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'Confident' is underrated...


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I'd say Demi is a lot more underrated tbh, DEMI gets more hate then it should in the fandom while this is a lot of the fandoms fav album! 

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Erreur2 La Nature

There are like two good songs and a half on Confident. Revival has more

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Revival is so much better, even the album cuts are better


Revival (title track)


Body Heat

Me & My Girls

Me & the Rhythm


Outta My Head (Loco)

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No. It's just bland compared to the rest of her discography.


Confident: cool song, production on point, lazy chorus

CFTS: pop perfection

Old Ways: amazing lyrics, dated production (the drop :biblio: )

For You: good lyrics but it's annoying

Stone Cold: amazing and overhated here, it took a while for it to grow on me though

Kingdom Come: unncesessary autotune, awful production, random rap verse

Waitin' for You: perfection, very underrated

Wildfire: her best song ever

Lionheart: beautiful

Yes: makes no sense as a whole and the lyrics are basic (I like the message though)

Father: beautiful and underrated but I could do without the choir at the end

Stars: keep the pre-chorus and the chorus, delete the drop and the verses :biblio:

Mr Hughes: sounds like a demo with potential


Revival is miles better overall, Selena's magnum opus :fan:

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Revival is good but I don't really see the replay value. Now I only use Hand to Myself and Sober.


Confident may be a little bit loud, but the greatness of Lionheart and Wildfire compensates for the whole album. Revival cannot give you that.

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Yes it's better than Revival, but no it is overrated actually :rip:

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Revival is like Selena's best album ever, I like Demi but Confident is not my cup of tea, it feels like a rehash of teenage dream. But cfts, stone cold, confident are underrated on her discography, they deserve better especially cfts it was robbed from the top 10.

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It's heavily underrated. Her best album by far! Strong "Stripped" teas. 


There's not one bad song on it.

My favorite songs are:



Stone Cold

Kingdom Come


Old Ways

Mr Hudges


Waitin' For You


Deep meaningful lyrics, very powerful soul/pop rock voice. Great style. It has everything!


Revival is underrated too.


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