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P!nk 384k/407k; 200k bundle; 2017's biggest female debut


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4 minutes ago, family.guy123 said:

i think Views was bigger

*female I meant lol.


She obliterated all the other girls with a song that peaked at #25 so far and being meh on streaming. :deadbanana::deadbanana: Pink has been dragged so much on ATRL for being "irrelevant", so honestly I think her fans deserve to drag some of the naysayers on this site with these receipts.


I'd say these numbers make her a certified top tier pop queen.


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1 minute ago, Almighty Gaga said:

Good numbers. Probably half sales and half bundles. 

Do they ever reveal raw sales vs ticket bundles? Or is it usually assumed that ticket bundles count for half the sales for artists who use them? 

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2 minutes ago, Prince George said:

:clap3:but I have yet received the email to redeem the album!

Me too! But I'm wondering if it's because I got tickets from AXS for the Staples Center instead of a Ticketmaster venue. :'(

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1 minute ago, Grumpy Gills said:

Told y'all tour bundles are the future :fan:

A ****ty trend that will die out when Billboard realizes how whack it is.

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1 minute ago, zoldyck said:

i guess that how a successful album with tour bundles look like! if album wasn't successful she would have opened in 100Ks like Katy and Shania. Slay

No she wouldn’t have lol.

Shed still do over 300k

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