DESTINATION: WEEKEND [08 | 14 | 20] Needing Ur Body Back

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Week 328  08 | 14 | 20


Top 25:

25. The Aces- My Phone Is Trying to Kill Me (-3) [14wks] [#12]
24. Jason Derulo- Take You Dancing (-4) [3wks] [#18]

23. Billie Eilish- my future (-2) [2wks] [#21]
22. LÉON- And It Breaks My Heart (-6) [7wks] [#10]
21. Zara Larsson- Love Me Land (-2) [5wks] [#16]
20. Icona Pop- Feels In My Body (Debut) [1wk] [#20]
19. Taylor Swift- cardigan (-1) [3wks] [#18]
18. Harry Styles- Watermelon Sugar (+5) [13wks] [#18]
17. Aly & AJ- Joan of Arc On the Dance... (-2) [14wks] [#01 (x1)]
16. James Bay- Chew On My Heart (-2) [5wks] [#05]

15. The Knocks & MUNA- Bodies (+2) [2wks] [#15]
14. JoJo- What U Need (Debut) [1wk] [#14]
13. REZZ x Grabbitz- Someone Else (-1) [9wks] [#05]
12. HAIM- I Know Alone (+1) [7wks] [#12]
11. Ellie Goulding- Power (-1) [12wks] [#06]


10. Chloe x Halle- Do It (-1) [12wks] [#01 (x1)]
09. The Killers- My Own Soul's Warning (+2) [8wks] [#09]
08. Dua Lipa- Hallucinate (=) [5wks] [#08]
07. Foxes- Love Not Loving You (=) [13wks] [#05]
06. Jessie Ware- Save a Kiss (=) [5wks] [#02]


05. Troye Sivan- Easy (=) [4wks] [#04]
04. Tei Shi- Die 4 Ur Love (=) [14wks] [#01 (x2)]
03. Lady Gaga- Rain On Me (=) [12wks] [#01 (x6)]
02. Jessie Ware- What's Your Pleasure? (=) [3wks] [#01 (x1)]

01. joan- want u back (=) [2wks] [#01 (x2)]


On Deck: dead again


Most Played Songs:
15. Cassadee Pope- Rise & Shine [12]
14. joan- take me on [13]
13. joan- brokenhearted [13]
12. Harry Styles- Sunflower, Vol. 6 [14]
11. Ten Fé- No Night Lasts 4ever [14]
10. joan- want u back [14]
09. Cassadee Pope- Summer [14]
08. Taylor Swift- betty [15]
07. Cassadee Pope- Champagne [15]
06. Taylor Swift- august [16]
05. Harry S- From the Dining Table [16]
04. Ten Fé- Candidate [18]
03. Ten Fé- Coasting [18]
02. joan- tokyo [19]
01. joan- i loved you first [20]


Most Played Artists:
05. Taylor Swift [78]
04. Harry Styles [125]
03. Ten Fé [135]
02. joan [138]
01. Cassadee Pope [142]


Album of the Week:

Ten Fé 'Future Perfect, Present Tense'

Runner-Up | Cassadee Pope 'Frame by Frame'


9c253cf59b2641294985a652c64421f3.1000x1000x1.jpg  21c136b5e09b0bd36e138a84d5e7dead.1000x1000x1.png

c39e16ceb48976807d5f08273ebd3b86.500x500x1.jpg  c990db7fda7e737b3676e8e3910105d3.webp#c990db7fda7e737b3676e8e3910105d3


Most Played Songs (Continued):
18. Ten Fé- Isn't Ever a Day [10]
17. joan- love me better [12]
16. joan- all the way [12]





25. Dagny- Somebody [14wks] [#04]
24. Hayley Williams- Dead Horse [10wks] [#09]


LANY "you!" [??%]
Miley Cyrus "Midnight Sky" [90%]
Victoria Monét ft. Khalid & SG Lewis "Experience" [??%]



On 8/7/2020 at 12:13 PM, Mezik said:

Slow & steady for Taylor's best lead single, it's not about how fast she gets to the top - it's all about the climb. :eddie: 


'Rain on Me' has had such longevity in the top ten, I wish it showed this longevity on BB. :cries: 


The Killers & HAIM are so close to top ten too! We love to see it. :party: 

Best lead single??? :eli: Hmm if I ranked those then it'd definitely be at the bottom of my list. The climb might be over already :oh:

Right :!ohno: But America is tasteless wbk

One of them made it, the other still has a shot :alexz3:

On 8/9/2020 at 1:21 AM, jbstatic23 said:

Easy by Troye is kinda growing on me :katie2:

As it should :jamming: I only needed an extra listen or 2.

On 8/9/2020 at 9:28 AM, Kevin2803 said:

"My future" is kinda boring :gaycat2:


My Oasis should climb into the top 25 :) 

my future is cute :-* But the switchup was definitely appreciated, let's say that.


Kinda forgot it existed already :oh: It's not bad or anything, just didn't leave any impression on me.

On 8/9/2020 at 5:49 PM, Mr. Loco said:

Delirium is really a great pop album :) I don't really get why it always gets so much hate :doc: folklore getting out of the top albums just after one week tho :deadbanana2:

Watermelon sugar close to leaving the chart :dancehall:

Exactly! The standard edition is 98% killer. Well folklore actually wasn't AOTW or runner-up in the previous update, so it improved last week :lakitu: WS rebounded once again after I revisited his discography :jamming:

On 8/10/2020 at 4:24 PM, Topmaster 2 said:

WOW I'm surprised about your #1 didn't see that coming, amazing song!

Sad Joan of Arc is free falling but welp, they had a nice run here :giraffe:

It's waaay too good and addicting :katie2: Same with the full EP and the one that came before it.

On 8/12/2020 at 12:58 PM, Pinkoverblue said:

Rain On Me/Die 4 UR Love still holding on really well in the top 5, hopefully retire up there.

Both still have a while to go so I'm not sure about that :celestial5: I'd actually say Gaga/Ari have a better shot despite needing 2 additional weeks.

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Billie Joe

ROM #3 :clap3:

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