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20 Years of the GOAT: The Definitive Butterfly Ranking


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1 minute ago, Reba said:

Thank you lambs!!! This reception is amazing, truly making my night. Make sure to channel this energy into my next Christmas album, where I plan to end Mariah for GOOD! 


Lol jk thanks for real y'all I'm shook a this praise!!! 



Let's fall a bit back now. Mariah ain't ending.

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2 minutes ago, Mariah4life said:



are you cute?




what's your number?


are you a top or bottom?


do you like to rim?

Leave my hetero brother alone :biblio: 




Idk he's never tried anything though

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Avg Rank: 4.52


This is the song that started it all, and it came close to winning it all throughout the rate (even moreso with the initial format). Obviously it’s adored for a reason. The gays love her, the straights love her, the asexuals love her too! I know one. Honey was ambitious for Mariah in so many ways. First there was the choreography. Second is the song – what before this had Mariah riding a beat like that? She places so much faith in the groove of the song that she lets nearly a full minute of instrumental and humming pass by before finally starting off the first verse. Even her humming is a work of art in itself, the way she caresses the melody and retains her Mariah-isms while tackling a completely new musical style.




Stans (1st Place)@Bitchcraft, @cloudbusting, @Covergirl, @Dylobs, @GenieBaby, @jdmc218, @Kool_Aid_King, @Neptune, @Nightingale, @nikkysan, @Overprotected, @Quicksand, @Redamancy, @Rocket, @Witch Privilege

Almost Stans (2nd Place) @Actorguy21, @BraveNewSeth, @Costa, @DTF, @Janet, @materialboy, @Million, @overdramatic, @Slamless, @Taste of Honey, @Tom Vercetti, @Truth Teller, @Veis

Almost Haters (11th Place)@Luminescent, @Reba, @Taemira

Haters (12th Place) @Don't Stop Me Now







cloudbusting - queen of bukkake


Covergirl - Honey is my 5th favorite song of all time (i know, how specific :rip:) but It's everything I love in a song. Cute, metaphoric lyrics with an amazing beat, vibe and energy. Vocals are amazing, i love the guests on this song, it's the ultimate sweet n' savory song. I can dance to it, I can zone out to it, I can do anything with song! queen of versatility indeed. I love lip synching and dancing to this amazing song. I love honey!


DTF - would have been #1 if this were the classic mix, which is eight minutes of ecstasy. The bad boy remix is also great because the video is great—she exudes the best sex appeal of her career, and you either want her or want to be her. 


enxe - Probably my most played Butterfly song



jdmc218 - Well, what can I say about Honey?

It's pop perfection. It's R&B perfection. Probably like in the seventh grade, I first heard the song. And it was a JAM from the beginning. Shoot, I played in the gym where my football team was working out, and that was a good workout. Honey is just a monument in her career.


Now that video....WHEW. When I saw her in that bikini and dancing her ass off, I'll tell you, it made me feel all kinds of ways. She's sexy with clothes on, and nearly off. That's why she's the Queen of Music.



Quicksand - I chose Honey as my #1 not only because it’s such an important song in Mariah’s career, but it’s also quite important in my journey as a Lamb. When I first started getting into Mariah’s music (after becoming aware of her during the slayage of TEOM and E=MC2), Honey was one of the first songs of hers that I listened to. Honey’s iTunes preview ALONE persuaded me to buy the song without even bothering to look it up online to see if I liked the whole song, it was THAT good. Listening to Honey will ALWAYS bring me back to the feeling of starting to stan for Mariah, a decision that I will NEVER regret.


Redamancy - Her best song ever whew lord Ariana has been found dead


Slamless - if this isn't at least top 3 I'm overdosing on oxycontin


Subomie - Diddy did some amazing work with her on this track, the samples of all different origin just flowing together so naturally to create such a lush soundscape over which Mimi just coos and glides. I love the samples in her work, but to her credit Mariah rarely allows herself to get overshadowed by them. She stays in control of the song the whole time. That enough would be an amazing song, but the fact that she then filled it with innuendo and cummy imagery? Queen of the ****ing gays. And it made the best video of her career. I leave every pool like Mariah did in the video.


Witch Privilege - Honey is my #1 song, not just because the song is incredible and one of her signature songs, but because THE VIDEO IS ICONIC. She invented acting, being a secret agent, chewing gum, wetsuits, jet skis, and most importantly, HIGH PONYTAILS.  










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Pecinta Mariah
2 minutes ago, Reba said:

I'm currently on the way to dinner, but I'm gonna make sure to come back and do better thank yous later! 

r u going to perform again? im perched

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Dangerous Woman

1.       Butterfly

2.       Babydoll

3.       Honey

4.       Close My Eyes

5.       Fourth of July



8.       Outside

9.       The Beautiful Ones

10.   Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)

11.   My All

12.   Whenever You Call

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1 Outside

2 Close My Eyes

3 Whenever You Call

4 Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)

5 Babydoll

6 My All

7 Butterfly

8 Honey

9 Fourth of July

10 The Beautiful Ones






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1    Breakdown

2    Honey

3    The Roof

4    My All

5    Babydoll

6    Fourth of July

7    Close My Eyes

8    Butterfly

9    Whenever You Call

10    The Beautiful Ones

11    Outside

12    Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)


Breakdown ftw yall

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