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Still loving the chart!


GOOD LORD at Ke$ha's slaying :jonny: I wonder if Shawn can pull a MIRACLE and get on top. :-*


+ the One Last Time slayage. :clap3:


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On 8/12/2017 at 11:27 AM, Delta said:

I created my own "trending" algorithm for my weekly charts. Basically, my program pulls the last six months scrobbles from my lastfm account and ranks songs which have more recent plays versus all scrobbled songs in the same time frame. It also standardizes remixes and alternate versions to combine them into a single register. So not necessarily the most played songs in a week chart high, but also the most recent track plus their playcount. I had to change the issuing date from sunday to friday as most of songs are released on fridays nowadays. This is one of the down-sides of my charts, as songs played once on Thursdays might chart in the top 10 sometimes :michael:.

this sounds amazing is there any way you could share this with us :eddie: I would love to see what my charts would look like.

if not that's ok I understand (:'()


Praying still #1 :worship2:

Get Low is still growing on me

Let Em Talk is my 2nd favorite from Rainbow:katie2:

The Horrors debuting top 20 :duca:


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OneRepublic + Justin/BloodPop debuting :jamming: Most of the Rainbow tracklist fell already, nooo :sosad:
Old Flames almost dropping off the chart, yikes :skull: Boogie Feet, Spaceship and Rainbow out of the top 20 :cries:
Hunt You Down, Bastards, Let 'Em Talk also slipping :'( Praying #1 for a 7th week, whewww :alexz::alexz::alexz:
All the promo tracks still doing great :date: Dua, Calvin, Dragons, Ariana, Demi, Shawn rising as well :katie2:

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Praying still going strong :alexz: Learn To Let Go back in the top 10 :clap3: Woman and Hymn up :party:

Let 'Em Talk, Boogie Feet, Spaceship and Rainbow falling pretty hard :shakeno: Hunt You Down and Boots down too :emofish:

Angel debuting :katie2: one of the few good songs on their album :flower: (Not The) One is nice :jamming: New Rules +10 :eddie:

Sorry Not Sorry, One Last Time and Thunder rising :celestial: Lies In The Dark and Vibes falling :chick3:

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Just noticed that Die Young hit #1 for 17 weeks. :jonny:

But LOVING Lies in the Dark at #1x9. :clap3:


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Top scoring debuts in 2017


Chart Date





Tove Lo

Lies in the Dark



Shawn Mendes

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back



Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do




Crazy Crazy



Julia Michaels




Katy Perry

Bon Appétit



Edited by Delta
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Katy's Power debuting, cute :jamming: Not a fan of Roulette. Mind Maze is by far her worst song ever. :!ohno:
Yesss at Aly & AJ coming thru :katie2: Glad to see it appear on more countdowns. Such an amazing bop.
Taylor deservedly starting off at #1 :alexz: Whew @ the points lead :jonny3: At least Praying got plenty of weeks there
All 13 Kesha songs falling :weeps: Ari + Dragons stable in the top 20 :eddie: Ed, Bieber, Tove (Vi), Dua and Demi movin' up :heart2:

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Wait @ Get Low and Either Way. I really need to check those songs out, thanks. And I screamed at Taylor getting ready to have a 7-week stay at #1 as well. :rip:


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Still testing layout and size for both desktop and mobile experiences. Sorry for making you guys scroll the page down so much. :doc:

Edited by Delta
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I understand your concern. YTT layout for the charts looks amazing on desktop but when it comes to mobile it gets compressed and disrupts the layout. :doc:


Taylor. :alexz:

Wait at Feel It Still. :eek:

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Feel It Still and Praying top 3 :clap3:

Die Young 194 weeks on :jonny:

ugh this layout is amazing as always

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Praying getting 7 weeks at #1 :alexz: Taylor deserved more than 2 :shakeno: Disco **** debuting in the top 5 :clap3:

New Rules almost top 10 :duca: Hymn, Woman, ...Ready For It, One Last Time, Learn To Let Go and Vibes falling :chick3:

Love So Soft and Girls Girls debuting :celestial4: most of Kesha's other songs falling and Boots all the way down at #71 :tsk: 

Rainbow #1 for 5 weeks and still having a huge lead :jonny3: Dua stable :eddie: Make sure you participate in the Kesha Essentials rate :keir:

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