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Alexandra Savior - 'Belladonna Of Sadness'

Del Savior

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Noisey: How does it feel knowing people want to interview you now?
Alexandra Savior: 
I haven’t really thought about that yet. In my mind, it sort of feels like… I’m so fearful of becoming successful because I think I get very afraid of what success can do to people, especially and particularly in the music world. I just think, “Nah, nobody actually cares.”


If you’re kind of fearful of success, are you nervous to release new music? When you put out “Shades,” what was going through your head?
I didn’t really give a ****. I actually finished the record over a year ago—the masters were done over a year ago—so I’ve spent so much time battling between what I wanted it to be and what people assumed it should be. I made that video for “Shades” with my best friend Emma. I guess it was sort of a statement showing how you shouldn’t do everything the way everyone else does it. Basically, it’s like a **** you. It was nice, I was just like finally. It was a release.




Why did you move to LA?
****ing I don’t know why. I moved to LA in September 2013. I was just turning 18 years old, and I had written a few songs in London. My mom said she’d help me for six months, and if I didn’t make it, I’d have to go to college. In October, I signed to Columbia. Then after that, she was like, “Oh, that was fast!” [laughs] I pretty much went there to make the dream come true, whatever that dream was.


So you met your songwriting partner Alex Turner around that time. How did you two meet?
I actually met Miles Kane at a party. After that, I suggested briefly that I should work with Alex, but I didn’t really know much about him. They had just put out that last Monkeys album, and my boyfriend at the time was like, “**** that, he won’t want to work with you!” A week later, Miles said, “Alex Turner wants to meet you.” We met at a café, and chatted for a long time and had a lot in common musically. We went back to his house and listened to records. I played him some acoustic songs that I had been writing and worked on them and wrote a song that day. I went back every day until the record was done!

A snippet of a Noisey interview done back in August, I'm ready for this girls come up.

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Album leaked a day before release, Congrats to Alexandra for having her debut album almost make it to album release day :clap3:

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On 7/3/2017 at 10:08 AM, paradisedarkness said:

why she is so underrated?

she's amazing :heart2:

the struggle of a debuting alt. girl I guess :cm:

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