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Arbitrary Song Contest s1 : WINNER: PSYCHO!!!


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           JULIA'S FACTS ?


TLC - Creep: it’s a very nice track but far from being my fave! 

aespa - Lucid Dream: aespa is one of the few k pop groups that I found interesting and this song is just the best example. It has a lot of edge and personality and it’s not that generic or loud or chipmunk-sy I mean. It’s good. But idk how it will do in my ranks since a lot of classics are here

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You: a karaoke staple that I don’t like that much outside of it. I mean I'm more into sexy Alicia since I love “A Woman's Worth, Fire We Make and In Common. Too lovey-dovey for me 

Ciara - Body Party: this is good! but I’m not fan of how her voice sounds on the entire song. I think she’s struggling or idk

Kelly Rowland - Motivation: I know you are gonna struggle for sending a Kelly song but I’m glad to tell you that I will try to save your ass because this song is IMMACULATE! So sexy, intense, I can't believe my 11 yo self sang this song with no problem when it came on the radio and nobody said a thing lol LOVE THIS LIKE I DONT WANNA FEEL MY LEEEEGS

Flo - Cardboard Box: A modern and underrated classic! Love this and can’t wait for their work with the one and only Darkchild 

Mary J Blige - Family Affair: this CLASSIC! so groovy, fun and chill. The way I was high some hours ago and now I want to be high again! Love her for that 

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay: the way this sounds very modern besides being released on 1998! omg! The production is very intriguing but I don’t have many attached feels from it so it will suffer but I think you’ll get some points from me 

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes: she’s the queen of sex for a reason! nice sexy track. Classic Janet 

SZA - Good Days: this is a grower! The way i didn’t care for this for a long time till last month. She can do no wrong it seems. 

Kelela - Blue Light: I don’t like the vocal effects that they added to her on the chorus. It’s very banksy but it’s interesting and good enough to be a nice track and don’t be on my bottom 

Janet Jackson - Go Deep: always loved this groovy! the superior Janet track on here did THAT 

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love): interesting choice! It’s very of its time and so joyful but don’t know how it will do on my ranks tbh so sorry 

Summer Walker - Playing Games: never cared for her more than the Hailey Baldwin song. I mean it’s very vibey but that’s it. The guitar is nice tho 

Brandy - What About Us: mmm… the production is a bit weird so I don’t know if I’m sold to the song to start with so… don’t know what else to say. Like it’s not bad but yeah 

Aaliyah - One in A Million: this classic is so good! I miss her so much! 

TLC - No Scrubs: A ******* classic! So fun, infectious and ridiculously simple but still effective! They did THAT


Brandy - Afrodisiac: the superior Brandy song and a bop! 

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough: love the inclusion of the guitar! It has some Latin and flamenco elements that are very interesting if my ears don’t fail me now. Cool! 

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Posty's Endings :heart:

Happy Birthday, Nicki Minaj! Check Out 20 of Her Most Talked About Looks



TLC - Creep: 

sounds dated and flat to me, but its cute and inoffensive background music i guess

aespa - Lucid Dream:

I thought this would stick out like a sore thumb but it was actually enjoyable :clap3: kudos to you sis for the brave choice

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You:

very jazzy and gorgeous, love her vocals

Ciara - Body Party:

this is cute, the beat is very chill

Kelly Rowland - Motivation: 

love this song, her best me thinks

FLO - Cardboard Box:

so sassy :oh: its giving if Fifth Harmony debuted in the 2020s & we stan !

Mary J. Blige - Family Affair:

a classic etc

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay:

the chorus is so catchy. and i feel like someone recently sampled the instrumental?

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes:

love the instrumental and her vocals are so pretty as always

SZA - Good Days:

her best song [2] tho i still dont know what she says 80% of the time but yas mother!

