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Arbitrary Song Contest s1 : WINNER: PSYCHO!!!


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Red Velvet - Marionette

Their recent music doesn't do it for me


HAIM - Falling

Still one of their best songs!


Erika De Casier - Drama

Pleasant background music


Alexis Jordan - Happiness

Cute enough


Kylie Minogue - Magic

Not a fan of this album but I do like this song


Michelle Branch - Everywhere

It's not All You Wanted but it's still very nice


Kesha - Cannibal

Never liked this at all unfortunately


Katy Perry - Roar

I don't find this as bad as most people but I don't really like it either


Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

LOVE this song!!!


Mariah Carey - Emotions

Cute classic but I would've prefered Honey or Heartbreaker


Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Not a bad song at all but I could never really get into her music


Mitski - Happy

The second half of this is cute


Ciara - Goodies

Fun classic!


Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien

Not my fav from her but it's nice enough


Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday

This wasn't bad but it kinda went in one ear and out the other

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???critiques from my road trip 




wild: not for me at least in 2022

woe: amazing song we love you shygirl

graveyard: this was cute tbh

music: meh

bittersweet: very pretty and nice, her voice is gorgeous

fergalicious: fun bop

rare: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRC1FRMs/ all I hear when I listen to this song but it’s a very cute song <3

fantasy: best song ever

pool: gorgeous beautiful song (it’s actually top 5 on the album for me **** the gossip!)

bluebird: I used to love her fjfkdk this song is okay

nikes: omg when I was picking up my cousin from the hospital the other day this came on shuffle and she was so confused abt the voice ? but yeah I LOVEEE this song

care: best song everrrrrrrrr

untouched: lots of fun tbhh


pharmacist: amazing song to end this round on
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My Thoughts


Red Velvet - Marionette - This was enjoyable, it's my first time hearing it and I like it. 


HAIM - Falling - I really need to take a dive into their discography because almost every time I hear something, it's good. 


Erika De Casier - Drama - Excellent song from an excellent album, you ate! I love this song sooooooooo much! :jonny5:


Alexis Jordan - Happiness - oh chile, this is a bop, it sounds familiar, I think I have heard it before, not sure but it bopped. 


Kylie Minogue - Magic - Honestly one of her best songs. I used to be a huge hater of her because I am not a fan of her voice/vocals but then I started appreciating some of her music and this is one of the pop perfection songs in her discography, very great choice. 


Michelle Branch - Everywhere - This is just middling for me. Pop-rock is either hit or miss for me but this was just okay. I don't hate it or anything, I just love lots of songs in this round so yeah, its tough but you should be fine. 


Kesha - Cannibal - I was never a big fan of this song tbh, I love a lot of her popular songs but this song has always been just okay to me, it has always been really cheap sounding to me which I am not a big fan of. 


Katy Perry - Roar - Far from her best but this has always been a very catchy and harmless bop and I do think it's a very good song. Very nice entry. 


Natalie Imbruglia - Torn - This classic, I love this song, this is what I mean when I say pop rock is hit or miss for me because I love this song a lot. I used to enjoy hearing this on the radio. 


Mariah Carey - Emotions - MASTERPIECE! One of the best singles of all time! The vocal performance on this song is insane :jonny5::jonny5: Vocals over anything!! That MTV Unplugged performance is one of the best performances of all time, she just had to earn my stan card chile. Just whew!! 


Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Nice classic, I like this song a lot. She should still be around, ugh so many icons like her, Left eye, Aaliyah, etc gone way too soon. Nice entry. 


Mitski - Happy - Mitski is very hit or miss for me, this was alright, it just cannot compete with some of the excellent songs here for me personally. But it's not bad at all. 


Ciara - Goodies - periodddddddddddddddd!! :sats::sats: a huge classic banger!! Cici really deserves more recognition for all the bangers she released, like wheww!! Normani has the potential to release huge bops like this, I really wish she does! 


Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien - Pop perfection bop! This is top 3 in that album, Carly does basic pop better than many basic atrl favs! 


Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday - Hmm, not bad, not bad at all, it's better than a lot of the more popular songs in this style of music in the past two years. Gonna be hard to compare to songs I love here though. 

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Red Velvet - Marionette

This was pretty good actually, I liked the vibe, was pretty unique

HAIM - Falling

This was SO dull, repetitive, one note, I'm sorry... actually no, YOU should apologize to me for wasting my time

Erika De Casier - Drama

I'm a notorious chill music hater so inoffensive is the word I'd use to describe this. I don't have any feelings on this, which isn't a good thing, it's not a bop, but not a dramatic song, no theatrics, no amazing vocals, WHAT am I here for (this sounds like a lot but the song actually isn't bad, this is just a chill songs rant)

Alexis Jordan - Happiness

I have trauma with this song, the Suki Doll elimination... Get this AWAY from me. But for real, this was a cute bop, it sounds a bit older so a bonus point for me!!!

Kylie Minogue - Magic

Not my absolute fave from the album, but I liked the album overall and this is a nice song!!!

Michelle Branch - Everywhere

This was cute as well, kinda generic, but it didn't bore me to death!!

Kesha - Cannibal

This was kinda bad but in a good way, it's so chaotic, I kinda stan

Katy Perry - Roar

Very cheesy, but ngl it's lowkey a bop, kinda stanned after I went to the Prismatic World Tour

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

Never heard this, but it's a very cute song, it's nice!!

Mariah Carey - Emotions

Work vocals and dramatics, we're doing better now!!

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Yass we stan, finally, we're getting to great songs!!

Mitski - Happy

Well the great songs streak is definitely over. I'm not even kidding when I say I had to turn the volume down on this.

Ciara - Goodies

Aaaand thank you for bringing the great songs back!!!! This is such a BOP my god, you ate

Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien

Not as bad as I was expecting, but Carly really needs to stop being sent in these games

Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday

You know what... I SHOULD hate this because of the style of music, but it's actually the best of the "chill" songs in here, it wasn't as boring as I feel it should be, I very surprisingly enjoyed this a bit

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Troye Sivan - Wild: I wish I liked his music more tbh :( this is the worst I've heard from him, the chanting.....

Shygirl - Woe: not usually a fan of her but this isn't bad!

Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard: what is this christian girl autumn esque music it sounds like Taylor Swift

Madonna - Music: not usually a fan of her but this isn't bad! [2]

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet: this is so beautiful oh wow!

Fergie - Fergalicious: yeah a certified classic

Selena Gomez - Rare: cannot stand any of her music sorry

Mariah Carey - Fantasy: yeah a certified classic [2]

Samia - Pool: askdfjlsa. I'm sorry, but this is offensively bad to me :skull: the second half was better

Christina Perri - bluebird: QUEEN! okay that aside this is not her best work akskjflas. but the chorus is cute!

Frank Ocean - Nikes: a fan of her but this is bad!

Beabadoobee - Care: QUEEN! [2] love this

The Veronicas - Untouched: it's cute but not as good as the gays say

G-Idle - Tomboy: it's alright, sounds kinda cheap but it's fun

Alvvays - Pharmacist: this album was cute!

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✧・゚*・゚* luckyfork critiques ✧・゚*・゚*

group b


Troye Sivan - WILD

it is a classic in the luckystrike household!!! holds very dear memories to me and will always have a special place in my heart <3 instant number one


Shygirl - Woe

very nice! cute, vibey and interesting enough to not make me want to skip it halfway through


Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard

it's honestly okay, I can stand Kelsea and this is a cute song, I do remember it being more interesting though but it's fine


Madonna - Music

it's a classic! not the Madonna classic I usually levitate towards but it's undeniably a great song


Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet

she's such a weird musical entity to me like... WHO is she and why does everyone know about her but at the same time no one does? like being honest this will end up pretty low for me, I don't mind it but like... it went in one ear and out the other


Fergie - Fergalicious

WHEW this is an iconic signature song and many of the girls wish they had a moment like this, remains legendary to this day


Selena Gomez - Rare

it's still so cute to me likeeee... I totally get her she is so me


Mariah Carey - Fantasy

bad b*tch I could be your fantasy :loud: undeniable classique but Latto elevated it (jk) (kinda)


Samia - Pool

...okay? this felt very random and like, I'm not sure that this song works out outside the concept of the album it belongs to, it was quite cute but yeah kinda whatever


Christina Perri - bluebird

Christina Perri in 2022? be serious.


