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Aura - 'Can’t Steal the Music'


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The new Album "Can't Steal The Music" featuring "Can't Steal The Music", "King Of Pain", "Love Somebody" & "Indian Giver"

Out May 19th

Source: http://kendte.dk/aura-er-tilbage-ingen-kan-smadre-mig/

The first Single is already out!




  1.  You Got Wings 2:49 min
  2.  Love Somebody 2:49 min
  3.  Can't Steal The Music 2:57 min
  4.  Indian Giver 3:22 min
  5.  Gay Boy 3:04 min
  6.  Talk Of Nothing 3:04 min
  7.  King Of Pain 3:38 min
  8.  Elephant In The Room 3:24 min
  9.  Cherry Tree 3:14 min
  10.  Put Up Your Hands 3:51 min
  11.  Unloved 4:15 min







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45 minutes ago, Kevin2803 said:

I love this! But did she always look like a mix between Kader Loth and Loreen? :ahh:

i would say a more beautiful version of kader loth :D


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An amazing solid album, she can't do any wrong :jonny: 


the talking part at the end of Unloved keeps on making me tear up :'( definitely my favourite along with Gay Boy, Put Up Your Hands, Indian Giver and Can't Steal The Misic (JQ Version) 


wish she had swapped out the original CSTM for the JQ version, it's so much superior

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That Bad Eartha

Okay some of the songs are great, but can we talk about how the cover makes it look like she's soiled herself :rip: 

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