Kelela - Blue Light:

its giving me a mid charli xcx mixtape album track sorry, i like the bits where her voice is unedited but so much of it is with effects on it's just not pleasant to listen to

Janet Jackson - Go Deep:

a banger, its so catchy, one of her best :-*

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love): 

very soulful and cute, not something i would use regularly but why was it so short?! that ending was so abrupt

Summer Walker - Playing Games: 

that tired ass trap beat next to all these classics is not giving :rip: and its so short its like 0 points were made on this track

Brandy - What About Us: 

love her voice but the production is kind of dated on this and sounds like random electronic noise everywhere, wish her vocals were more on front

Aaliyah - One in A Million:

the beat :flame: love this song

TLC - No Scrubs: 

a classic etc [2] i don't use but its okay for a throwback

Kelela - LMK:

liked this more than her other song, but that drop the chorus is building up to is disappointing, very undercooked and overall mid

Brandy - Afrodisiac:

it's okay, though it doesnt stick out to me... but WAIT i think fifth harmony sampled the electric guitar bit in the back of the instrumental on this BANGER??


Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough:

love this bop, great way to end this collapse playlist :clap3:

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part 1


TLC - Creep

this is a cute start to the round! i love the chorus and it's very catchy. however, the verses kinda brought the song down for me and like it's just okay. i know it's a classic but it's just okay for me :emofish:


aespa - Lucid Dream

wow aespa ning ning r&b legends. anyways, this is another okay song, i fear. i don't hate it and i actually rlly enjoy it but it's just fine and nothing more than that :cries: very cute tho! so yea, there's that!


Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

omg a fun classic. this is one of my fave alicia songs, it's just so sweet and like... just so good!!! it's also a great karaoke song since i used to sing this every time i went to karaoke when i was younger, giggles. GREAT SONG, i love!


Ciara - Body Party

this is so hot, whew. i think i heard it from the first time in another music game, probably VL and i've been in love with it since then. she literally put everything in this song and it's just YUMMY. hot face emoji, great choice.


Kelly Rowland - Motivation

i wish lil wayne wasn't in the song :chick3: i was enjoying it then he showed up and i was like... um please go away immediately. it would've been higher in my ranks wo lil wayne's part tbh.. i'm sad!!! good song tho :'(


Flo - Cardboard Box

this is a future classic for sure. when i remember that i used to not like this song, i want to go hide. LIKE IT'S SUCH AN AMAZING SONG!!! how could i not like it at first.... now i've seen the light and omg.. i freaking love this. summertime kinda outsold but this is still a GREAT song, period.


Mary J Blige - Family Affair

oh i enjoyed this a lot. it's like as the song goes on, it keeps getting better and it makes me interested in it the whole almost 4:30 mins. like just WOW! enjoyed this and def a great choice for this round, yup.


Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay

omg help i think i like this version better than the remix version that has been submitted a lot in games section. i don't know but there's something about this version that makes me enjoy it so much. oh wow, you ATE. period.


Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes

sexy, sensual, and so sweet :heart2: mother rlly ate with this genre and even though it's kinda lowkey, i think this is still such an amazing track and i love everything about it! yes i think that's the way love goes.


SZA - Good Days

:weeps: :weeps: my winner. best song ever. queen. mother. like this song grew on me right when i needed it so much in my life and every time i listen to it, it always brings me to my happy place and i just love it so much. AHHHHHHHH

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part 2


Kelela - Blue Light

not my favorite kelela song. i think many people like it but i've never liked it that much tbh. like it's okay and i don't hate it but then again, i just don't like it that much either. very mixed feelings on this one :'(


Janet Jackson - Go Deep

another great janet song in this round! i prefer that's the way love goes but this is not a bad song by any means. it's just not my favorite but it's still an enjoyable track and i was bopping my head along. very cute!


Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

omg this song makes me so happy. every time i listen to it, i just smile and it's just pure happiness. amazing song tbh. very r&b very soulful and oh wow, i just love it so much. she did that with this song. PURR.


Summer Walker - Playing Games

love playing games! this is also a great version of the song but like i don't think the versions are different much lmao so yea. very great and chill vibe song. kinda lowkey but i think it did its job! niceeeeee.