Frank Ocean - Nikes

no offense, I have always found him very overrated and this is no exception like... it's fine but I have no desire to ever hear it again 


beabadoobee - Care

after watching Heartstopper 15+ times all of her music ends up sounding like it could be the entire soundtrack of the show so I will be stanning <3 this is cutesy


The Veronicas - Untouched

WEDDINGS!!!!!!! GRADUATIONS!!!!!!!! FUNERALS!!!!!!!!!!! they just don't make songs like this anymore damn, it's crazy how this song is still the best song ever made



honestly I only enjoy the chorus and the way she says "why are you cranky boy" gives me the ick 


Alvvays - Pharmacist

it's cute! kinda verges on mid but I did bop my head a little 




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wishtie's critiques ✰


Red Velvet - Marionette

this was cute & i like the direction but it just kinda ended up falling short


HAIM - Falling

ahhh so good, love the fusion of their rockier vocals with the funky 80s r&b influenced production 


Erika De Casier - Drama

yes. absolutely :smitten: dreamy r&b bop


Alexis Jordan - Happiness

this is kinda campy? the production is distractingly generic, cheap, & dated :rip: but a light bop nonetheless


Kylie Minogue - Magic

a fun disco moment from kylie. however it’s nowhere near her best


Michelle Branch - Everywhere

oh wow the nostalgia... good song, the chorus is iconic


Kesha - Cannibal

OMGGGGG classic arrived :jonny:


Katy Perry - Roar

cheesy asf. i never liked this song much


Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

very cute classique, love this song :heart2:


Mariah Carey - Emotions

love love love this & it’s mariah season so you get extra points :gayriahcat2:


Amy Winehouse - Rehab

such a banger. her vocals are insane & the production is also strong


Mitski - Happy

the production has aged but otherwise its a solid mitski song, i love the disruptively loud saxophone


Ciara - Goodies

oKAYYYY CLASSIC!! this is a major bop :WAP:


Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien

v solid, one of carly’s best post-emotion songs


Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday

hmmm this is pretty, but it’s just a bit meandering. i'm not connecting to it

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MARNZ Critiques




Troye Sivan - Wild

Actually haven't heard anything from this album beside for him. so this is cute! added it to liked songs!


Shygirl - Woe

I do like this, sorta pop i've been listening to lately! :loud:


Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard

I was big fan of the other girl song of hers, so this be 2nd song from her i'm hearing and I also love this! Going to check out more of her stuff :heart:


Madonna - Music

oh another iconic song! :allears:


Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet

It's Giving me mixtape Allday fibes (like the music at least) 


Fergie - Fergalicious

Oh I almost forgot about this song, It still sounds so fresh! :WAP:


Selena Gomez - Rare

Really didn't like this song from her, I LOVE Selena but this album was quite mid. 


Mariah Carey - Fantasy


Okay I don't really like much Mariah till 2005, but I remember hearing this song on the radio, now I feel why everyone likes this album xD


Samia - Pool

Not feeling this one sadly. :gaycat6: I guess it kinda picks up at the end! but I probably wouldn't go back to it :sorry:


Christina Perri - bluebird

This is cute, another song I wouldn't go back to listen to it again, but I enjoyed listening to something outta my taste range.


