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9 minutes ago, Scorpio said:

I still have my free copy from Tidal :ahh: 

then go stream it somewhere



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Overall, everyone did good this round. You all had at least one thing that I liked so, yay LOL

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5 hours ago, kitt.™ said:

Everyone in. Comments + results later today.




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Lol! You thought there would be a Madge pic here, you were wrong


Because it’s in dis one




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Couture - Loved everything about this entry. You all brought it, though the strongest pictures belonged to Contrail, in my opinion. 

  • Tsarenna: You did well, you always do. I am just waiting for you to knock me off my seat. The potential is there.
  • Contrail: The photos look incredible and so do the outfits. This week might be your new peak. At least for me.
  • Selenurr: The improvement is insane. Definitely prefer the darker look but both entries are solid. Keep up the good work.


Resort - I think the only saving grace in this entry was Kathlen with Selena Gomez. The other two didn’t impress me that much.

  • Noah: I don’t know what it is with your entries, but I’m never blown away. Last week you were in my top five or something but this week you’re definitely not. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t excite me.
  • Queen Conchita: Okay, the first photo looks unmotivated as ****, and the second one was taken one a phone or something. The bikini is cute but overall your entries have been serving cheap lately and I’m not here for that.
  • Kathlen: Glad you made it back because I thought your elimination was unjustified when there were way worse entries last week. And this week you proved your haters wrong. It’s just that the other two entries weren’t as good as yours. Rise tho.


Bridal - I like the minimalistic design and the magazine style but that’s it. The outfits were all kind of lackluster and the delicious food pictures were distracting. The outfits should have been the main point yet they are so small compared to the rest.

  • Cantaloupe.: I guess once you see a Solange outfit, you’ve seen them all.
  • Clueless: How unexciting for a bride.
  • Dom: I’m not really stanning for this.
  • Navyofbadgals: Hmm.. this isn’t bad but definitely not great.


Ready To Wear - Loved this concept the most actually. What a cute idea. Nothing bad to say.

  • Loveyoubxtch: Tuesday is a bit extra but the other two were great.
  • Alena: All three outfits were good. Well done.
  • Regina George: Lmao girl, what’s THURSDAY. The other two are cute.





Resort - Overall it's a cute theme. Everything fits well according to theme, so i'll give yall props for that.


Selena: Probably one of the better looks you've sent in. It's def light and care free and truly embraces the essence of summer and daily resort life. Swimsuit is sexy as hell if i'm going to be honest, and the white goes so well with her skin color.


Leigh- Anne: And this is also cute. I could def see bitches wearing this right by the pool and whatnot. It's an overall cute look, would call it borderline basic tho. I really like the swimsuit that you chose, but I hate what's on her arms. It's too much tbh.


Jennifer: Cute. Nightlife dress like yall are trying to depict it as? Not sure about that. But it's cute, it's flow-y, and summery. Her swimsuit, albeit pretty colors, is horrible.


Couture - Overall, love how you guys stuck with a solid theme. It's a pretty basic theme (black and white) but the looks were great and highlighted the contrast well.


Fan: The black look ALONE destroys nearly everything yall sent in, it's a slay. The white look is also gorgeous and the gold accents go really well with it.


CL: White look is elegant, like she looks regal and i'm here for that. As far as the black look goes, well, it's a great look and I think if yall didn't try to make this black vs white thing it would be a solid 9. It's not even a majority black like the other two girls. 


Alek: The white look is very pretty and nice to look at. But then the black look is such a let down, tbh. It's ugly and I know she's wearing couture but it looks cheap.


Bridal - I really don't like the way this was edited (cantaloupe?)  Like it's all so small. Overall it's nice. I also LOVE how yall went with a seasonal theme. A creative little twist.


Solange: Wasn't this her actual dress? Either way I really do like this look and it fits so well with your Christmas inspired theme you have going. 


Miranda: Meh, again it's just so plain. Like I understand she's modeling off the dress but the dress itself just isn't cute. Loving the yellow, however. I really love sunflowers.


Nicole: I will say this, love the fall theme you chose. Really making me feel all festive and ****. The dress is nice. I like the detailing the most, and it is technically wedding material.