Brandy - What About Us

the weird voice thing she put in the chorus before the bridge kinda threw me off a bit *sobs* i do think it's cute tho... just only that part, that weird effect in one random moment nooooooo....


Aaliyah - One in A Million

such a vibey song and yea it's another song that i feel like as the song goes on, it keeps getting better. i just love the vibes and the overall sweet feelings from it, whew. so cute and also so great as well.


TLC - No Scrubs

oh this is so good and it's a big classic. wow. i prefer this tlc song to creep and it still sounds so fresh and that's always a good thing. yea enjoyed it and probs get a cute point from me.


Kelela - LMK

so good, the world stopped and she literally cured every single thing in this cruel world. WOW WOW WOW!!! AMAZING, whew. :alexz:


Brandy - Afrodisiac

whew... this is so much better than what about us and i enjoyed it soooo much. like it's just so good??? i can't explain it but i love it. i think it's a great choice for this round and it being track 19 in the playlist is def gonna leave some impact tbh.


Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough

the chorus kinda outsold the verses tbh... it's a great song tho and i think we end this round on a great note :clap3: so yea, cute submission. i think it's gonna be around the middle for me~

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Creep - it’s impossible to go wrong with a TLC classic. I love the entire CrazySexyCool and while I think there are better choices from there than this one I still love it. So good.


Lucid Dream - I love a risk as much as I love a good song. You did both so this’ll surely rank high on my list. Never thought I’d see a k-pop entry on this round but this fits perfectly. 


If I Ain’t Got You - Honestly? Meh. I’m not crazy about this. It’s the perfect karaoke song, though.


Body Party - I don’t like Ciara, sorry. I’ve tried to get into her many times because I see her being constantly hyped but she just isn’t for me. This is no exception. 


Motivation - Love, love, love this. I never got around to listen to Kelly’s solo music but maybe this is a sign that I should. Really good.


Cardboard Box - No. Immature would’ve been better. 


Family Affair - YESSSSSS!!!!! Can’t remember the last time I heard this but it’s still as good as it ever was. My mother used to blast this when I was young so I have good memories attached to it too. Perfect entry.


It’s Not Right But It’s Okay - heard this once and didn’t like it much.  I was probably out of myself because this sounds GREAT now. Very catchy and groovy. 


That’s the Way You Love Goes - YASSSSSSSS JANET!!!!!!!!!!


Good Days - I know this is a hit and everybody’s most likely tired of it by now BUT this was my first listening to this song lol. Not crazy about it. Excited to listen to the entire album later tho. 


Blue Light - KELELAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! One of the best and most unique artists to grace modern pop music. Her catalog is just immaculate. 




This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - hmmmm… this feels weak compared to the other entries.


Playing Games - first time listening to this as well! It was enjoyable but it’s REALLY basic. 


What About Us? - I just loooooove this song so much. You can’t go wrong with old school brandy.


One in a Million - yes. Yes. Yes. One of the best songs ever made.


No Scrubs - one of the best songs ever made as well and rightfully a classic! I prefer this to Creep. 


LMK - another Kelela banger. 


Afrodisiac - AND ANOTHER BRANDY BANGER!!!!! I go crazy whenever this plays. My favorite Brandy entry this round! It’s just so ecstatic. 


He Wasn’t Man Enough - first time listening to Toni and I must say I’m impressed! This was really good. 

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TLC - Creep - cute

aespa - Lucid Dream - incredible song <333

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You - the chorus is wonderful but other than that it's not that interesting.

Ciara - Body Party - so hott! i've always been obsessed with this song.

Kelly Rowland - Motivation - ive always loved this song, so hot.

Flo - Cardboard Box - it's cute but they got better.

Mary J Blige - Family Affair - it's nice ^^

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay - iconic!!! love this song so much.