Frank Ocean - Nikes

Frankie <3 my EX was a huge fan of him, so kinda listen to a lot of Frankie when we hung out! <3 so this hits the feels


Beabadoobee - Care

This is more my type of music, I like this <3 


The Veronicas - Untouched

A Classic! not my favourite veronica song but this still hits the feels when I hear it at the clubs :katie2:


G-Idle - Tomboy

okay this kinda adorable xD I love that it's like a Pop rock girl group! Never heard of them so added them to my follow list :loud:


Alvvays - Pharmacist

This gives me Annie/Little Boots from 2000s Fibes! :loud:





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I'll send out tag reminders later today. But just so everyone knows - I didn't realize today was a holiday in the U.S. so if you need more time feel free to let me know, I can extend the deadline a bit, especially because this is the first round!

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Red Velvet - Marionette - awful

HAIM - Falling - legendaric

Erika De Casier - Drama - beautiful

Alexis Jordan - Happiness - i didn't know the name of this bop for years yas

Kylie Minogue - Magic - wheww

Michelle Branch - Everywhere - ew, tho her last album was nice

Kesha - Cannibal - yas her best song or something

Katy Perry - Roar - okay sara bareilles

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn - beautiful, we love covers


Amy Winehouse - Rehab - she has better

Mitski - Happy - boring

Ciara - Goodies - classic

Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien - one of the few good songs on dedicated

Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday - happy to see her sent here

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Troye Sivan - Wild - 1/10 what do ya'll see him? :skull:

Shygirl - Woe - 5/10 meh not really for me

Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard - 4/10 yawn this is taylor-core to the max 

Madonna - Music - 10/10 ABSOLUTE CLASSIC

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet - 6/10 it's decent I guess

Fergie - Fergalicious - 10/10 ABSOLUTE CLASSIC [2]

Selena Gomez - Rare - 9/10 my favorite song on Rare :coffee2:

Mariah Carey - Fantasy - 10/10 ABSOLUTE CLASSIC [3]

Samia - Pool - 3/10 zzzz i was bored, a DUD

Christina Perri - bluebird - 3.5/10 this is so damn mid wow ew

Frank Ocean - Nikes - 2/10 another man really? 3rd boring track in a row lol

Beabadoobee - Care - 6.5/10 this is nice enough or maybe im just happy its not another snooze

The Veronicas - Untouched - 8/10 childhood bop for sure :katie2:

G-Idle - Tomboy - 5.5/10 i'm not really a KPOP girlie but it's not boring atleast :fan:

Alvvays - Pharmacist - 4.5/10 this sounds all over the place...it confused me lol...atleast it was short :ahh:


this round is so bad, do better girls

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Troye Sivan - Wild: loved this album and this is a bop

Shygirl - Woe: ooh this is very fun i like it

Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard: I love country funny enough and i rly love some of her other songs but this just isnt for me im sorry

Madonna - Music: a madonna song i dont hate so wooh but its not my fave

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet: genuinely one of the best songs ever made

Fergie - Fergalicious: instantly iconic love this song

Selena Gomez - Rare: im a selenator and this is the holy grail tbh like its just so good 

Mariah Carey - Fantasy: genuinely one of the best songs ever made [2]

Samia - Pool: loved the build up and esp loved the 2nd half rly good

Christina Perri - bluebird: u dont get it like she is MOTHERRRR however this song is not :sob:

Frank Ocean - Nikes: yeah u ate

Beabadoobee - Care: like oh she legit made the best song of all time with this one

The Veronicas - Untouched: a classic rly like it

G-Idle - Tomboy: i think they made this song to spite me like oh that rap legit brings rage to me

Alvvays - Pharmacist: im missing this gene bc i do not enjoy most of their new album this included.

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♡Flopteen critiques♡


Troye Sivan - Wild: i never liked him but nice tbh

Shygirl - Woe: mmm k don't know what to say

Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard:  this sounds nice i liked it :turkey:

Madonna - Music:  Mother , this is IT

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet: the start was meh but got interesting didn't hate it 

Fergie - Fergalicious: bop love this song so much, is so fun

Selena Gomez - Rare: used to be so obsessed when this came out but now i find it boring a bit still cute

Mariah Carey - Fantasy: a clasiqué from the elusive chanteuse:msmarvel:

Samia - Pool: got a bit bored with this one hate those long ass boring intros, i feel this goes nowhere idk

