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guess it would of been around 13 months from when the last one would've ended. After speaking with a few people, I thought why not bring back this classic. This time I got @Sanguine with me. That's right, you have TWO hosts this game!


Welcome to Family Feud 11, with your hosts Sanguine and Lemur (ATRL Username)!


?❄️? How To Play ???‍?‍?‍?⛷️?

?❄️?‍♀️ This game will have 20 rounds and 15 questions each. 


? Your goal is to submit answers that you think other players will also submit. Let me be clear, it’s not always about having the “correct” answer, it’s about having the top answer.  The number of players who have submitted the same answer as you will be the points gained for that particular question. 


?❄️? For example, if the question is “Who is the best Marvel superhero?’’, you wouldn't want to answer with Star-Lord, even though he (unfortunately) may be your favorite. Instead, go for a safer answer like Spider-Man that will guarantee you points. 


⛷️???? Please do not discuss questions, dm anyone playing, make some secret server, or hint at questions especially those are you who like “y'all would be dumb to not pick that host name for the brown pokemon question” like you didn’t just give away your answer or hinted heavily at one :skull:  Just don’t do it! 


❄️?☃️️ We know past seasons have issues with how grouping answers should be. Just from observation it can be tricky to make the right call that everyone can agree with, so we would prefer that you be as specific as ideally possible. And we will try our best to make the grouping (or lack of) works. We won't be able to read your minds though so sorry in advance!


?️❄️?? At the end of it all, the player with the most points will be declared the winner of ATRL's Family Feud 11!!!!


??? Powers ????

Read before you freeze!



The winner of each round can choose an available power. A random contestant will also receive a random power. A power can only be chosen again once all other powers have been selected. The 5 powers are: 


Christmas Comes Early

For a single question, you can see the top 4 answers in no order. You have a 60% chance to halve one of the answers of your choice but there’s a 40% chance the answer you submitted is halved for everyone who picked it including you!


Double Reindeer

The top answer for a chosen question is doubled. (Cannot Stack)

Snowball Effect

Triple the third answer of a question. (Cannot Stack)

Santa Swap

The top two answers will have their points swapped.


White Elephant

You have the power of choice.


As always, you can still join in even if you did not sign-up or miss a round.


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Sign me up too x

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