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Arbitrary Song Contest s1 : WINNER: PSYCHO!!!


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Just now, brycehooha said:

woah doja won?

I will scream if the other iconic classic loses to doja too

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FUN FACT both of the top 2 had NO score below 7!


2. Timbaland - The Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E)

with 129 points

sent by @Future Lover


Highest scorers:

Allday - 15

Pinkbox - 12

Seffers - 12

touya - 11

Devon - 10

Not like the Movies - 10


1. Doja Cat - Like That (feat. Gucci Mane)

with 136 points

sent by @Alena


Highest scorers:

lucky - 15

Staryu - 12

Touch It - 12

Bryce - 11

Bicassie - 11

Not like the Movies - 11

Seffers - 10

Future Lover - 10


Congratulations uwu :kitty: you are the WINNER for group A!





the overall winner for the round is @thecptz!!!


I will be messaging you shortly asking for your picks for:

- 1/3 of the criteria for the next round

- an artist to arbitrarily ban!

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this is bullcrap because I took a risk I get voted out

I READ the round as a collab that has to be released between Jan - May Of 2022!   




have fun with your basic tastes :biblio:

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3 hours ago, fiercE said:

Finally have a "High" on thecptz spreadsheet. Usually have Low - Out or just Out :smile:

so proud of you

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