Christina Perri - bluebird: cute

Frank Ocean - Nikes: nice song might try his discography

Beabadoobee - Care: mmm i don't feel this one, not my type of music

The Veronicas - Untouched: taste omg :gaycat4: love this

G-Idle - Tomboy: i knew i wasn't gonna like this one lol still nice :gaycat2:

Alvvays - Pharmacist: didn't hated it mybe i can try it again when i'm in the mood



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Red Velvet - Marionette: Cute intro to a solid Japanese album


HAIM - Falling: One of my fave sings and albums of all time :WAP:


Erika De Casier - Drama: Nice smooth jam, but I love a lot of these songs more :shy:


Alexis Jordan - Happiness: A euphoric hymn :alexz:


Kylie Minogue - Magic: One of the biggest bops of 2020 :clap3:


Michelle Branch - Everywhere: One of the earliest songs I remember liking :cries:


Kesha - Cannibal: A bit of a banger :rockon:


Katy Perry - Roar: I mean it's a bop but too generic like


Natalie Imbruglia - Torn: Saur pretty :jonny:


Mariah Carey - Emotions: A classic :katie2:


Amy Winehouse - Rehab: Another classic, tho I enjoy some of her other songs more


Mitski - Happy: Not something I would listen to again :thing: a lil too unpolished for my taste


Ciara - Goodies: A catchy 2000s bop


Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien: Great opener to an album that slightly aged :jamming:


Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday: A little slow for me but it's nice

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I'm missing:

@touya kinomoto @D e v o n  @Technicolor @Not Like The Movies

@Element @Tom Vercetti  @fiercE


for ranks (and comments for a few of you)

since we're approaching the deadline I'm assuming we will need a short extension? 

let me know when you can get it done, for now I'll extend it to 12pm EST tomorrow.


if you don't see your name up there that means your ranks were received!

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Red Velvet - Marionette - It was okay. Kind of forgettable

HAIM - Falling  - Cute

Erika De Casier - Drama  - Very chill and relaxing. I like it

Alexis Jordan - Happiness - Cute

Kylie Minogue - Magic - Bop

Michelle Branch - Everywhere - Very nostalgic. I love this type of sound

Kesha - Cannibal - Still a bop. I was happy when this got a resurgence on Tik Tok

Katy Perry - Roar  - A cute bop. The lyrics are a little bit corny but i still bop regardless 

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn - Iconic song. Love this 

Mariah Carey - Emotions - Another iconic song! Mariah really has the classics

Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Another classic! She had such a wonderful voice :(

Mitski - Happy - Cute track. I haven't listened any of her music before so this was a nice surprise!

Ciara - Goodies - Such a jam. So energetic and fun

Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien - Love this song. her best opener behind RAWM

Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday - It was okay. Nothing else

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Troye Sivan - Wild: Lovely chorus + production. Not crazy about the kid voices chanting though.

Shygirl - Woe: Very engaging production! I enjoyed the switch-ups throughout that kept the song fresh.

Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard: I actually liked this one and I'm not a country fan at all! Her voice is v pleasant and the melody was enjoyable.

Madonna - Music: I've never really understood the appeal of this song. It's okay... for some reason it just never clicks for me.

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet: Really liked her voice on this! Will need to listen a few more times before ranking.

Fergie - Fergalicious: Omg you knew you ate when you snatched this

Selena Gomez - Rare: A cute moment from Selena. It's not my favorite of hers by any means but it gets the job done.

Mariah Carey - Fantasy: A huge hit for a reason. It holds up very nicely!

Samia - Pool: Hmmmm I was really hyped for this at the beginning with the opening production, but the lyrical portion didn't really jive with me sadly.

Christina Perri - bluebird: This is one of the most random song choices I could have imagined. I remember this song from years ago... it's cute enough tbh. I don't hate it.

Frank Ocean - Nikes: Love the instrumentation and the vocals in the second half. Not crazy about the vocal effects on the first half.