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes - should've sent Would you mind which is the best song ever... but this is pretty nice too <3

SZA - Good Days - very cute song <3

Kelela - Blue Light - this is really cool and interesting, i enjoyed it ^^ <3

Janet Jackson - Go Deep - not that interesting to me.

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - always makes me think of Dida killing it to this song on Drag race <3 lovely

Summer Walker - Playing Games - it was fine!

Brandy - What About Us - pretty nice :3

Aaliyah - One in A Million - it's alright ig.

TLC - No Scrubs - so much better than Creep <3 such a bop.

Kelela - LMK - i liked Blue Light better but this is pretty good too.

Brandy - Afrodisiac - it's fine, i liked what about us more :shy:

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough - !!!! legendaryyyyyyy. love this song sm.



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TLC - Creep: I prefer their other song here but this one is still very nice

aespa - Lucid Dream: I extremely dislike their music except for this song, they served here

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You: pretty song, not sure how it will rank

Ciara - Body Party: it's a nice song but a bit overrated, she has better

Kelly Rowland - Motivation: never cared for this before but somehow I'm really feeling it now

Flo - Cardboard Box: cute song, it grew on me a bit from earlier this year

Mary J Blige - Family Affair: a classic yes, if I had to niptick something it could've been like 30 seconds shorter

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay: a bop, I've always prefered it to the remix

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes: very nice song

SZA - Good Days: it's a pretty song but I don't love it as much as everyone else

Kelela - Blue Light: love everything about this song except for the outro

Janet Jackson - Go Deep: it's decent but I feel like Janet had better options

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - very fun classic

Summer Walker - Playing Games: this just came and went

Brandy - What About Us: messy bop

Aaliyah - One in A Million: it's nice but not one of my favs from her

TLC - No Scrubs: One of my favorite 90s songs

Kelela - LMK: still her best song

Brandy - Afrodisiac: one of her best

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough: LOVE this song!!! Great way to end the round

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brycehooha's critiques


irene red velvet icons | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumpik


TLC - Creep: cute rly liked this as a kid

aespa - Lucid Dream: omg even when i hated aespa i loved this song like its too good

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You: NINGNING UR HANDS IN THE AIR

Ciara - Body Party: of all the ciara songs... but this is amazing tho

Kelly Rowland - Motivation: best song ever made

Flo - Cardboard Box: best song ever made [2]

Mary J Blige - Family Affair: invented the english language tbh so mother

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay: the glee version outsold sorry.

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes: literally one of the best songs like just from the start ur already pulled in

SZA - Good Days: amazing.

Kelela - Blue Light: like its too good there arent words to describe this

Janet Jackson - Go Deep: very good song

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love): oh like u just gotta dance

Summer Walker - Playing Games: omg as a gamer i relate

Brandy - What About Us: this is one of my fave brandy songs ever its just fun like yasss production

Aaliyah - One in A Million: very good song

TLC - No Scrubs: omg yaa i dont like scrubs either i prefer greys anatomy :michael:

Kelela - LMK: like i need this injected into my blood

Brandy - Afrodisiac: so catchy like its such an ear worm

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough: great way to end rly good song

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TLC - Creep:  Yep. Huge attachment to this. 

aespa - Lucid Dream: Their best song but due to association I don't see myself giving it much. 

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You: Not all that interesting to me. 

Ciara - Body Party: It's good ofc.  The sample really saves this song. 

Kelly Rowland - Motivation: So good even with lil wayne. 

Flo - Cardboard Box: Doesn't do much for me as I feel their following songs are much better than this. 

Mary J Blige - Family Affair: Hits the vibe just right. Great stuff. 

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay: It's fine but not one of my personal go-to songs for her. 

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes: Dig it. 

SZA - Good Days: There's good elements to this but slightly overrated. 

Kelela - Blue Light: Smasher! 

Janet Jackson - Go Deep: Def enjoyable velvet rope cut. 

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love): Doesn't stand toe to toe with the heavy hitters here i'm afraid. 

