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20 Years of the GOAT: The Definitive Butterfly Ranking


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On 8/27/2017 at 0:20 PM, Ace Reject said:

Wow very glad My All finished as number twelve in my song sorter!


Nothing but disrespect for mediocrity!


On 8/27/2017 at 0:20 PM, Reverie said:

Oh thank god, we need all the help we can get


On 8/27/2017 at 10:42 PM, supaspaz said:

Imagine stanning for "My All."




On 8/30/2017 at 3:40 AM, Rocket said:

It certainly is.


Poor My Bore.





On 9/6/2017 at 0:14 AM, Dylobs said:

ahhhh love when people recognise how mediocre My All is. 


Definitely not as bad as the Reprise or Fourth of July but ugh definite anti-trinity of the album


3 hours ago, supaspaz said:

My All Lives Matter supporters, come and see the light! Drop your wrongheaded campaign and join Breakdown Lives Matter, a true movement of the people.




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Just now, nikkysan said:

C'mon there's no denying that CLIMAX in Butterfly. Truly euphoric. It's such an important song in her discography.

No doubt it's important but arguably the entire album is. Her personal tracks like Butterfly, CME and so on are distinctive in her discography. 

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Avg Rank: 5.65


This one goes out to Contrail :heart2: 


If you took away the guitar that gives My All its Latin flare, you’d be left with a song that comes directly from the Music Box album. First there’s the lyrical content – essentially a rewritten Just To Hold You Once Again after her discovery of the thesaurus, and lacking in cohesiveness or a plot to drive the momentum of the song. Then there’s that nonexistent guitar + dejected moaning breakdown in lieu of a proper bridge. And worst of all are the vocals – pretty in a technical sense but not allowing any breathing room for proper emotion to develop. Particularly in the second and third choruses she is too clustered and fluid in exercise to hold real weight in her words, despite the rising in pitch and vocal intensity.


Do you think Mariah enjoys performing this song every single time? Perhaps there’s a reason why she always feels the need to transition the second chorus into the Dance remix – she wants to be done with the contrived bull**** and get to the part where she’s touching herself already damnit (that would be the next track on the album, The Roof)


Also @Mariah4life wtf




Stans (1st Place)@Clueless, @Covergirl, @DoubleDutchess, @Icarus, @feelslikeadream, @Lachlan, @MarinaKal, @Pecinta Mariah, @PopMusicJunkie, @samseacrest

Almost Stans (2nd Place) @americanlife, @GenieBaby, @JessLM, @killer_rose, @Kylie Minogue, @Mincy, @Pepo, @Superiore, @Tasty, @Tetris, @Witch Privilege, @Woo

Almost Haters (11th Place)@Dangerous Woman, @ECNEICSNOC, @SRIRACHA, @Taste of Honey

Haters (12th Place) @Ace Reject, @alkralkra, @Overprotected, @Reba, Reverie, @Subomie, @supaspaz, @Venus XCX







Babydoll. - This looks so bad being so low... I do love this song its just I think the others are more special.


Clueless - Just a PERFECT song. Universally loved and, it's definitely her hardest song to sing. But everytime I listen to it, I'm right there trying to keep up with Mariah! 


enxe - Latin-infused hymn that never gets old


Mariah4Life - Easy to lose virginity to.


Pecinta Mariah - this song is hated by some of the goats so i hve to save it besides it's second best single after fantasy



Subomie - Overwrought and generic. Nothing is signature Mariah about this, very basic and almost a retreat tactic to put this out after all the daring songs she released before it (and Butterfly). The nadir of the album, her experiments with Spanish guitar got worse and worse over the course of the career. 









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My All doesn't do anywhere near as much as it did for me when I first started stanning, but it still holds a special place in my heart.


1 Outside
5 My All
6 Babydoll
7 Close My Eyes
8 Fourth of July
9 Whenever You Call
10  Butterfly
11  The Beautiful Ones
12  Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
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  • #FreeBritney Activist

Nope!  Y'all really done it.  :ace:


1 My All
5 Fourth of July
6 Babydoll
7 Butterfly
8 Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
9 The Beautiful Ones
10 Whenever You Call
11 Close My Eyes
12 Outside
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Dangerous Woman

1.       Butterfly

2.       Babydoll


4.       Close My Eyes

5.       Fourth of July



8.       Outside

9.       The Beautiful Ones

10.   Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)

11.   My All

12.   Whenever You Call

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