Doutzen: It's literally so basic, and I know yall finna be like "how is a bridal gown basic>!??!!" or some ****. Well, bitch it is. She looks like she's about to churn butter or some ****. Love the pink flowers tho!


Ready to wear - Cute looks across the board. No real standouts, however. Like the days of the week theme yall had going. Screaming at the last two looks being like extras.


Chanel: The looks you put together are nice, styled well, and are def perfect for street wear. The Friday look was her best imo.


Madison: Ok first of all we do NOT wear brown on brown. It's a CRIME. Her Saturday night look was my fave, it's cute but like tbh I wouldn't see anyone wearing this to a club. Far too messy.


Barbara: I..don't really care for any of her looks. The Wednesday look, however, is my fave. It's cute and all that nice fun stuff



Couture - The strongest collection of outfits. Everything fits the theme to a T. 


Ready to Wear - The outfits are great and you hit the nail on the head when it came to the theme. Presentation is nice too, I like the days of the week thing you did. 


Bridal - Sadly, the photoshop/presentation was a little better than most of these outfits, and I was more interested in looking at the wedding cake and decorations than the actual dresses themselves.


Resort - The theme was executed well ... but the outfits are just kinda there .. nothing really stands out/has a "wow" factor. 





Contrail - Not much to be said, really. Both looks are absolutely beautiful. 


Selenurr - LOVE the second look. The white outfit is cute though. 


Tsareena - The white is gorgeous but the black leaves a little to be desired. 


Alena - Fabulous Friday indeed :flame: Both looks are cute .. the white one is better though. 


Loveyoubxtch - Don't love the Tuesday look that much but the other two are great. 


Regina George - Wednesday is your strongest look tbh. :jonny: Let's not talk about Thursday nn


Dom - A pretty standard wedding dress. She looks nice. 


Navyofbadgals - Cute I guess!


Cantaloupe - Always loved her wedding dress as it was more on the interesting side and she looks beautiful in it. 


Clueless - Would you want to be married in this?.. BOOT


Noah - First entry is cute but the swimsuit's ugly. :rip: 


Kathlen - Love the swimsuit. Don't necessarily care for the first outfit but it's still cute!


Queen Conchita - Mama, you need to step it up next round if you make it. I'm still waiting to be blown away by an entry from you. The swimsuit's the only entry that's kinda cute. 





*My comments are based on the groups as a whole, and not individual since your entries had to compliment each other.*


Resort Wear: 

Your descriptions really helped paint the scene for the looks you all submitted. Overall pleased with your entries, yes 1 of you stood out from the rest, but what matters here is team work and ya'll delivered.




JESUS! Such a SLAY! :jonny: You ALL DID THAT, but one of you DEF delivered that 1-2-PUNCH :fan:.




I see where ya'll were trying to go with the magazine spread, but I'm not feeling it. The women however, look STUNNING! Some def stronger than other, but all stunning and beautiful. 



Ready to wear:

WOW! Love love love where you guys took this! Another ****ing slay! They all look stunning Monday thru Thotday. :clap3:




Pros: The concept. :smitten: Love that it speaks for itself without a description (the music, which im glad you included, and two quotes was just enough)  and we can kind of draw our own perspectives. Contrail is literally slaying both sides though.
Cons:None really
Pros: Presentation and swimsuit addition. Selena looks divine there.
"Cons": Selena looking a little pedestrian in the resort part and out of the million beach shots Leigh Anne, this one is a bit inferior
Ready to Wear
Pros: Really really love this concept and how it allowed ya'll to experiment with a variety of looks and that each person got to do three.
Cons: Just based off the titles, trying to understand what Marvelous Monday and Targaryen Tuesday is. 
Pros: Presentation-wise I really love the concept with the moodboard photos! Like, really love it. @Cantaloupe., and fine, that winter concept is actually nice :rip: 
Cons: Only thing I wish is that the photos were a bit bigger instead of so much of the grey padding.




clockki6suw.gif stay tuned™ for results!

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21 minutes ago, Navyofbadgals said:


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Lol! You thought there would be a Madge pic here, you were wrong

  Reveal hidden contents

Because it’s in dis one







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4 minutes ago, Clueless said:

We served cohesion. I loved what @Cantaloupe. put together for us, visually :michael: 

Same :eli: 

we’ll die with our art


thanks for the critiques tho :dancehall: 

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