Summer Walker - Playing Games: Okay. 

Brandy - What About Us: Production is crazy whoa. Praise those who understand. 

Aaliyah - One in A Million: One of the best songs ever.

TLC - No Scrubs: Sure.

Kelela - LMK: Lowkey iconic. Cassie birthed this. 

Brandy - Afrodisiac: So replayable. One of her best. 

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough: Doesn't scratch my nostalgia itch but it's not bad. 

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Psycho's Ramblings


TLC - Creep: It's good but I like other songs here more


aespa - Lucid Dream: A lot of people here would be scared and I'll name em. Praise Ningning


Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You: Fallin' better


Ciara - Body Party: Very fresh, love the sample


Kelly Rowland - Motivation: The Chris Brown supporter snapped here.


Flo - Cardboard Box: It's a cute bop but the competition is stacked


Mary J Blige - Family Affair: Jam


Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay: A bop, though I prefer the Thunderpuss remix


Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes: Timeless


SZA - Good Days: A masterpiece?


Kelela - Blue Light: Absolute banger


Janet Jackson - Go Deep: such a jam


Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love): classic [15] Dida Ritz ate


Summer Walker - Playing Games: not feeling her


Brandy - What About Us: you're not gonna get it on the first listen


Aaliyah - One in A Million: ngl I don't think I ever heard this before but it slaps


TLC - No Scrubs: much better than Creep


Kelela - LMK: songs like that they are stories that people can identify with


Brandy - Afrodisiac: yesss love this one


Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough: Darkchild banger



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late night reviews:


TLC - Creep - it's fine, not my favorite TLC song - but it's still good!

aespa - Lucid Dream - a risky choice, but this song slaps for me so.. love this

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You - her voice on this is so soothing, and this is such a feelgood classic.
Ciara - Body Party - it's a good song, but honestly - not my favorite this round.

Kelly Rowland - Motivation - the wayne verse can GO, but kelly's part is lovely

Flo - Cardboard Box - love the modern song, this is soooo good!

Mary J Blige - Family Affair - CLASSIC!! snapped.

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay - my gay ass has the remix imprinted into my mind, but the original is fine too,

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes - this was so relaxing and soothing. I love this

SZA - Good Days - winner winner chicken dinner. I am so obsessed with this song

Kelela - Blue Light - this was funky and fun. I really enjoyed this

Janet Jackson - Go Deep - this was also very good, this round is so good aaahhh

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - classic, a bit weaker in terms of this round though

Summer Walker - Playing Games - mehhh

Brandy - What About Us - WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE. this BEAT!! she snapped

Aaliyah - One in A Million - this was just fine for me. 

TLC - No Scrubs - god I love this song so much.

Kelela - LMK - the production in this goes wild.

Brandy - Afrodisiac - Brandy came in MAD and gave us greatness on this. everything about this is solid.

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough - anotha SMASH. and this round bout to be impossible so lemme just .. figure this out

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Creep: I love this song so much. Only critique is that it could be shorter. 


Lucid Dream: Normally I’d be super stoked about someone having an out-of-the-box entry, but given the last round had a heavy K-Pop presence, I’m curious if this selection is more rooted in a refusal to engage with R&B as a genre. Regardless, the song is fine 


If I Aint Got You - It’s very funny how often Alicia Keys songs used to be used on singing competitions given..her voice. Regardless, this used to be a karaoke staple for me as a kid.


Body Party - This is a sex playlist must have. High school me is quaking.


Motivation - Truthfully, I don’t use Kelly Rowland’s music that much, but I do understand the appeal of Motivation. It’s just not something I’m high on. 


Cardboard Box - I love how they made a song with deference to old school R&B without seeming like a copy/paste. 


Family Affair - This is a song that I always bump to when it comes on, but not something is necessarily have on shuffle.


It’s Not Right But It’s OK: I think I have a preference for the remix, but there is a nice sleekness to this version as well.


That’s The Way Love Goes - She said she was gonna take us there and she DID. 


