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Most streamed Legacy Female artists; Madonna over Mariah. Why?


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On 1/22/2023 at 4:08 PM, The Second Coming said:

Madonna was, is and always will be the biggest female artist ever. For example, just take a look what Madonna's peers are doing while  she is selling out concert dates left and right, and grossing $100M in a random day... :redface:



Btw, surprised the Whitney biopic was such a non event panned bomb, that hardly has had any effect to increase the interest to her catalog. With the other one reduced voluntarily to a seasonal Xmas act, it's January so enough said. 

First, how da phuck is Cuban and Miami legend Gloria doin in a Patriots jersey, gurl burn it fast


also how great does Belinda look .. she's servin Heaven is a place on earth realness

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