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  2. Navyofbadgals

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟: Round 3 Entries Posted! (page 52)

    I- strihm Duncan Laurence - Arcade I guess
  3. thedastardly

    Rihanna previews FENTY line

    It's a shame but her style hasn't been the same since 2016. IMO she's been coasting on the goodwill from 2007 - 2016 because I'm not impressed. Rihanna used to serve looks! This line looks like more of the same. Shapeless and bland.
  4. Pink Matter

    Lana Del Rey - "Doin' Time"

    Absolutely not love x
  5. ROUND 3 ENTRIES Alena - Selena Gomez Same Old Love Invisibility - Madonna Sorry lhdang2000 - Adele Rumor Has It Loyalty - Christina Aguilera Walk Away Psycho - Lady Gaga Telephone Queen Conchita - Conchiita Wurst See Me Now xoxo
  6. ROUND 3 ENTRIES EriKills - Tinashe Wildfire Guero - Ariana Grande Break Free KatyCatPH - Taylor Swift We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together kiiwii - Katy Perry Circle The Drain Overprotected - Björk Tabula Rasa PoKiTaurus - Mariah Carey Shake It Off Solarie - Avril Lavigne I Can Do Better thecptz - Kacey Musgraves Step Off xoxo
  7. ThePinkWidow

    Katy Perry

    Hopefully And OMG, ladies, let's talk about KP5 collaborators I hope for KP5, Katy didn't collab with any random male rappers, and give us a Bebe Rexha collab
  8. Jeffree must be suffering. I click.
  9. Cbreezy

    Gay mosque opens in Canada

    Such an awkward read. On the one hand, he seems to accept being gay and defines as such. But then all at once labels it a sin and something he shouldn't be proud of. I always wonder what that reality must be like - to somehow embrace something and yet somehow hate it at the same time. Feels like that person is a walking war (within self). As for the mosque, not sure how I feel either. The notion of religious spaces being segmented out by sexual orientation feels...I dunno. But at the same time so many traditional religious establishments aren't welcoming to those who identify as both LGBTQ and believers of faith. So it figures why such liberal places would be established. That said, maybe the way forward is to simply brand these new inclusive areas as just that ("all inclusive"). Branding it a "gay mosque" or even a "gay church" just seems to create instant debate, hate, and all else in between from traditionalists who are a) fighting to keep the essence of their religions the same in rapidly changing times and b) already overtly anti-gay but seemingly/ironically able to overlook all the other things their books call sins.
  10. Chemist

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Everyone was laughing at Madead's Eurovision performance in the Netherlands She is a bigger joke than Brintey nowadays
  11. Iirc season 7 snatched quite a few noms and wins. I think S8 will do similarly or better.
  12. Blue Rose


    I think Lemonade lost to one of those Broadway shows that had a special on tv. The fact that no one cares about those anymore
  13. Killer Love

    Ally Brooke - “Lips Don’t Lie”

    Sounds like something from "This Is Me... Then" by JLo
  14. Laganja said on IG she wanted to come back for AS6.
  15. britkneepopboi

    Team Britney planned to thow her under the bus

    They are to ****ing blame for everything! Who else are they “managing” that is doing good? WHO? They are leeches because they know without her they are NOTHING
  16. hector.adriel

    Christina Aguilera came back w/ "Fall In Line" 1 year ago !

    Absolutely love the song. Shame it flopped in ways no one couldve imagine.
  17. ROUND 3: BYE SISTER Give us the feels and the vibes of cutting ties/bidding farewell with toxic people from our lives. It can be an ode to your toxic ex, friends, family, boss, or etc. Elimination: this is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION round and it will be somehow different this time the two losing teams will go on an elimination ceremony wherein the each member will vote off someone from their own team. the WINNING TEAM will be safe as usual the mentor from the winning team will choose 1 member from each team to be safe from elimination. note: each top scorer from each groups will still be IMMUNE and can't be voted off in the elimination ceremony. @kiiwii- @Touch It - @Bawdee - @Psycho - @Loyalty - @Queen [email protected] - @Lukey - @PinkBox [email protected] - @KatyCatPH - @Overprotected - @PoKiTaurus - @Not Like The Movies - @thecptz - @lhdang2000 - @Guero -- @Solarie - @Alena - @fiercE - @Pendulum - @Invisibility - @Element - @Speezy - @Sabbath
  18. Wonder which democratic politician will use "break the wheel" as their campaign slogan in 2020.
  19. DAP

    Avengers Endgame | passes 2 billion gross

    Disney will do a re-release campaign for the Oscars since Endgame will most certainly be a contender this season. That’ll be the strategy that put the gross over Avatar.
  20. Omg, I just got a shiny Ho-Oh from research breakthrough! my first quest reward shiny As for the new gen 4 pokémon, I have the blue Shellos, both forms of Cherrim and one Cherubi, so no progress made from Sunday or so.
  21. Arthoe

    Lady Gaga

    Bloop. Joanne is actually closer to a "pure pop" sound than any of her previous albums ever were, but liddos are in constant denial of reality, thinking that EDM, Dance music and House are pop music. They're not. It's like watching a child scream "I want ravioli!" when they actually mean spaghetti.
  22. pavi

    [ROUND 6] Sigrid - 'Sucker Punch'

    Enjoy this cover of bellyache while you're voting
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