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Gengar's YTT / 17/02/17 / We're All Chained To The Rhythm


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Hi Gengar, sorry for no asking and thank u for visiting my countdown :D  Now I'm here to comment and I hope you follow visiting me :wooparty:


According to the countdown:


Albums: Prism and Starboy are great :clap3:

Songs: Katy Perry and Shakira wow are amazing I love their videos :wooparty:

I :heart2: the sia's video/song :D 


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lots of classics. some of bruno's best songs :clap3:same for celine

cttr :jamming:


beach house, radiohead and prince :worship:

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Slayley bby :'( Miss u sis


Joanne :worship2: Fallen, Purple Rain, Back to Black :alexz3:


Chained to the Rhythm, The Show Must Go On, Too Good to Say Goodbye :jamming:
All By Myself :cries: It's All Coming... :smitten: Move Your Body, Gorilla, Heaven :katie2:

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Chantaje is amazing! and I love Move Your Body as well, but need to check out that remix :eek: 

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