Good Days - I literally will never be able to accurately understand SZA lyrics just from hearing them. Regardless, a nice song.


Blue Light - I’m generally not someone who has acquired the taste for Kelela, but I do like this.


Go Deep - This is good, though there are probably other Janet songs I would have rather seen


This Will Be An Everlasting Love - This song will only make me think of those couples beach resort commercials (or the Drag Race lip sync). Love the bridge. Otherwise I don’t really care. 


Playing Games - I like this, and the Destiny’s Child sample.


What About Us - I am not a fan of the production here. Sadly, the “Vocal Bible” has not been able to convert me.


One In A Million - A nice, solid submission.


No Scrubs - A bop that I generally don’t play on my own, but like when I hear it.


LMK - Oh this is good


Afrodisiac - See other Brandy song 


He Wasn’t Man Enough - Great song, Toni’s low ass voice kinda annoys me at times, but not enough to be an issue here. 

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Hiii sorry I have to extend the deadline just a bit until tomorrow (Sunday) morning because I won't be home tonight


I think I'm only missing like 5 people but just so you know you have a little bit of extra time! Ideally get it in by 12pm/noon EST Sunday. I'll do results later that day. Thank you!

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My Thoughts 


TLC - Creep - This is a really good classic, I like this song a lot.


aespa - Lucid Dream - Objectively, this is a really good song and one of their few songs I enjoy however, I am unsure if this can compete with the more authentic R&B songs here tbqh but it's good.


Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You - Such an amazing song idrc, not everything needs to be upbeat, Alicia is such an important pillar to this genre.  


Ciara - Body Party - I gave a lap dance to someone with this song, it brought back memories, it was fun, lovely song! 


Kelly Rowland - Motivation - This is such a sexy a** song like wheww, Kelly ATE with this banger. Love it so much 


Flo - Cardboard Box - Honestly one of the best debut singles ever by an R&B artist, I am beyond excited for their career. 


Mary J Blige - Family Affair - Honestly, Mary's career is so underrated, similar to Alicia, she has done so much for the genre, lovely song. 


Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay - One of her best songs ever, not sure why people are comparing this to the pop remix in an R&B round but imo this is a complete serve. 


Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes - This is one of my favourite songs of all time, like it's undeniably a masterpiece and from her best album too! DEVOURED! 


SZA - Good Days - Modern masterpiece, literally one of the best songs of all time, 


Kelela - Blue Light - This is a very good song, she is so underrated. 


Janet Jackson - Go Deep - Lovely choice from this queen! Such a sensual amazing song. This round is so excellent woah


Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - This is such a carefree and fun classic, a great song! 


Summer Walker - Playing Games - I remember when I was obsessed with this song, I still like it lots. Summer, SZA and Jhene the main R&B girls commercially. 


Brandy - What About Us - QUEENNNNNNNN, honestly this song has such fascinating production, like they ATEEE, also her vocal performance is outstanding. Lovely song! 


Aaliyah - One in A Million - One of the best singles of all time, I miss this queen so much, like she was mothering on this classic. Masterpiece! 


TLC - No Scrubs - This round is so stacked chile wow, love singing this at karaoke! Great song! 


Kelela - LMK - One of her best songs, very excited for her new album, very good submission. 


Brandy - Afrodisiac - This deserved to be a huge hit, such a BOP. Like she ATE this up! 


Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough - whewwwwwwwwww, what a way to end this flawless round with an effortless slay, Toni is also another pioneer in the modern R&B genre, such a masterpiece. 


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Element's Critiques

TLC - Creep: Big fan of the chorus. It's a vibe all around!

aespa - Lucid Dream: A very weird selection for this round. It's not a bad song but it doesn't compare to these major classics.

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You: I think this is one of Alicia's best and I love singing along to it x

Ciara - Body Party: A fun bop

Kelly Rowland - Motivation: Another strong choice for this round! Might be middle for me

Flo - Cardboard Box: One of my top songs of 2022!! They are just so amazing + their harmonies.... whew!!!

