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Bey/Adele 45k, Gaga 40k, Joy Villa 47k

Almighty Gaga

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1 minute ago, Tymps. said:

Um you can be racist and still buy a single album by a black person, sis



This is funny tho considering the girl that performed for him, dropped in sales on the following week. But then again the Grammys are a bigger plataform.

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No 700k for 25?


Flop, Adele cancelled.

































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5 minutes ago, Azor Ahai said:

Wow Joanne at #5 ? I can't believe it.

Mess at Lemonade losing because of streams :ahh:

It's sad cos she would be much higher if she released it on streaming services! Stubborn bitch! :cries::cries:

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4 minutes ago, blackbeatxx said:

What is joy villa?


Bey and Adele :worship:


This smart bitch who dressed like this to the Grammys and got so much support from the Trumpanzees despite her bashing Trump just weeks before and being a liberal! :deadbanana3:

Image result for joy villa

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*Fifty Shades Darker (Republic) 130-135k
Big Sean (G.O.O.D./Def Jam) 73-78k
Migos (Quality Control) 60-65
The Weeknd (XO/Republic) 50-55k
Bruno Mars (WMG) 45-49k
*Joy Villa (Joy Villa) 43-47k
Adele (XL/Columbia) 42-46k
Beyoncé (Columbia) 41-45k
Trolls (RCA) 39-42k
Lady Gaga (Interscope) 37-40k
La La Land (Interscope) 37-40k
Moana (Walt Disney) 27-30k
*Brett Young (Big Machine/BMLG) 25-28k
Drake (YMCMB/Republic) 25-28k
Post Malone (Republic) 25-28k

*Fifty Shades Darker (Republic) 71-76k
*Joy Villa (Joy Villa) 38-41k
Beyoncé (Columbia) 33-36k
Adele (XL/Columbia) 28-31k
Trolls (RCA) 27-30k
Bruno Mars (WMG) 25-28k
La La Land (Interscope) 25-28k
Lady Gaga (Interscope) 22-25k
*Brett Young (Big Machine/BMLG) 20-23k
NOW 61 (NOW) 18-20k
Moana (Walt Disney) 16-18k
2017 Grammy Nominees (WMG) 15-17k
Brantley Gilbert (Valory/BMLG) 14-16k
*Lupe Fiasco (1st and 15th) 14-16k
*Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (Vanguard) 13-15k
Keith Urban (Capitol Nashville) 10-12k
Maren Morris (Columbia Nashville) 9-11k

Bey selling 33-36k :eek: 

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I'm ****ing screaming with laughter. :lmao: 


Snatch those Republican coins, Joy Villa the Scammer!



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8 minutes ago, glass eye said:

Americans are so, so, SO ******ed. Is there a country that's more? :ace:

its embarrassing tbh

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So wait, if I wear a shirt saying I hate Mexicans and Black people the trump stans would buy my album? To the point I would outsell my faves Beyonce and Adele?





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57 minutes ago, ArianadelRey said:

Taylor about to snatch her 6th #1 album:gaycat2:

It doesn't count for the artists on the soundtrack. 

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