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Sexyy Red f/ Nicki Minaj & Tay Keith - “Pound Town 2”


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“Guess who baby daddy popping his bussy in my mfkin DM’s?” She’s so unserious. :laugh:

Nicki’s verse is great, the rest, um… 


I loved her cute lil mailing list write up though -



Subject: #PoundTown2






I’m so excited about this dope new collaboration. I ain’t get this ratchet in a minute chile!!! ENJOY!!!!!!


I met with Sexyy Red & found her to be so down to earth & sweet. I couldn’t hear myself on this song at first but once I let go & decided to just have fun with a bad b!ch, I ended up LOVING how it came out! Zoo was cracking up when I let him hear it. He said the verse is funny, sexy & catchy. He also said: “you bodied dat ****…missionary doing splits, FAKKS” 🥴🫠


We def ain’t bout to be playing this song around Papa tho chi. 😕


But anyway, as we wait for my next official move, I wanted to give you guys a lil sum sum that I know we gon turn up to on tour. And I know you guys always wanna know; I wrote this verse in about 3 hours. The part where I mention somebody baby daddy bussy was definitely a freestyle line that I left b/c it really had me rolling!!!! 😂


Show Sexyy Red lots of love. She’s a rlly down to earth, round da way girl & I think she’s really unique & came off really genuine. She reminded me so much of girls I grew up with in Queens.


S/O St. Louis, the mid west, etc.


Love you guys soooooo much! Can’t wait for you to hear & see everything I have in store. It’s been a long time coming but we came. We here. I couldn’t be more proud of what NM5 is about to do. She’s really really VILLY DAT GIRL CHI! I SAID WHAT I SAID!!!! 🙄


Ok, you are beautiful, you are worthy of being loved & nurtured. You are important & you have a purpose! So keep your head held high! If no one told you today, let me be the first; I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


If dawgs act up I’ll give the green 💡 to #BeatEm. 🚦🤪


Oh, you guys, thx for making the RRDS video #1 as soon as it was released on iTunes. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘



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Just now, FOCK said:

“Guess who baby daddy popping his bussy in my mfkin DM’s?” She’s so unserious. :laugh:



I screamed :bibliahh:


This song is on repeat in my house idc



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8 hours ago, Saint luv said:

I’m sorry but THIS is what I want from Nicki :rip::katie2:

I haven’t like much from her since Pink Print but I LOVE how raw this sounds 

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