hope they makeup or have made up behind the scenes)
  11. AvrilLaQueen

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    thank god GODvril and Pr!ncess never needed surgery, they are natural beauties who aren't insecure about shallow materialistic society views on "beauty"
  12. Halien4Life

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    Jisoo is #TeamSelenators clearly
  13. Jessie Mulay

    K-Pop: TWICE Dance Bop OTY

    Well now isn’t he going to jail for beating his girlfriend?
  14. Egroj

    Madonna redebuts 80's face

    MDNA is how twinks keep looking 20 at 40, wbk
  15. Starfire

    Why do twinks loathe Beyonce ?

    goodbye then.
  16. Lucyyyyyyyyy

    Britney Spears

    Yeah someone posted about court yesterday, then some other users said it was around the same day Andrew Wallet quit. I hope it’s not related to him and she really is trying to fight this
  17. RobDeWittBukater

    Taylor coming April 26!

    Yeah, that is so true! SIO was kind of just her announcing to the world "I AM A FULL-FLEDGED POP STAR NOW!!!" and with LWYMMD it felt like the primary point of its existence was the epic music video we got out of it (best way to respond to the whole Kimye Gate backlash). Her second singles are always where it's at (at least for me), she brings it with them promo-wise as well (her AMAs performances from RED & 1989 eras... such moments!) so I'll look forward to that as the highlight of the era.
  18. ChrisTheLoner

    Ariana meets Blackpink

    Serve us another Kiss and Make Up ladies
  19. Sabbath

    POSE ™ 002 | Round Eleven Results LIVE

    it won't  it prolly will for you poor @Noah
  20. Loyalty

    POSE ™ 002 | Round Eleven Results LIVE

  21. FloridaKilos

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: S2 out now

    I like Roz + Harvey, keeps things spicy. Plus, no one likes to see the main character have their cake and eat it too. Morals and ethics, people. E5 was one of my favorites, but Theo's The physical "transition", yet still the face of a 13-year-old Then the next scene when the "transitions" failed to hold up, and then he started turning into wood I appreciate the thought that went into this, but really, they couldn't think of anything else? Other than that, I really enjoyed this season. I was so mad when Sabrina was trying to figure out the spell to get rid of her powers She was such a Satanic Queen in The Missionaries. I really liked the idea that Ms. Wardwell was guiding Sabrina down this path to commit this series of perversions against the Church of Night to have the Dark Lord fulfill his prophecy, unbeknownst to her. The ending pretty much solidified her significance in the series. I hope they write her as an ally, but I'm assuming they'll have her against Sab in S3, fighting for the Dark Lord/Nick's body. Really hyped for S3. Is it coming this summer or in October?
  22. BreatheGaga

    Who is the most impactful person from your country?

    The group a-ha, Kygo, Alan Walker, Astrid S, Edvard Munch, Henrik Ibsen, Magnus Carlsen
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