Beabadoobee - Care: It's no "talk" but it's still quite nice! I really liked the bright guitar in the bridge

The Veronicas - Untouched: Absolutely... this is a pop classic and cornerstone!

G-Idle - Tomboy: It's fun and catchy!

Alvvays - Pharmacist: Hmmmm this just was ~there~ for me. It's pleasant but forgettable.

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Red Velvet - Marionette - This was okay. Just not a big fan of K-pop and the beat was annoyingly repetitive.


HAIM - Falling - very enjoyable and very Foxes and Ellie Goulding 2012/2014 vibe.


Erika De Casier - Drama - I feel like this sound is done better by other artists. 


Alexis Jordan - Happiness -  personally not a fan of her voice.. 


Kylie Minogue - Magic - Cute! 

Michelle Branch - Everywhere - Has that very generic pop-rock/Miranda Cosgrove vibe. Not for me.


Kesha - Cannibal - cute


Katy Perry - Roar - what a bop! 


Natalie Imbruglia - Torn - just okay. 


Mariah Carey - Emotions - isssokay


Amy Winehouse - Rehab - amazing!!!


Mitski - Happy - not super memorable 


Ciara - Goodies - dated


Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien - perfection!


Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday - it’s okay.

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Red Velvet - Marionette - not really a fan of RV outside of their singles and a select few deep cuts but this is cute.


HAIM - Falling - oh they snapped here just like with the rest of the album.


Erika De Casier - Drama - i know a lot of Gaymers like ha and ha music but i really feel she is not for me. this is far from the worst here.


Alexis Jordan - Happiness - yeah no. i really don't like how she sounds :sorry:


Kylie Minogue - Magic - while this song isn't remarkable, it does its job of setting up the vibe of the whole album.


Michelle Branch - Everywhere - a classic anti-Britney song. i have nostalgia attached to it so it will rank well for me.


Kesha - Cannibal - i have mentioned this a few times before but i am really not a fan of early Kesha works. doesn't help that i just find the whole song kinda annoying. 


Katy Perry - Roar - thought of sending this too but ATRL likes to do too much with this song or Katy in general. she is still mother and this song is a bop for me so... but still **** her for supporting that Caruso guy.


Natalie Imbruglia - Torn - finding out that this is a cover every 90s child's second rite to adulthood lol. with that being said, this is a classic that is dear to me as it reminds of good days when i was younger.


Mariah Carey - Emotions - my winner for this round. this just screams excellence all throughout.


Amy Winehouse - Rehab - honestly if Mariah wasn't here, these would have won for me. this is a reminder that Amy was a great artist and she missed dearly.


Mitski - Happy - it's hard to get into Mitski's sound but this is actually one of the better songs to get used to her. also this is miles better than half of Laurel Hell.


Ciara - Goodies - i know this is a classic but unlike the other classics here, i just don't have much nostalgia attached to it. it just doesn't havebthe same recall for me as 1,2 Step or Body Party


Carly Rae Jepsen - Julien - as the resident CRJ stan of the Games section, i hate that i didn't even think of this. it's one of my faves off of Dedicated and still sounds so good to this day.


Lizzy McAlpine - doomsday - it's cute but cute next to gorgeous...

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Unpopular opinion.


 Troye Sivan - Wild    Its alright
Shygirl - Woe    Its alright, not for me though
Kelsea Ballerini - Graveyard    Its fine
Madonna - Music    Didn't like this at all
Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet    Its alright, soothing.
Fergie - Fergalicious    Didn't like this at all
Selena Gomez - Rare    Its alright, I guess
Mariah Carey - Fantasy    Its okay, I guess.
Samia - Pool    Didn't like this at all
Christina Perri - bluebird    Didn't like this at all
Frank Ocean - Nikes    Didn't like this at all
Beabadoobee - Care    Didn't like this at all
The Veronicas - Untouched    Its fine. Heard this the first time on a game here on ATRL and feels overused now.
G-Idle - Tomboy    Didn't like this at all
Alvvays - Pharmacist    Didn't like this at all

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