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'Ceremonials' turns 6


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The band started working on the album in 2010 and finished it in 2011. The standard edition of the album was entirely produced by Paul Epworth, who also worked prominently on the band's debut album Lungs (2009). This masterpiece has sold 2.5 million copies, peaking at: 
#1 UK
#1 Ireland
#1 New Zealand
#1 Australia
#6 USA



Australia  (3× Platinum)    220,000
Austria (Gold)    10,000
Belgium (Gold)    15,000
Canada (Gold)    40,000
Germany (Gold)    100,000
Ireland  (3× Platinum)    45,000
New Zealand  (Platinum)    15,000
Poland (Platinum)    20,000*
United Kingdom (Platinum)    720,000
United States (Platinum)    1,050,000



AllMusic: 90 

NME: 80

Pitchfork: 60

Rolling Stone: 80

Spin: 80




(618,436 tickets)








Stream the modern Bible:



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In my top 3 fave albums of all time and one of the few albums, I can listen to all the way through without skipping. Legend Flo really did THAT  :jonny: 


It's still such an experience listening to it and I go through the album at least once every week :alexz: 

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