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ATRL's Family Feud 11 | Image result for dating emoji ? R5 posted! Image result fo

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6 hours ago, CBC said:

Also I'm glad Devin clocked the answers to that one question... :biblio:

oop you peeped that. :deadbanana2:

OT: Y’all going straight to hell for some of these questions.



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48 minutes ago, dussymob said:

Each round gets messier like how…


32 minutes ago, Bacardo Royale said:

um chile anyways

Do y'all not bathe

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33 minutes ago, ATRL Username said:


Do y'all not bathe

Idk how you equate my comment to me not bathing…

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13 hours ago, dussymob said:

Idk how you equate my comment to me not bathing…

right? :deadbanana2:

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On 12/7/2022 at 12:21 PM, Sanguine said:

Round 4: Hygiene




Last round a lot of people felt like they didn't know the pop girls well enough to do it... well we hope you know what to put for this round!


ALSO IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ: If you can plan on changing an answer on Atrl, please DM ME not Lemur from now on. He doesn't really check Atrl outside of the game. It's also preferred if you DM me on Discord (Sean#6497), but if talking to me appalls you that much you can DM Lemur there. Just that it NEEDS to be me if it's Atrl! Ty


Fill out the form with the answers you suspect the majority of people will pick, NOT your personal answer to the question.



- Your username!!

NO discussing or hinting at answers until results. If you are confused or need help, DM one of the hosts and we'll try to resolve it(!!!!)

New players, Googling is fine. Asking other people is not.

- If you need to make a change to your answers after submitting, DM either of us on ATRL or Discord. You can make as many changes as needed until the deadline.

- Be as specific as possible. It's ideal to be more specific and then grouped with other similar answers.

- Only one answer per question will be accepted unless it asks for more. If you give multiple answers, we're taking the first one.


Submissions are due on Saturday, December 10th 12 pm EST

(a little less than 72 hours/three days from now) 

If you need an extension, DM us and we'll see what we can do.


If you have not signed up yet it's okay, just submit the form and you're all good! You can submit for any round no matter how many you've missed (but ideally you should submit for all to try and win the game!!)



@Julia Fox @Alena @minho @Staryu @Dessy @Touch It @Hikari @brycehooha @Guero @Tom Vercetti @Auburn @Not Like The Movies @wehavetostan @wish @Allday @Devin @Psycho @Rotunda @Future Lover @Seffers @K$Ellie @Kavish @Luckitty @Queen. @Euterpe @Noah @Sebas @Element @kipperskipper @Marvin @Yvess @kandicha @thecptz @Chiidish @Bacardo Royale @kittenish @SleepingTigers @wesleywalrus @Almighty Gaga @Konril @luckystrike @Lucky#17 @Armani? @dussymob @Thanatos @borntodieee @Moonlightbae @zoldyck @Legend E @Prisoner @bestfiction @Gorgeous @beatinglikeadrum @touya kinomoto @Overprotected @clue @Henry @Technicolor  @melodramas @MusicLoverDude @EriKills @CBC @Remmy @PoKiTaurus @Fruity @Invisibility @Wes @slimfem @PinkBox @kittenish @D e v o n

@Armani? @Auburn @bestfiction @Chiidish @Element @EriKills @Fruity @Future Lover @Henry @K$Ellie @Kavish @kipperskipper @Legend E @Lucky#17 @Marvin @Noah @Not Like The Movies @PinkBox @slimfem @Tom Vercetti @Wes @wesleywalrus @Witch Privilege @zoldyck @selena_lavigne


22.5 hours left :giraffe:

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