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✮ The Weekly Marnstar ✮| 28.2.2021 | WEEK 9 |


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Storing my cop gifs here before ite closed


I have em in blog but thought to have my gifs here (can use em even tho I doubt anyone would) but there is a gif for just about anything...





KIWfqxk.gif xqXIjix.gif SrPI827.gif 1XJ00Or.gif FC7e7hJ.gif evXfIYR.gif yUL8DCt.gif

87fGJwv.gif Emt1Oyi.gif yZOBuPR.gif ifudpiF.gif NYHwb33.gif wY1h3CD.gif 7woHmqS.gif pkKlIep.gif

39xyPWA.gif wvJ4DxE.gif BuxlWOV.gif 7woHmqS.gif pkKlIep.gif hYZpPmH.gif  jmShz05.gif u1OdOuK.gif vj7gC5h.gif 1VnCcGK.gif

xcb0rNY.gif oVGKaJV.gifLOGmKDm.gif sH5R3Ft.gif L0zFvqn.gif Gf4GKoy.gif vkUydH3.gif sc4ifIe.gif YhJOPXi.gif


2nd Bunch!


biaDeDN.gif SAUPasj.gif F0MvOZM.gif aKayE4Z.gif w7nTbgE.gif pjS1QJG.gif  AjMMM3A.gif pA7jJ5H.gif uTndxWW.gif 0VHxBMh.gif I2K9DQm.gif  xlLo11a.gif NjuOKXV.gif lMOlBe0.gif e6R1Gfu.gif MbJgQWd.gif h8BD4Lk.gif m8SMPZB.gif ldBOhNi.gif GffxxP1.gif  UrqTTjf.gif lIVhxIm.gif k8E3AGU.gif uUFhOjo.gif 2ardtKT.gif INY4Url.gif bj89ASA.gif

Instagram Story Gifs



8jqEuZ7.gif i6vijGN.gif GtMgrDZ.gif bmfQ4R0.gif oeWQw3T.gif sKTdV9b.gif HyetUZX.gif



Live Stream (2017)


CimcnWe.gif mF90oMo.gif 4VaRd4p.gif D6PhBwt.gif wWp1B2A.gif t9lI9Al.gif Ogz50Mb.gif ZJdpkaa.gif

Extra Old Moments  


Y3Bovpf.gif Rz1iJOW.gif AglzLip.gif 4KZpxXz.gif 4Q7LuTG.gif kznWRMH.gif H9vTPyB.gif 0faQ4KY.gif


Bigger Ones

8ldo5YK.gif9zdjf2t.gif EOCdSSs.gif pkz1Efb.gifVWCdBXl.gif

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January 29, 2017






2017 #1

1. Starboy - Denis Stoff

2. 520 - Motionless In White

3. Trapped - The World Alive

4. Trapped - The World Alive

5. Trapped - The World Alive

6. Dirty Souls - Five Knifes 

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28th   June    2 0 2 0     | W e e k  26 |    ISSUE #1066



A Five 5 preview of each song of this Week's countdown, this week there is 9 new debuts, so check the video out for song's you don't know :) I try every week to make one, if this video doesn't work let me know..I did use a LP song at the end and I think it muted but not sure. The video only goes for 6 minutes the last 2 minutes is just an intro ending I make. 


This Week We have 2 new songs in the Top 5...Bring me the horizon & Eskimo joe debut with there new singles...two bands that have been #1 in the past as you can tell..will they go #1 or will one block the other find out? again MGK hits back to his top spot..but probably not for long, and ROM is back in the Top 2, both still blocking Asking Alexandria (a band with the most #1s of all time on The Weekly Marnstar) from the top spot!


Story untold still doing well with 3 songs and ballad version of there #1 peak song luv that u hate me...Power finally climbing.


Let's hope some of these new songs hit #1 before Denis drops his new music tomorrow. (IF HE DOES) 




 x x x


Ariana Grande Kiss GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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guys i'm gonna post a spotify playlist for you to hear the songs..because you won't know any

but worth checking out

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