Mary J Blige - Family Affair: Yup, it's the smash.

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay: Definitely a fun classic. I don't know if it holds up for me in this listing though. The instrumentation is a bit overdone.

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes: Sleek and sophisticated. A lovely choice.

SZA - Good Days: I'm not like a mega stan of Good Days compared to others... it's a 9/10 for me not a 10/10. But it's really a wonderful song!!

Kelela - Blue Light: Both Kelela entries are so good! I love Blue Light. It had success for me in ASC so I hope it does well for u here too!

Janet Jackson - Go Deep: I'm not familiar with this song really! It's very fun, although it's a bit lengthy/the chorus gets a bit too repetitive

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love): Aw the nostalgia from The Parent Trap. It's a really good and uplifting song.

Summer Walker - Playing Games: This is nice but compared to the others, it definitely goes in one ear and out the other

Brandy - What About Us: The production on this is super exhilarating and fun IMO. One of Brandy's best!

Aaliyah - One in A Million: Gorgeous showstopping spectacular etc

TLC - No Scrubs: A quintessential 90s anthem. What's not to love tbh

Kelela - LMK: She did what she had to do. So good.

Brandy - Afrodisiac: Such a gorgeous voice and the production is very fresh and fun. I love it!

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough: Absolutely!!! I was addicted to this song last year. It's got the perfect blend of catchiness, personality, and a great vocal performance.

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PsychoPsychoPsycho            PsychoPsychoPsychoPsychoPsycho            PsychoPsychoPsycho

Psycho          Psycho                               Psycho                                Psycho         Psycho

PsychoPsychoPsycho                                Psycho                                 PsychoPsychoPsycho

Psycho                                                   Psycho                                Psycho   Psycho

Psycho                                                   Psycho                                Psycho            Psycho

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TLC - Creep - Cute bop

aespa - Lucid Dream - Oh, I liked this! The competition is tough tho 

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You - A classic and such a pretty song

Ciara - Body Party - Love this song

Kelly Rowland - Motivation - At first I wasn't convinced of this, but it has grown a lot on me

Flo - Cardboard Box - It's okay but I prefer other songs here

Mary J Blige - Family Affair - So catchy and fun, love it!

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right, But It's Okay - Very nice as well. Whitney's voice is so beautiful 

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes - I like it, but I prefer other songs in here (2)

SZA - Good Days - This is so beautiful. One of the best songs here for sure

Kelela - Blue Light - It's nice

Janet Jackson - Go Deep  - Eh, it didn't leave a big impression on me

Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - It's okay 

Summer Walker - Playing Games - It's okay but a bit forgettable

Brandy - What About Us - I really liked this, the production is a bit annoying at times, but I still enjoyed it

Aaliyah - One in A Million - It's alright

TLC - No Scrubs - Absolutely.  A bop and a classic :katie2:

Kelela - LMK - Very pretty! I really liked this

Brandy - Afrodisiac - I prefer the other Brandy song but this was good too

Toni Braxton - He Wasn't Man Enough - Classic bop! 

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okay guys the site has been off and on and really inconsistent. so I'm going to have to dump the results, sorry for the lack of ceremony/celebration!! 


@thecptz  @Tom Vercetti @wish @Not Like The Movies @Rotunda

 @Julia Fox @Staryu@Future Lover  @Technicolor @Element


@Touch It @diogozsz @brycehooha  @Psycho @Seffers

@ATRL Username @Post Malone @Sanguine @K$Ellie @Alena 


R5 results full board will be posted shortly

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I hate that we had to rush results but the site is what it is :skull:


Congratulations to @wish for your win! I'll be PMing you (well, through Discord) with your prize(s)



I'm not going to be PTNR-ing until the site is a bit more stable so please be patient. If I don't feel like there's any consistency in the site's performance I can come up with a solution like a Discord server or something. Anyway thanks!! Blame the site!!

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