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  2. Sabbath

    The Color Game 8 | ROUND 11 UP NOW 💚

    nope, no immunities
  3. americanshameless

    Piece of me?

    How did you find this 146 views video?
  4. If something were to, God forbid, happen to Omar or any of the other women, I would begin looking for ways to leave the US. Radical conservatism is becoming a mindless plague that needs to be crushed.
  5. Stepfon

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    That's the problem I have with Nicki though, you cannot claim to be the QUEEN and the greatest female rapper of all time, if your discography is full of mixed reviews, Nicki has the talent, but, why hasn't she been able to release a classic album 10+ years into her career? Yes, Cardi probably doesn't write every line she spits BUT her and her team really crafted IOP to perfection, maybe that is what Nicki needs because her "yes men" and current team clearly don't care about her. Side note: TayLORD should just stick to music, movies aren't her calling.
  6. The7thStranger

    Did Lizzo copy Shin Chan?

    Let me know when she samples Does This Mean We Can Get Back Together. Or Honor and a Peeeeeeenis.
  7. Snoopy

    Is Gaga's bodyguard hot?

    the one on the right here is
  8. lux

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    sejeong forgotten?
  9. Lady Bird

    Cats | Official trailer out now

  10. Badboidami

    Cats Movie scene leaks online

  11. Island Goddess


    Wow thank you so much for information !!! I’ve never interacted with Vietnamese hive before so this is cool , love of fashion and bey !!! plus the added detail about the creation of the dress is awesome. Thankfully the dress fit well and there was no wardrobe malfunctions. Looking on his Instagram he has designed for a quite a few celebs and isn’t necessarily indie as I thought. His designs are really gorgeous ,intricate , unique and I hope bey uses him again.
  12. blackout77

    Saw IX

    would've preferred a reboot Saw 3 was the last good one so hopefully they get it back on track
  13. FloridaKilos

    6 Months of 7 Rings

    Biggest female song of the year next to Bad Guy.
  14. ElleDriver

    6 Months of 7 Rings

    Horrible song. Peak blackface/blaccent too But charts! I guess
  15. Ghiles

    Piece of me?

    I wish I could play this video rn
  16. FloridaKilos

    Cats Movie scene leaks online

    Taylor's about to be an EGOT recipient.
  17. confide in me

    Cats Movie Twitter spills on sex scenes

    the furries are eating!!!
  18. This week on politics have really been exhausting and emotionally draining.
  19. princeaiden

    Lil Nas X: "Let's break the record"

    I hope he breaks the record
  20. highwind44029

    Wrestling | Road to Summerslam

    Don't forget Michelle McCool. She and Melina have tremendous respect for each other and gave us that really legendary match at NoC that got the suits pressed. I'm so happy Melina is coming. I hope they let her do her iconic ring entrance. I can only imagine how excited Zelina must be. I hope they make a huge long segment out of it.
  21. cityfolk

    6 Months of 7 Rings

    Love Me Harder deserved but I love this song so I'm glad it SMASHED His verse on the remix was... certainly a choice
  22. Nemo

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Britney Spears Current daily avg: 1,714,377 Christina Aguilera Current daily avg:845,068 knee's last album came out three years ago, xtinct's last year.
  23. Stepfon

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Mariah really could have gotten an Oscar nomination for Precious if she had one or two more scenes. Whew. A performance.
  24. Ascension


    The last page is so uncute...the colorism, the lame trolling...just yikes. It's 2019, let's do better. Anyway, I am sooooo ready for those 4-ST records we never got to come thru on The Gift. EoT/Grown Woman really deserved more; hopefully their cousins will get their due from Bey.
  25. Sound identical, lock her up honestly
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